Grand Turk Island
In the Turks and Caicos

Grand Turk is the capital of the Turks and Caicos. The islands are a British Territory made of many smaller and bigger islands featuring the most beautiful and spectacular beaches in the world.

The island is located in the archipelago made of the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos, making an arch expanding from the eastern coast of Florida to the northern coast of the Island of Hispaniola.

Grand Turks offers some of the best beaches in the world

Grand Turks has some of the best beaches in the world

The island is six miles long and just over a mile wide. Like its sisters Turks and Caicos Islands it is blessed by white powder sand exotic beaches with crystal turquoise waters that are the delight of beach lovers from all over the world.


Every month of July, the island is host to the annual Heineken Game Fishing Tournament. This is and event for visiting Sports fans and locals alike. Also sometimes in summer between June and September you’ll find a week full of Caribbean Music, Local Food and lots of fun.

This is heaven for scuba divers and snorkelers

This is heaven for scuba divers and snorkelers

  • Water Sports

The island is an Eden for Caribbean Sports of all types. It provides spectacular Scuba Diving and Caribbean Snorkeling due the vertical wall of 7,000 foot and the incredible coral formations. The island has been named one of the 10 most important diving sites in the world. The local divers association exists to protect reefs and islands from abuse by inconsiderate visitors.

  • Fishing

The island is also a base for Caribbean Fishing along its shores. Many boats are there to serve the tourists wishes all the time.

Grand Turk

Carnival Cruises stop in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Carnival Cruises stop in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Important sites to visit

  • Turks and Caicos National Museum displays the whole history of human existence on the islands.

    From the Pre Columbian times of the Indians continuing to the times of the British, the slaves era to the modern day.

    Here you may find manuscripts and pieces of art all relating to the history of the Islands.

  • The Philatelic Museum is open in the Franklin Missick Building. Here you may enjoy the collections of colorful stamps of all time from the Turks and Caicos.

    In this museum you will find postal stamps and a special envelope signed by John Glenn. This commemorates his arrival on the island in 1962.

For information visit Turks and Caicos Tourism website

Map of the Caribbean showing the location of the Island

Map of the Caribbean showing the location of the Island

John Glenn splash landed here

After orbiting the Earth, his space capsule splashed in the waters of the Island and he was taken to the local hospital for the routine checkup.

On the northeast point of the island you may find the remnants of an old US Navy Base. The remains of a US Air Force Base can be found on the west coast. They were closed around the beginning of the 1980’s.

This is a picturesque island with a relaxed pace and a warm, friendly atmosphere.

There are no fast food chains and the accommodations are in excellent guest houses and small hotels.

Map of the Island of Grand Turk

Map of the Island of Grand Turk

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