Hong Kong Beaches
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Hong Kong Beaches are just a few. We all know that Hong Kong is world renowned for many things, like Business, Food, Entertainment and General Tourism, but not so much for its beaches.

Hong Kong located in southern China was until a few decades ago a British Colony and is now an integral part of The Republic of China with certain autonomous exceptions.

Hong Kong Map

Hong Kong Map

Beaches in Hong Kong

Because Hong Kong is such an important port and the boats and ferries abound by the thousands, the beaches have to be cataloged by grades depending to the level of E coli in the water.

  • Grade 1 implies that the quality of the water is clean enough for swimming.

  • Grade 2 means that the quality of the water is fine or fair.

  • Grade 3 and Grade 4 mean that the water has a poor quality of cleanliness and should be avoided.

Today we count about 40 beaches between Hong Kong Island, the southern part of the Kowloon Peninsula and the rest among the New Territories.

Beaches in Hong Kong are divided according to grades depending on the level of E. coli in the water of the beaches.

Grade 1 signifies that water quality of the beach is good and it is good for swimming. Grade 2 means the water qualities of the beach is fair, grade 3 means the water qualities of the beach is poor and grade 4 translates to very poor quality of the beach.

At present there are a total of 40 beaches out of which eleven are situated on Hong Kong Island and the southern part of Kowloon Peninsula and the remaining 29 are located across Hong Kong New Territories.

Shek O Beaches is one of the best in Hong Kong

Shek O Beaches is one of the best in Hong Kong

The Best of Hong Kong Beaches

  • Shek O Beach

The name means the Rocky Bay, and is located on the southern tip of Hong Kong Island. It is a Grade 2 beach and is very popular during weekends. It means that in one of your Business Trips to this territory you may enjoy the beach during the week days.

  • Big Wave Bay Beach

This beach located on the eastern coast of Hong Kong Island north of Shek O Beach is recommended for sun tanning but not for swimming since the quality of the waters is Grade 3.

Hong Kong Beaches

Lo So Shing Beach on Lamma Island Hong Kong

Lo So Shing Beach on Lamma Island Hong Kong

  • Lo So Shing Beach

This Grade 1 beach is the ideal one. It is located on Lamma Island, southwest of Hong Kong Island. The waters are crystal clear, great for a snorkeling day and of course, for a good swim. It is a secluded beach ideal for a laid back day at the beach.

  • Deep Water Bay Beach

One more Grade 1 beach located on the southern shores of Hong Kong Island. This bay is surrounded by little islands like Middle Island and Violet,

  • Cheung Sha Beaches

Located on Lantau Island can be reaches by ferry from Hong Kong. Is one of the longest beaches in Hong Kong

  • Tong Fuk

Another fine stretch of wild sand and sea edged with rocks near Cheung Sha.

For more information visit the Hong Kong Tourism Website

Repulse Bay Beach on the mainland of Hong Kong

Repulse Bay Beach on the mainland of Hong Kong

  • Repulse Bay

This is fine manicured beach with great waters for swimming. It is located on the mainland side of Hong Kong.

  • Tai Long Wan

Just to look at its beauty, you are not supposed to swim here.

  • Turtle Beach

This beautiful beach is closed to visitors for half a year so turtles can nest. It os located on the shores of Lamma Island.

  • Cheung Chau Windsurf Beach

This is one of the three beaches of Cheung Chau Island. Since they are secluded this is a meeting point for romantic couples of Hong Kong.

  • Hung Shing Yeh, Lamma Island

This is the largest beach on Lamma Island and is a seldom frequented beach.

As mentioned before, Hong Kong Beaches may not be your first purpose of your trip, but it takes just one day to visit some of the beaches. Go for it…..

images are courtesy of wikimedia commons

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