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Ikaria Greece, also spelled Icaria is a small Greek Island west of the Island of Samos in the North Aegean Region.

The island was name for the Greek Myth Icarus, who flew too close to the sun and fell on the sea nearby. The main town and capital of the island is Agios Kirikos located on the southern coast.

Ikaria has been blessed by idyllic beaches that are the delight of visitors and locals alike. During summers they may be very crowded with Italians and other Europeans taking advantage of the mild climate and beautiful sandy beaches.  Here are our Top Ten Beaches of Ikaria.

ikaria greece

Agios Kirikos is the Capital of the Greek Island of Ikaria Greece

  • Kampos Beach

This beach is located on the town by the same name, about 40 km from the capital on the northern coast. This is a long sandy beach surrounded by bamboos and other plants that reach the beach because of the river flowing that actually forms this beach.

This beach features a bar on the beach and well known club on top of the beach. Once here don’t miss the actual town of Kampos with an archaeological museum and some Byzantine ruins.

Livadi Beach on the Island of Ikaria

Livadi Beach on the Island of Ikaria

  • Livadi Beach

This beach is located on the north coast west of Kampos in a resort area called Armenistis, 50 km northwest of Agios Kirikos. This is a golden sand beach with beautiful vegetation and natural lagoon fed by one of the rivers.

The beach has all kind of facilities for the visitor like umbrellas and sun beds for rent and a cantina right on the beach for refreshments and light snacks. Above the beach on the main road you may find more restaurants and affordable accommodations.

prioni beach ikaria

Prioni Beach one more of the exotic beaches of Ikaria Greece

  • Prioni Beach

This beach is located between Agios Kirikos and Therma. It is a secluded beach with a few cliffs for the possibility of diving and jumping from a height of 12 meters. The main beach is accessible only for swimming. There are a few coves ideal for snorkeling on the clear waters of the Aegean Sea.

  • Messakti Beach

This beach located next to Livadi is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Ikaria Greece. This is a long beach of very fine sands and crystalline waters, also surrounded by exotic vegetation. The two rivers that pass through the beach form cozy and romantic lagoons

It features some facilities for the visitors including cantinas for refreshments. This beach provides the natural possibilities for some surfing in the afternoons.

Touskala Beach is a pebble beach in Ikaria

Touskala Beach is a pebble beach in Ikaria

  • Tsoukala Beach

This a pebble beach near Agios Kirikos with some trees for the necessary shading. On the hilltop you may find a few bars and cafes for refreshments.

  • Seychelles Beach

This beach is located near the village of Manganitis. It is a pebble beach with many coves and rock formations and the waters surrounding it are as crystalline as one can ask.

It is located on the southern coast 25 km west of the capital town. To reach this beach you have to walk near the riverbed from the main road all the way down to the beach. For those easygoing ones you may take a water taxi from nearby Manganitis fishing port

Whoever named this beach probably thought of the beaches of the Island of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean, some of the Top Beaches of the World.

Ikaria Greece


This is Seychelles Beach in the Greek Island of Ikaria

  • Agios Giorgis Beach

This beach lies on the northeastern tip of the island of Ikaria. To access it you have to take an unpaved road from the village of Faros. Then you have to take a hike of about 20 more minutes and reach the Drakano Tower and the Church.

The beach is next to them. But for the lazy ones like me, you may take a water taxi from Agios Kirikos direct to the beach.

  • Faros Beach

Being so close to the capital, only 10 km, this is a very popular beach among locals. The sands and pebbles beach stretches for several kilometers to the length of the village.

The beach provides facilities for volleyball, windsurfing and kayaking, and a small pier for those into going fishing for the day. Above all you will find tavernas with great seafood. This is a great place where to stay on inexpensive accommodation and explore the area based here.

For more information visit Greek Islands Tourism Website

map of ikaria

Map of the Island of Ikaria Greece showing its amazing beaches

  • Therma Beach

As the name suggests this is a town with therapeutic hot mineral spring. On top of the hill there are the ruins of ancient Therma and the springs of Loumakia.

This natural spring of hot waters run to the sea, forming small pools at the beach where people bath in hot waters right next to the sands and crystal clear waters of the actual beach.

Therma is the Spa Village of Ikaria, celebrated since ancient times for its therapeutic radioactive hot mineral springs.  The visitors are greeted by many cafes and tavernas for refreshments and seafood.

Nas Beach on the Aegean Sea of Ikaria

Nas Beach on the Aegean Sea of Ikaria

  • Nas Beach

It is located on the northwestern coast of the island where the Chalares River meets the Aegean Sea. This beach is open to Nudists and non-nudists as well.

Hiking up the riverside you may get to a waterfall and above the cliff a few tavernas and also affordable accommodation for those just needing a place to stay. I want to mention that from atop the cliffs the panoramic views are breathtaking.

This combination of sea and river and beautiful sands makes Nas Beach the most picturesque of all Ikaria’s Beaches.

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