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Greece Nudist Beaches are in abundance. They come in all colors and types, some are sandy some are rocky pebbly. Some are of white sands while some are of red and black sands.

But one thing they have in common, they are all beautiful and full of fun and lots of sun during the whole year, perhaps less a few winter months.

Most of the beaches that accept nudist visitors, have a secluded cove for that purpose, while the rest is dedicated to the general public.

Red Beach, Crete

Red Beach, Crete

This is the one called like that, in Crete, because there is a Red Beach in Santorini too.

This stretch of beach is located near Matala, in southern Crete. It is hidden behind a rocky hill and a fence, providing a little heaven for both nude and naked swimmers. Tranquil and isolated, you need to take your own towel and provisions when visiting for a swim in the hot summer season.

Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Paradise Beach, Mykonos

This is one of first beaches to be known as nudist. Mykonos has a long reputation of a “Party Island” with its 24/7 partying.

Here nudist can enjoy their cocktails together with their nude dives. It offers a great summer solution due to its nearby camping site.

Banana Beach, Skiathos

Banana Beach, Skiathos

This is a trio of nearby beaches making up the area of nudism in the Island of Skiathos, now made famous for the movie location for “Mama Mia the movie”.

It is a famous beach among the nudist and no-nudist bathers, attracting long-term visitors, year-round.

Marmara Beach, Crete

Marmara Beach, Crete

Fresh looking marble stones make up this beach at the bottom of the Ariadne Gorge, an hour's walk west of Loutro. It's worth hiking up the Gorge but wear clothes for that.

Red Beach, Santorini

Volcanic Santorini provides a more truly russet-colored sand than its Cretan competitor. As with most nude beaches in Greece, the more popular ones attract about equal numbers of clothes on visitors.

Greece Nudist Beaches

Monodendri Beach

Located in Lipsi, it is little known and sometimes denied by conservative locals. This trio of little beaches are remotely located near a landmark tree called Monodendri. This could be your beach if you are looking for total privacy.

Kastelia Beach

Located in Karpathos, where local disapprove of it, this beach known as Kastelia, is beyond the popular pair of beaches known as Megali Amopi and Micra Amopi.

Kendros Beach

Located in Donnousa this beach together with Livadi Beach are the favored choice on this small island of Cyclades, near Naxos. This is the place where to spend the holidays away from crowds.

Mirtiotissa Beach

Mirtiotissa Beach

Located on the Ionian Island of Corfu, this is a nude paradise and one of the few places on the island where nudism is totally tolerated.

Wild vegetation, magnificent cliffs and many rocks, makes this beach one of the pretties on all of Greece. It was discovered by the hippies in the 1970s.

Ramnounda Beach

Located on the Island of Attica, 65 km from the center of Athens, this is a beautiful pebble beach with crystal-clear waters. It is a strictly nudist beach, so it does not attract large crowds to its shores.

Glyka Nera

Glyka Nera

Located in Crete and also called Sweetwater Beaches, it is well renowned among long time nudists. It has cold springs of cold water coming out of the stones.

Those who come here for some period, designate some of wells for washing, drinking and more.

Hiliadou Beach, Euboea

This one is in Euboea and used to be a pirate base in the far past. It is a long sandy beach at the foothills of the Dirfi Mountains, attracting many daily tourists, both nudist and non-nudists.

It may become very crowded during summers but relax there are many tavernas to take care of everybody.

Velanio Beach

Velanio Beach

Located in Skopelos, Velanio is one the most known Greece Nudist Beaches on the island. It is connected via a small path to Stafylos Beach and both have beautiful waters and great surroundings.

Psaraliki Beach

This one located in Antiparos, consists of two beaches, Psaraliki I and II. The second beach gathers fewer people during the summer season, making it an ideal place for nudists. Despite the stony beach, non-nudists also visit Psaraliki II to relax.

For more information visit Greece Tourism Official Website

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Map of the Greek Islands

Map of the Greek Islands

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