Haiti Beaches
A Well Kept Secret in the Caribbean

Haiti Beaches are starting to wake up to the world. It is about time that this country with such hard working people starts to reap the fruits of such beautiful country with so amazing beaches.

Abaka Bay Beach in Haiti

Abaka Bay Beach in Haiti

For years Haiti has been ruled by bad governments and as far as I remember in my ears in the travel industry we only sent people to Haiti on business.

Only many years ago, around the 1970s we sent people to its beaches, I even remember the hotel L’Habitation LeClerc that used to host guests like Jacqueline Kennedy and other celebrities.

After that Haiti saw years of revolutions, earthquakes and disasters; that kept tourism on the halt.

Map of Haiti on the Island of Hispaniola

Map of Haiti on the Island of Hispaniola

Where is Haiti?

Haiti occupies the western one third of Hispaniola Island, the second largest of the Greater Antilles east of Cuba. The other two thirds are occupied by the Dominican Republic, which has been for decades a leader in tourism to its fabulous Dominican Beaches.

The best way to get to Haiti is flying to the capital city of Port Au Prince and then by road to your specific beach resort.

And as mentioned above, arriving to Labadee in one of the Royal Caribbean cruises to the Eastern Caribbean Islands. Very near to the north of Hispaniola lay the Bahamas chain of Islands followed to the east by the Turks and Caicos.

Haiti Beaches

Labadee Beach on the Northern Coast of Haiti

Labadee Beach on the Northern Coast of Haiti

Labadee Haiti

Years ago Royal Caribbean International discovered a little peninsula on the north coast called Labadee, leased it for a long term period and started to bring its cruises for a day stop at this paradise.

The boats are docked offshore and the passengers are tendered to the coast where they find a fine resort that includes Water Sports, a water park, an Haitian market and some dance performances by local artists.

I know that nowadays the Government is doing great efforts to improve Haiti Tourism and bring tourists back; and are investing big amounts of money on that venture with the help of the United States, Mexico and other important Latin American Countries.

One of the beaches of Jacmel, Haiti

One of the beaches of Jacmel, Haiti

Here are a few of the Best Haiti Beaches

  • Jacmel Haiti

Jacmel Beaches are considered the best beaches in Haiti; the waters are dark turquoise and the sand are powdery soft, making it the most desirable vacation spot on this side of Hispaniola.

There are some hotels nearby and fine restaurants and food stalls offering the variety of Haitian food, always accompanied by local drinks.

  • Kokoye Beach

It is located on the Bay in front of Port Au Prince facing the east coast of Cuba. Koloye is between the cities of Petit Goave and Miragoane. It is not easy to get there but it is worth the try.

Once you leave the road you take a dirt road to Trol Chouchou and then you have to hike down the mountain to reach this fabulous beach.

The people in town will give you instructions. It is not recommended for unhealthy people that won’t be able to do the hike.

Kyona Beach Club north of the Capital of Haiti

Kyona Beach Club north of the Capital of Haiti

  • Kyona Beach

It is located north of the capital Port Au Prince This is a beach with crystal clean waters visited by many. This beach is one of the reasons tourists are starting to come back to Haiti Tourism.

  • Labadie beach

Mentioned above as being leased by Royal Caribbean this is a beautiful beach near Cap Haitien on the north coast. Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and swimming are the best on this beach.

For more information visit Haiti Tourism Website

The idyllic Island of La Tortue in northern Haiti

The idyllic Island of La Tortue in northern Haiti

Beaches in La Tortue

Ile de la Tortue, translated as the Turtle Island in English or Isla Tortuga in Spanish, is an offshore island on the north coast belonging to Haiti. It covers an area of 180 km² (69 mi²).

At the west end of the island is Pointe Saline an idyllic beach of powdery white sands surrounded by turquoise waters.

I hope I gave you and idea of how Haiti Tourism does have a future. It is up to the government and the people of this hard working and suffered nation to take charge and convert this country to the heights in tourism that its neighbor on the east has achieved.

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