Fraser Island Australia
The Largest Sand island in the World

Fraser Island Australia is located off shore the Australian continent in front of the southern coast of Queensland. It is about 120 Km long by 25 Km wide at its widest point.

It is the largest sand island in the world and the largest island on the eastern coast of Australia. In 1992 it was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, ranking in popularity with the Great Barrier Reef Australia and Uluru, aka Ayers Rock some of the most important tourist attractions in Australia.

Fraser Island is an amazing tropical island in Australia

Fraser Island is an amazing tropical island in Australia

Ecotourism Island

The island features rainforests, sand dunes, swamps and coastal heaths of uncultivated lands. The island is composed of sand dunes that have accumulated for thousands of years.

It is home to a few species of mammal creatures, reptiles, birds and amphibians. The area is protected by the Great Sandy National Park.

It has been inhabited for more than 5,000 years and today the island named for a shipwreck survivor called Eliza Fraser is mainly a tourist destination with a small population of about 200 people.

Colored sands typical of Fraser Island

Colored sands typical of Fraser Island

Fraser Island Beaches

Fraser Island has over 120 Km of ocean beaches but due to extra strong rips and sharks, not all of them are safe for swimming. However, Fraser's beaches are still a highlight thanks to the unique natural attractions they feature, including colored sand formations, lakes and diverse marine life.

Maheno Wreck in Cathedral Beach Fraser Island

Maheno Wreck in Cathedral Beach Fraser Island

Cathedral Beach

This is Fraser’s eastern beach, home of the famous shipwreck, the Maheno, which was built in 1905 and served as a Tasman passenger ship, and during World War I as a hospital ship before sinking due to a cyclone.

One of the island’s beautiful attractions is its colored sand formations as a result of clay bonding with older sand. The yellows, browns and reds come from iron rich minerals.

The best examples of these sands formations are the Pinnacles and the Red Canyon.

Accommodation varies from luxury lodges to private villas and you may even pitch your tent in one of the camping facilities that abound on the island.

75 Mile Beach is at the same time a beach, a highway and an Airport Runway

75 Mile Beach is a beach, a highway and an Airport Runway

75-mile beach

This is, perhaps, the only beach in the world that is also a registered highway with an allowed speed of 80 Km per hour; and also a local airport runway.

This particular beach is also the main thoroughfare of the island with driving rules and for certain vehicles like 4WD; and remember the rule of driving on the left as in the rest of Australia even though there is no yellow line dividing the sand highway. The rest of the island is for 4WD only.

You may enjoy a quick dip into the clear waters of the Champagne Pools.

Fraser Island Australia

View of Fraser Island from Indian Head

View of Fraser Island from Indian Head

Indian Head

This is a natural aquarium from where you may watch stingrays, manta rays, tiger sharks, dolphins and fish swimming in the crystal clear waters.

Swimming in these waters is unsafe unless you want to have a fight with one of the sharks. But watching them is an amazing adventure.

For swimming you may go to the Champagne Pools that are isolated from the ocean by volcanic rocks. They are called this name because the effect of the foaming sea, that overflows at high tide.

Whale Watching in Fraser Island

Whale Watching in Fraser Island

Whale Watching

If you visit between August and October, you may have the opportunity to watch many humpbacks in Fraser Island which is called the whale watching capital of Australia. The y may be spotted on the western coast of the island.

Lake McKenzie is one of many lakes in Fraser Island

Lake McKenzie is one of many lakes in Fraser Island

Fraser Island Lakes

  • Lake McKenzie is one of forty crystal clear lakes, which make half of this kind of lakes in the world.  Swim in the blue waters or sit on the pure white silica sands.
  • Hike to the deepest lake on the island, Lake Wabby, surrounded by massive sand dunes.
  • Lake Allom to watch the fresh water turtles lie on the shore surrounded by forests.
  • Lake Bowarrady located 120 meters above sea level
  • Lake Boemingen, which is the largest perched lake in the world.

For more information visit Australia Tourism Website

Cathedral Beach in Fraser Island

Cathedral Beach in Fraser Island Australia

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