Isla Mujeres Mexico
A Short Hop from Cancun

Once in Cancun, you must visit Isla Mujeres Mexico one of many picturesque Mexican islands. It is located a short ferry ride from the Mayan Riviera coast.

It is really a tiny island of 5 miles long by less than a mile wide. Nothing compared to Cozumel Mexico, which is bigger and cosmopolitan.

The hotels zone on the most beautiful Beaches of Isla Mujeres

The hotels zone on the most beautiful Beaches of Isla Mujeres 

Isla Mujeres Mexico is a sophisticated tiny island

The small town located on the west end of the island is very sophisticated with nice upscale shops, many restaurants and outstanding beaches.

It is so easy to get to the island, that many people visit here for the day and you may see many shops closing around 6:00 PM. People go back to most cosmopolitan Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

The name comes from a legend that one of the firs “Conquistadores” visited the island looking for slaves to take back to Cuba, and only found many little statues believed to be of women. From that comes the name Isle of Women.

We went there for the first time in 1978 when Cancun was still in diapers. We went there by ferry and I remember vendors cooking fresh fish in holes made in the sand. The magnificent taste is still in my mind.

Isla Mujeres Mexico

Aerial View of Isla Mujeres Mexico

Aerial View of Isla Mujeres Mexico

Now this island has been developed, but not as Cancun or the rest of the Mayan Riviera. Here the feeling is still of a laid back place.

There a are few hotels, hostels and some resorts. They are all within walking distance from the ferry pier. Once you arrive with ferry you are already downtown.

Like in nearby Holbox Island people ride here in golf carts, scooters and very small cars. Many restaurants and shops line the streets of downtown.

The main street is Avenida Hidalgo that reminds you of Quinta Avenida (5th Ave) in Playa del Carmen.

Powdery White Sands in Isla Mujeres

Powdery White Sands in Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres Beaches

These Mexican beaches remind you of immense swimming pools, because they are so calm and blue. They are located mainly in the northern tip of the island and can be compared to Cancun Beaches.

Going south you’ll find the Garrafon national park with archaeological ruins of the Temple to the Goddess Ixchel.

You may also enjoy many cliffs with outstanding views of the coral reefs full of colorful fish, ideal for a great snorkeling day.

The more experienced avid of some Scuba Diving will want to go further south to the reefs of Punta Norte and Manchones, sites of sunken ships. There is also a Turtle Protection Center for the protection of endangered species.

For more information visit Mexico Tourism Website

The dock for the Ferry from Cancun to Isla Mujeres

The dock for the Ferry from Cancun to Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres near Cancun is worth a visit. I would stay a couple of days, but if you are short of time a day tour to the island is highly recommended.

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