Georgia Beaches
On the Black Sea

Georgia Beaches located on the Black Sea are the Vacation Spot for Georgians, Russians and lately many other Europeans.

Georgia, a country at the intersection of Europe and Asia, is a former Soviet Republic that’s home to Caucasus Mountain villages and Black Sea Beaches. It is now an Independent country trying to attract tourism to its mountains and beaches

The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, is known for the diverse architecture and maze-like, cobblestone streets of its old town.

Map showing Georgia's regions on the Black Sea

Map showing Georgia's regions on the Black Sea

The Republic of Georgia has two autonomous republics and nine regions; of them the two republics and two regions are located on the shores of the Black Sea. They are from south to north:

The shores of the Georgian Black Sea were for years the playground of the Soviet elite and since the break of the Soviet Union it has been trying hard to regain this status, now on a regional and worldwide manner.

Georgia Beaches

Beaches of the Georgian Black Sea

Beaches of the Georgian Black Sea

Adjara and its beaches

The Republic of Adjara is an autonomous republic of Georgia. Located north of the Turkish border on the eastern side of the Black Sea, it features some subtropical beaches, lush green vistas and the peaks of the lesser Caucasus Mountains.

But the basic orientation of Adjara’s resorts is the treatment of blood and respiratory diseases and cardiology problems.

Batumi Beaches on a crowded sunny day

Batumi Beaches on a crowded sunny day


It is the capital of the region and its most important tourist site and the country’s summer capital.

Take a stroll along the boulevard, surrounded by palm trees, flowers and cafés, with views of the Black Sea port and Europe’s Square surrounded by art nouveau architecture and musical fountains.

The 6 Km stretch of beach is fine but stony and is bordered by famous Batumi’s Bulvari, a park strip in front of the main beach. It offers beach bars, cafes and restaurants. It is the heart and soul of Batumi. A few nightclubs have opened, as have three Monte Carlo-inspired casinos.

Georgia Beaches

Kobuleti Beach in Georgia with golden sands

Kobuleti Beach in Georgia with golden sands


This is a nice strip of beach with many hotels catering to Georgians, some former Soviets and the public in general. The most recognized hotel is Kobuleti Beach Club on the shores of the Black Sea.

Located 24 km from Batumi, it is the second largest Adjara city, and one of the best Caucasian resorts famous for curative mineral waters.

Visitors are attracted by its well known beaches with some pebbles and stones but spectacularly clear waters.

Sarpi is on the border of Georgia with Turkey

Sarpi is on the border of Georgia with Turkey


Located at the border with Turkey is not only a border crossing, but a tourist destination by itself. It features a pebble beach with rich jungle forests for a scenic backdrop.


A Black Sea resort only 6 Km from Batumi well-known for its sulfuric baths used for treatment of vascular and gynecologic diseases.

Cape Green

It is one of the most popular vacation spots both for visitors and local residents. It is 9 km to the northeast from Batumi. The name Cape Green originated thanks to its year-round green blanket. The climate there is subtropical with plenty of heat and humidity.


This climatic health resort is located 19 km to the north of Batumi on the elevation bearing the same name 60-70 meters above the sea level. The resort beaches are divided into southern and northern.

The southern pebble beaches have deep waters ideal for diving and snorkeling while the northern ones are not so deep, therefore great for swimming and sun bathing.

Georgia Beaches

Ureki Beach in Georgia with

Ureki Beach in Georgia with "Black Magnetic" sands

Guria Region Beaches

This coastal region of Georgia spreads for about 21 Km, has a few nice beaches


Ureki enjoys mild subtropical climate, very comfortable in May through October, with daytime temperatures ranging in 20-35*C.  The beach in Ureki is made of “Black Magnetic” sand, high in iron oxide, and is famous for its therapeutic qualities.

Those that enjoy fishing will find plenty of opportunities for a great catch. Western Georgia is an outdoors’ paradise.

Sandy Beach of Anaklia on Georgia's Black Sea

Sandy Beach of Anaklia on Georgia's Black Sea

Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region in western Georgia


This is a town and seaside resort in located in this region, at the site where the Enguri River flows into the Black Sea.

The sandy beach of Anaklia is the ideal setting for a day at the beach; swimming, sun bathing, or enjoying a few water sports.

Georgia Beaches

Beach of Gagra in the Republic of Abkhazia in Georgia

Beach of Gagra in the Republic of Abkhazia in Georgia

Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia

Located at the border with Russia, lies this region which claims independence from Georgia, but has been recognized only by Russia and a few other countries.

Regardless of political matters, it is a lovely area that needs a lot of refurbishing, because nature offers the rest in the form of beautiful beaches, with mountains as a backdrop.


This largest city in Abkhazia is a well known sea resort. It is located in the western part of the republic perched in a cozy sea bay. Its southern part is situated on the coast.

Gagra is the warmest city on the Black Sea coast. Its unique nature and climate make it one of the best vacation spots. Gagra mineral springs are said to work miracles. The curative air of the resort contributes to Caucasian longevity.

For more information visit Georgia Tourism Website

Pitsunda on the Black Sea is a popular beach resort

Pitsunda on the Black Sea is a popular beach resort


This popular Abkhazian resort is renowned for its wide sand beaches and crystal clear waters. It lies on a cape protruding into the sea, near a big grove of relict pines filling the air with their healing scent.

At the heart of the city is the Pitsunda Resort hotel complex, made up of seven high buildings located directly at the beach. Along the seafront promenade are numerous cafes and restaurants.

New Athos.

This area with outstanding ancient monuments of early Christianity has great golden beaches, picturesque gorges and green mountains.


This is a splendid resort town situated on a slightly raised plateau overlooking a small bay of the Black Sea. Its sandy beach on the eastern portion of the shore is one of the best along the entire Abkhazian coast.

Surfers enjoying the waves of the Black Sea in Georgia

Surfers enjoying the waves of the Black Sea in Georgia

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