French Caribbean
Charm of the Caribbean
"Saveur de Vivre" of France

Right in the French Caribbean, France left its mark. This time we take our "virtual tour" to France, no, we don't go to Europe. The Islands of Martinique, Guadeloupe, St Martin, St Barth, Marie Galante and Iles des Saintes are vivid proof.

Once on the islands you'll experience the charm of the Caribbean mixed with the flavor of life of the French. The elegance of Guadeloupe Boutiques, the French Cuisine in St Martin, and the cozy Bed and Breakfast inns of Saint Barth; the exotic beaches of Marie Galante and Iles des Saintes will guarantee a vacation of lifetime memories.

So we have to fly just a few hours and be in France in the Caribbean. Let me show you the islands and their beaches.

Caravelle Beach home of the Club Med of Guadeloupe

Caravelle Beach home of the Club Med of Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe Beaches

Guadeloupe has the typical flair of France, with a natural beauty of its own. The Beaches are idyllic. Here you’ll find chic boutiques, Creole cuisine at its best and so many activities ideal for Caribbean Beach Vacations of unsurpassed excellence. Its main beaches are:

  • Arawak Beach is an amazing spot with many swaying palms.

  • Callinago Beach is a beach with  clear and warm waters.

  • Le Bas du Fort is close to 2 km away from Pointe a Pitre the capital.

  • Caravelle Beach is located in St Anne home to the Club Med Caravelle.

  • Plage de la Malendure is located on the west side of Basse-Terre.

  • Anse St Marguerite a beach good for scuba diving and snorkeling.

  • Anse Maurice protected from the big waves by rocks.

  • The area of Gosier features a few beaches one next to the other.

  • Plage de Bois Jolan located on the Caribbean side it is a family beach.

  • Pointe Tarare is a beach near Gosier. The beach is beautiful and quiet.

  • Anse Canot is a crescent shaped beach located on the western coast.

Plage des Salines the best beach of Martinique

Plage des Salines the best beach of Martinique

Martinique Island

What most impressed me on my visit to Martinique Island was the emerald green you can experience all over the Island.

The lush forests and dramatic waterfalls have no rivals in the area.

The capital Fort de France is a colorful and active city.

In Martinique no beaches are alike. There are many and very different from one another as they vary by location. The Caribbean side is tranquil and the Atlantic side is rough great for surfing and Caribbean snorkeling.

  • On the North the black sand beaches are a testimony to the volcanic origin
  • On the south you’ll find the famous “Plage des Salines” beach,

There are a few more beaches to visit on the south coast like

  • St Luce
  • Le Diamant
  • Anses d’Arlets
  • Cap Chevalier.

In the east coast are

  • Anse Azerot
  • Grande Anse Macaboum.

French Caribbean

French Caribbean

Aerial view of Marie Galante Island near Guadeloupe

Aerial view of Marie Galante Island near Guadeloupe

Marie Galante

South of Guadeloupe, are eight miniscule islands of which only two are inhabited.

One of them is picturesque Terre-de-Haut, Idyllic isle for doing next to nothing. Isn’t that what vacations are for?

The beaches of Marie Galante are among the best in the Caribbean. In the many beaches that this island offers you can find all kind of water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling.

The Pain de Sucre on the Island of Les Saintes

The Pain de Sucre on the Island of Les Saintes

Iles des Saintes

Also known as Les Saintes, are tiny pristine islets only 15 minutes by plane from Guadeloupe’s capital Pointe-a-Pitre but it seems like another country compared with the busy capital.

Spectacular beaches abound in Les Saintes.

  • Plage Pompiere is the most popular beach and sometimes too crowded.
  • Pain de Sucre or Sugar Loaf is also well known for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Plage Crawen, was formerly an official clothing optional beach
  • Grande Anse or Big Cove near the airport runway is a magnificent arc of sand
  • On Terre-de-Bas, a second Grande Anse is considered one of the best beaches

The beaches of Eden Rock Hotel in St Barth

The beaches of Eden Rock Hotel in St Barth

St Barthelemy

Also known as St Barth is a tiny enclave formed by a volcanic explosion.

It is only 21 Sq Km in area, with more than 20 beaches, elegant boutique hotels and beautiful landscapes.

St.Barth Beaches

This isle is blessed by 14 beaches. They are public and nudism is prohibited, although topless is somewhat accepted on the beaches.

  • Grand Cul de Sac – On one side of the Eden Rock Hotel.
  • St Jean Beach – On the other side of mentioned resort.
  • Flamamnds – Pure white sand and palms for shade.
  • The Village of Corosso is also a fishing port and a beach.
  • Marigot and L’orient Beaches are secluded.
  • Petit Cul de Sac is secluded and quiet.
  • Toiny Beach is rough, wild and beautiful.
  • Gouverneur Beach is relaxed.
  • Saline Beach has many sand dunes.
  • Shell Beach is near Gustavia’s commercial pier.
  • Colombier Beach is reachable only by sea.

French Caribbean

Orient Bay in the French Island of St Martin

Orient Bay in the French Island of St Martin

St Martin Island

It shares two thirds of a tiny island with its neighbor St Maarten. Discover glorious St Martin Beaches all white sand covered.

From the capital city of Marigot you can see neighboring Anguilla just a 20 minute boat ride away.

  • Baie Nettle or Nettle Bay a lovely beach with calm waters .
  • Happy Bay Beach is a deserted beach with still waters.
  • Friar’s bay or in French Anse des Peres, located north of Marigot.
  • Baie Orientale is one of the best beaches on the island.
  • Baie Rouge lies on the west of St Martin near the capital.
  • Baie Longe or Long Bay made of miles of white powdered sand.
  • Baie aux Prunes or Plum Bay Beach its golden sand is unspoiled.
  • Grand Case Beach is relaxed and charming.
  • Anse Marcel Beach is the home Le Meridien.
  • Le Galion Beach, is the next bay Southeast of Orient Bay.
  • Petites Cayes is a tiny, uninhabited island off the northern shore.
  • Coralita Beach is part of the Baie Lucas.
  • Ilet Pinel is visited by many tourists for the day. 

French Caribbean

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