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The Trendiest Beaches in Spain

If you are looking for the trendiest Beaches in Spain welcome to Ibiza Beaches. There about 80 of them in this small island, the third in size of the Balearic Islands. The two larger are Mallorca and Menorca and one much smaller called Formentera.

The Balearic Islands are located in the Mediterranean off the coast of Catalonia.

playa sa calet

Playa Sa Caleta is protected by colorful cliffs

So, here you may find all types of beaches, the quiet and relaxing one and the very active full of people beaches with pubs, restaurants and all kind of activities. Here is my list of the best of them.

playa d'en boss

Playa d'en Bossa is one of the most famous Ibiza Beaches

• Playa d'en Bossa also known as Platja d'en Bossa

It is located near Ibiza old town and is the longest stretch of beach on the island with a length of 2 Km and 30 meters wide. It is what we call a trendy beach, with some areas more laid back. Here you’ll find many restaurants, pubs and cafes.

The clear waters and sandy beach is ideal for families with small children. There is little shade, so make sure you rent one of the umbrellas provided at the beach and use lots of sunscreen cream.

This one of all Ibiza Beaches is also popular with windsurfers that flock here when wind conditions allow this sport.

Ibiza Beaches

Las Salinas Beach near Old Town Ibiza

Las Salinas Beach near Old Town Ibiza

• Las Salinas Beach, also called Ses Salines

It is located about 10 minutes drive from the Old town. It was named after the salt lakes of the south of Ibiza, but is located on the northern tip of the island.

It’s less than 2 Km long and 25 meters wide in the form of a crescent. The sandy beach is bordered by pine and the Mediterranean waters as clear as it can be.

During the summer it is very popular with the “Rich and Famous” and it’s a perfect place to see and be seen, especially if you want see beautiful women with bikinis that are almost non-existent.

cala jondal

Cala Jondal of Ibiza Beaches is one of the most beautiful

• Cala Jondal

This is a long and narrow stretch of beach about 15 minutes from Old Town. It is surrounded by pines and uneven cliffs. This white pebbled beach is extremely beautiful in its natural form and resembles our idea of paradise.

The waters are on ll shades of turquoise but beware of the pebbles on the shore that make it difficult to walk into the water, but once inside is pure pleasure.

The beach has all service expected like sun beds, umbrellas, water sports equipment besides restaurants and cafes. It is one of the trendiest Ibiza Beaches.

• Sa Caleta

It is located to the east of Cala Jondal. The beach is also named Es Bol Nou.

It is surrounded by red cliffs and the sandy beach is near very shallow water, ideal for small children.

In Ibiza terms, it’s a small beach only 100 meters long. It is worth a visit if what you look for is pure relaxation and a good swim.

Cala Conta near the town of San Antonio in Ibiza

Cala Conta near the town of San Antonio in Ibiza

• Cala Conta Beach, also known as Platjes de ses Comptes

This beautiful beach is located about 15 minutes drive from the town of San Antonio Ibiza. It’s an 800 meters long by 20 meters wide beach.

From here you have a great vie of a few islands offshore. Many experienced swimmers reach these islands for a good swim.

The beach is divided into three parts, one has a rocky coastline, the second is mad os sand dunes and the third is a small cove mainly used by naturists.

Because of its geographical location, the sunsets here are spectacular, don miss such a spectacle.

cala xarrac

In Cala Xarraca the water is crystal clear great for snorkeling

• Cala Xarraca

This 90 meters small beach is near San Juan and Portinatx. It is a favorite with snorkelers and photographers, because of the crystal clear waters of this beach.

The beach is sandy and great for walks. Near Xarraca Beach you’ll find mud baths with healing properties. Go get yourself muddy and you’ll go out with rejuvenated skin. Is this wishful thinking?

Map of the Island of Ibiza, Spain

Map of the Island of Ibiza, Spain

• Cala Martina

This is a 150 meters long beach by a narrow 20 meters, located near the Es Cana Resort. It has great opportunities for water sports. The beach is quiet and sheltered so it’s ideal for families with children.

The beach is surrounded by a few cliffs great for a good walk. If you are a good walker you may even reach the nearby town of Santa Eulalia.

When thirsty and hungry head for one of the restaurants and cafes available on this lovely beach. When the wind blows it is popular with beginners and experience windsurfers.

Es Niu Blau Beach on the Island of Ibiza

Es Niu Blau Beach on the Island of Ibiza

• Es Niu Blau

This 100 by 12 meters beach is located between Santa Eulalia and Es Cana. It is a lovely beach shaded by pine trees. The waters are a deep blue that invite for a good swim.

This is the ideal beach to relax and forget all problems. You have sun beds, umbrellas and some water sports. From here you may walk along the beach and pass a few secluded coves on the way to Cala Martina. This is one of greatest Ibiza Beaches.

For more information visit Spain Tourism Website

ibiza old tow

The Old Town of Ibiza

• Cala Xuclar

This is actually a small cove with the clearest water on the island. It is located between San Juan and Portinatx.This is the type of beach where you go get out of it all.

You have a few kiosks serving fishermen catches and drinks. You are transported to another world and time.

• Cala San Vicente also known as Cala de Sant Vicent

It is near the town of San Carlos. This beach has a promenade with sun beds, umbrellas and lifeguards. It also offers showers, restaurants, bars and shops.

Besides the promenade the beach is made of golden sands with clear waters. There are palm trees providing some shade.

As mentioned Ibiza Beaches are about 80 of them, so it is not an easy task to choose my favorite ten. For me all of them are beautiful and worth a visit.

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sa caleta by viajar24hrs
d'enbossa by josp aka samonich
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