Galapagos Beaches
An Awesome Experience

Galapagos Beaches are different and special. The Galapagos Islands of Ecuador are located about 1,000 km of 600 miles from the shores of South America in the Pacific Ocean.

The “Enchanted Isles” as they are nicknamed, belong to Ecuador and are a natural habitat of animals totally unafraid of humans. This is a delight for the lucky visitors that have been able to visit the islands.

Satellite view of the Galapagos Islands Ecuador

Satellite view of the Galapagos Islands Ecuador

A Natural Habitat for Hundreds of Species

Even for the most knowledgeable travelers, these 19 islands and 40 islets offer a different experience. The isolated location, together with the Pacific Ocean currents has created a natural habitat worth a visit at least once in a lifetime. Here you will see the only penguins in the tropics, sea lions together with fur seals, all from different palaces. In land you may see all kinds of reptiles. Since the place lacks water and the volcanic origin of the islands have kept humans away for centuries.

Some of the species like the green sea turtle leave the islands to breed in remote places and always come back. Whales, sharks and dolphins also use the islands as a rest stop on their long wanderings. In general since the visit of Charles Darwin in 1835 and the inspiration of the Theory of Evolution in these lands, the place has been called a “Living Laboratory of Evolution”. They have designated as a World Heritage Site.

Sealions roaming free in their habitat at the Galapagos

Sea-lions roaming free in their habitat at the Galapagos

Galapagos Beaches

Galapagos Ecuador Islands are blessed with great climate almost always sunny. The cool sea breezes create a perfect weather not seen in any Equatorial part of the world. The beaches are of all types, volcanic, with pink sands, powdery white and sands in an olive green shape. All of them have different vegetation like cactus and mangrove.

Tortuga Bay Beach

This beach is located on Santa Cruz Island; Tortuga Bay is the largest and most famous beach of white coral sand in the Galapagos Islands. It is about 2.5 km from the city of Puerto Ayora. On this beach you can swim safely on its beautiful natural pool protected by the shades of trees. This beach is great for snorkeling in the lagoon exploring the richness of Galapagos underwater marine life.

Here you can find a beautiful protected natural pool, where you can swim safely with trees that provide shade. Shore birds like Whimbrels and Ruddy Turnstone frequent the white ocean beach in search of food.

Galapagos Beaches

Black Sands Beaches as in Playa Negra Galapagos

Black Sands Beaches as in Playa Negra Galapagos

Playa Negra

As the name implies this Black Beach is made of black lava. It is located on Floreana Island. This beach is very famous because the black sands and an amazing colony of sea wolves. People practice sports like kayaking and snorkeling on these shores.

Playa Ochoa

This beach is on San Cristobal Island about 30 minutes by boat From Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. This is a 160 meters beach of white coral sands.

Charles Darwin first visited the Islands in September, 1835 and this was his first landing site.

Exotic Galapagos Beaches all around the islands

Exotic Galapagos Beaches all around the islands

Playa Espumilla

This golden sand beach is located on Marchena Island and is considered one of the Islands most spectacular spots. The beach is trimmed by green mangroves.

If you land at the northern end of James Bay, you may reach this beach by walking through the mangrove trees leading to the lagoon. The lagoon is inhabited by flamingoes that use the area as a nesting site and feeding area. The turtles also dig their nests on the mangroves.

Playa Bahía Darwin Located on Isla Genovesa on the north of the archipelago, Bahia Darwin was formed by a crater in an almost exact circle. This bay is used for reproduction of many of the local species, among them the smallest type of iguanas of the islands.

For more information visit Ecuador Tourism Website

You'll visit many wild Galapagos Beaches

You'll visit many wild Galapagos Beaches

Garrapatero Beach

This is one of Santa Cruz most peaceful places. This a 3 km stretch of beach, about 20 km northeast of Puerto Ayora. The beach is lined by mangrove trees and home to many birds, especially flamingos and mockingbirds.

You will find here iguanas, shrimp, penguins and many more on the white sands and crystal waters of this beach. On this beach visitors may enjoy snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing. This beach provides picnic facilities.

Gardner Bay Beach in the Galapagos Islands

Gardner Bay Beach in the Galapagos Islands

Gardner Bay Beach

On this beautiful beach you’ll find sea lions lying around the beach. Just as most life in Galapagos these animals are friendly and you may approach them fearlessly.

Conway Bay Beach

This is a hidden beach on Santa Cruz Island. Most of the cruises do not include a stop here, but you may reach it with local boats for hire. It is worth the effort to feel you have arrived in Paradise.

Galapagos Beaches are different, strange and totally different from the ones called the best beaches in the world. People who like nature and wild animals will enjoy a visit without a doubt.

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