Gay Friendly Caribbean
Most of the Islands are Really Welcoming

Most of the area could be called a Gay Friendly Caribbean. The Caribbean has many couples oriented resorts and hotels. It is therefore understood that those resorts are ideal for the gay and lesbian couples.

But not the whole area is like that. The French, Dutch and U.S. Islands welcome the gay tourists with open arms while others of British origin like Barbados, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands have a reputation of being not so friendly. 

St Barth with its French attitude Welcomes Gay travelers

St Barth with its French attitude Welcomes Gay travelers

This is the friendliest gay island in the Caribbean. St Barth is one of the French Caribbean Islands with the typical laissez faire French culture.

If you are looking for a place far from all cruise ships and a laid back and at the same time elegant ambiance, St Barth is the place to spend your vacation.

Both sides of the tiny island, the French side and the Dutch side have a long reputation of being gay friendly with many hotels and villas as well as bars and restaurants where gay and straight couples coexist peacefully. It is on the top list of beaches friendly to the Gay and Lesbian tourists.

Gay Friendly Caribbean

Condado Beach in San Juan Capital of Puerto Rico

Condado Beach in San Juan Capital of Puerto Rico

The capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan has been known for years for its Gay nightlife scene with many gay bars frequented by locals and tourists alike.

On the Island of Vieques there are a few gay friendly resorts. One more important thing about Puerto Rico is that being under the American Flag it is covered by the U.S. anti-discrimination laws.

Marina Cay in Tortola BVI Is a heaven for Gay Travelers

Marina Cay in Tortola BVI is a heaven for Gay Travelers

Gay Friendly Islands

The US Virgin Islands are the same as Puerto Rico, being an American territory it is covered by federal laws.

St Croix Island in particular has become a Mecca for gay travelers concentrating in Frederiksted on the west of the island where the gay traveler will experience a tolerant attitude.

Curacao has been the Caribbean Island that has stated more publicly its embrace of the gay Travelers encouraging Gays and Lesbian tourists to visit the island and embrace their culture of “Live and Let Live”.

The Curacao Tourist Board has launched a campaign aimed at welcoming these travelers. There is a gay event called the “Get Wet” weekend in Curacao with outdoor movies, pool parties and boat trips.

Sand Castle Beach in St Croix Island in the USVI

Sand Castle Beach in St Croix Island in the USVI

The following hotels have been known as Gay Friendly Caribbean

Atlantic Beach Hotel San Juan Puerto Rico

Sand Castle on the Beach Frederiksted St Croix US Virgin Islands

Fort Recovery Beach Front Villa Suites Tortola British Virgin Islands

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