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If you are dreaming of a vacation on the French Beaches, stop now...I can help you pinpoint the best beaches in France. You may find them up north in Brittany, Biarritz and Normandy and in the Mediterranean, the French Riviera, St Tropez and anywhere between Spain and Italy.


The Beaches of Biarritz France have been an attraction for ages
Shown here La Grand Plage


The Atlantic side will suit any sports enthusiast, because the great surfing beaches. Families with children will head for the coves found in Brittany.

Sun worshipers love the French Riviera and the amazing Corsica  beaches, the French island in the Mediterranean south of Marseille and the Cote d'Azur.

There are many beautiful beaches around the French coastline, which is almost 3,500 kilometers long and it is not practical to list them all .

We are here to illustrate you what to expect on the different beaches, so you can make your decision.

The main coastal regions of France are the following divided among north region and the Mediterranean coasts of France:

North region

• Picardy Beaches

This area is from Belgium to Calais with broad sandy beaches and sand dunes. This area is on the English Channel around the mouth of the River Somme. Here you’ll find beaches with small coves and also many cliffs.

• Normandy Beaches

The area is famous for being the site of the Second World War Normandy Landings.

The area is made of chalk cliffs some of the very high, like the Cliffs of Etreat, the highest in France. The Romantic River Seine flows through the area into the Channel.

st tropez

St Tropez Beaches are the In place in Europe

Brittany Beaches

The Cotentin Peninsula divides between Normandy and Brittany. The area is very rocky and rugged. As the coast “moves” south towards Spain, they become warmer and offer a variety of coves and sandy beaches.

Atlantic Beaches

South of the mouth of the Loire from Vendee through the area of Charente the coast is mainly made of sandy beaches and beautiful coastal towns. The Aquitaine coast is known by its long sand beaches all the way to Biarritz, the Basque Country and Spain.

French Beaches


Cannes Beaches are visited by celebrities from all over the globe

Mediterranean area of France

It is mainly divided into two sections; west of the Rhone to the Spanish border is called Languedoc. To the east is called Provence and the French Riviera. The actual Rhone area is not appropriate for beach goers because of the proximity of ports like Marseilles.

Languedoc Beaches

These are mainly long sandy stretches of beach. Being the Mediterranean calm and quiet, the beaches are not so wide but still very beautiful and appropriate for families with small children.

• French Riviera Beaches

Are located east of Marseilles the area of Provence and the French Riviera is characterized by small inlets and awe inspiring landscapes. This is the region with the most world known names like St Tropez Beach, Saint Raphael, Cannes, Nice and many others. It stretches all the way through the Principality of Monaco to the Italian border.

For more information visit France Tourism Website

corsica beache

Corsica Beaches on the Mediterranean, some of the
Best French Beaches

Corsica Beaches

For the purpose of identifying the beaches the island is divided into coastal sections. They are the following in a clockwise direction.

• The North West - Calvi to the Desert des Agriates via Ile Rousse
• The North East - The Desert des Agriates to Moriani via Saint Florent
• The South East - Bonifacio to Porto Vecchio via Palombaggia & Santa Giulia
• The South West - Campomoro to Porto Pollo via Propriano.

This is just the beginning of our tour to the French Beaches. Now let’s virtually visit them one by one.

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