Guatemala Beaches
In the Pacific, the Caribbean and the Lakes

Guatemala Beaches is not the first thing that comes to mind about this Central American Country. It has lakes, forests, volcanoes, important Mayan Ruins, colonial architecture and much more.

But it also has beautiful beaches on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. From stretches of black sand pounded by the rough Pacific Ocean, to white powdery sand beaches lines with palm trees on the Caribbean side. There also beaches on both lakes Atitlan and Izabal.

So when you visit all the attractions inland, take a few days and explore the beautiful beaches offered by Guatemala.

Peaceful Black Sand Beach on Guatemala's Pacific

Peaceful Black Sand Beach on Guatemala's Pacific

Pacific Ocean Coast

The Pacific coast of Guatemala is lines by many beaches, all of them with volcanic black sands. These beaches are great for surfing due to amazing waves. Nearly all of Guatemala's Pacific beaches have a strong undertow, so even strong swimmers should avoid straying too far from shore.

For hotels, bars and restaurants Monterrico and Champerico are ideal. Some more isolated beaches are Barra del Jiote, Las Lisas and Tulate.

Monterrico Beach is the most popular beach in Guatemala

Monterrico Beach is the most popular beach in Guatemala


This is the most popular of Guatemala Beaches, with black sands and great waves.

Located on the Pacific coast it is a wide and long beach, almost never crowded like many other beaches.

It is easily accessible by bus from Guatemala City and Antigua

Guatemala Beaches

Champerico Beach

This former shipping port located a few hours from Quetzaltenango, is a popular vacation spot for locals.

Like many Guatemala Beaches this one is never crowded.

Puerto San Jose

Located near Monterrico this is a port home to 20,000 people dedicated mainly to fishing and known for the best fish in the area.

It also has a beach worth visiting.

Playa Tilapa

Playa Tilapa is located right near the Mexican border on the Pacific Ocean, and is one of the most remote Guatemala beaches.

Iztapa Beach

This is one of Guatemala’s most scenic dark sand beaches.

Like San Jose it used to be a port, but know is known as a base for the best sail fishing.

Guatemala Beaches on the Caribbean Sea

Guatemala Beaches on the Caribbean Sea

Beaches on the Caribbean coast

Guatemala has a narrow stretch open to the Caribbean Sea, between Belize and Honduras. This is where you’ll find the white sand beaches in Guatemala

If it's white sand you're looking for, try Guatemala's narrow stretch of Caribbean coast.

Livingston Beach between the Caribbean and the Forests

Livingston Beach in Guatemala
etween the Caribbean and the Forests


This town between the Caribbean and the forest is a mass of colorful wood structures. You may reach this town only by boat from Puerto Barrios or down the Rio Dulce through the jungle.

Playa Blanca

Accessible only by boat, this is a white sands beach surrounded by coconuts.

Punta de Palma

Only 15 Km south of Puerto Barrios, this is an isolated beach popular with the younger crowd

Punta Manabique

30Km from Puerto Barrios by boat is another popular Caribbean beach.

Puerto Barrios

This port town in Guatemala’s Caribbean serves as a reach point for Livingston and for travelers heading for Punta Gorda across the border in Belize. Also to beaches like Punta de Manabique and Playa Blanca.

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala Among the most beautiful in the world

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala among the most beautiful in the world

Lake Atitlan

This like has been named as one of the most beautiful in the world. It is located on the western hills of Guatemala and lines by three volcanoes it offers amazing views.

Panajachel, the lake’s major town features a public beach. As well as some of the local hotels that offer access to the beach.

For more information visit Guatemalan Tourism Website

Lake Izabal is the largest lake in Guatemala

Lake Izabal is the largest lake in Guatemala

Lake Izabal

This is Guatemala’s largest lake connected to the Caribbean Sea by Rio Dulce. Playa Dorada on the south side of the lake offers golden sands and calm waters.

This beach is ideal for families with small children. It has a few hotels and restaurants.

all images are courtesy of wikimedia commons

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