Island of Capri
Home of the Blue Grotto

The Island of Capri is the highlight of any travel to Naples and the Amalfi Coast Italy.

The Island has been an attraction for centuries in particular for the Blue Grotto of Grotta Azzurra that has attracted visitors from all over the world for decades.

Grotta Azzurra

La Grotta Azzurra or Blue Grotto
The number one site to visit on the Island of Capri

It is located on the Bay of Naples in the Campania Italy southern region, near the tip of the Amalfi Peninsula.

This tiny island has only two main towns; Capri is just above Marina Grande. The other town is located a little higher and is called Anacapri.

Because of its Mediterranean weather, Capri is visited all year round, maybe not so much during the peak of winter.

As a matter of fact during summers the island sees about 10,000 visitors day which is more or less the number of inhabitants on the island.

If you can chose your vacation time, it is better to go to Capri during spring and fall because it is not as hot as during summers.

Entrance to the Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy

Entrance to the Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy

Blue Grotto or Grotta Azzurra

This picturesque limestone rock island has been a favorite with Roman Emperors then and with the Rich and Famous, artists and writers now. It is a must see place in the Mediterranean.

Many people come for a day visit on ferries and hydrofoils departing from Naples and Sorrento. There are also less frequent departures from Positano, the Amalfi Coast and the Island of Ischia.

They all arrive in Marina Grande, which is the main port. As mentioned they most of them come to visit the Grotta Azzurra. But many beach lovers come to the Island of Capri to stay for a delicious holiday.

This site is the number one reason people visit the island. As mentioned many just come for a day trip from the mainland to see this site.

Map of Capri Island showing all points of interest

Map of Capri Island showing all points of interest

I recommend the Full day Tours that allow enough time to enjoy not only the grotto bu the rest of the island, take pictures and remember this world landmark forever.

Capri's Blue Grotto is known worldwide for its size and the colors emanating from the inside and from the rocks underwater.

In order to enter the grotto, visitors have to climb on small rowing boats for two or three people.Passengers have to lie down at the bottom of the boat to be able to enter the low mouth of the cave.

This natural opening is 2 meters high by two meters wide. Once you reach the inside the vault, known as Duomo Azzurra is about 7 to 14 meters high.

The caves continue with three connecting branches which reach the Sala dei Nomi and through the Passagio della Corrosione you’ll reach the Sala della Corrosione which is the furthest one can go.

The blue color seen inside the grotto is created by daylight filtered through an opening near the entrance.The waters filter the red tones and allow only the blue ones to show up inside the cave.

Siren Coast on Capri Island

Siren Coast on Capri Island

Beaches of the Island of Capri

The area surrounding Capri is called the Siren Coast, because in mythology the island was the home of the sirens that attracted the sailors to a certain death.

Today Capri is an elegant Island with chic hotels and splendorous beach surrounded by crystal clear turquoise beaches. The main tourist centers are Capri and Anacapri. In other words, those seeking an elegant and relaxed vacation should think of Capri for their vacation.

Capri has many pebbly coves and little bays. Here you won’t find the typical fine sand beaches, but they are still amazingly beautiful. Some of them get very busy and by the way, they are not free.

Faraglioni Rocks

The Faraglioni Rocks across Marina Piccola Beach

  • Faraglioni Rocks

These are three huge rocks standing proud outside on the waters. There rocks have endured all kind of erosion and other weather phenomena.

The first of the rocks that is still attached to land is called Stella, the second Faraglioni di Mezzo meaning the rock in the middle; and the last one into the sea Faraglioni di Fuori or Scopolo.

The height of the Faraglioni is 100 meter in average. The middle rock has a natural cavity or tunnel in the middle worth seeing.

Island of Capri

Marina Piccola capri

Marina Piccola is the most known beach in Capri

  • Marina Piccola

Mythology sets the seduction of Ulysses by the sirens in this site. This is Capri’s most known beach and can be reached by taxi, bus or even by foot.

It is located on the south coast of the Island of Capri. When you reach the beach you may see in the middle the legendary Scoglio delle Sirene which divides it into two different bays, to the right Marina di Mulo and to the left Marina di Pennauro.

The whole area is now very fashionable with many bathing areas snack bars and other services. During summers the visitors can leave by small boats from Scoglio delle Sirene to visit the Faraglioni Rocks.

Marina Grande Capri

Marina Grande is the port of arrival to the Island of Capri

  • Marina Grande

Arriving from the mainland this is the first place you see in Capri. It was once a fishermen’s village and you may still see some colorful houses. At the port you may find the office of the authorities, where to buy tickets for buses and for the funicular taking you up the hill.

The public beach of marina Grande, the largest beach of the Island of Capri, is located here and it’s very busy during summers. To the left in Piazza Vittoria you’ll find many restaurants and bars; a few shops selling souvenirs. Also the station to the funicular is right here.

  • Bagni di Tiberio

This beach is located about 15 minutes walk from Marina Grande. This is where Emperor Tiberius constructed his magnificent palace on the sea. This place is magical, with a magnificent view of the Bay of Naples. There are restaurants featuring the best of Italian Cuisine and Capri specialties based on fresh fish and vegetables besides the ever present pasta. And let’s not forget and great variety of local wines.

Grand Hotel Quisisana Capri

Grand Hotel Quisisana Capri a world of luxury
Almost 200 years old constantly refurbished

  • Punta Carena

This Island of Capri beach is located on the most southwestern tip of the island on the Limmo Peninsula. Behind Carena point is the precipice of Migliera and you may notice the immense walls built by the British during the 1800s to protect Capri from invasion.

The sea bed of the beach at Punta Carena descends very fast and just a half km into the sea the depth is about 600 meters. There is an important site not to be missed, the octagonal tower called the Lighthouse erected more than 150 years ago. It is the second largest lighthouse in the Tyrrhenian Sea, second only to the one in Genoa.

There are some beach facilities built here built on terraces and access to the waters. During the summer months the beach is open until late evening sometime with live music entertainment. In summary this is a very fashionable place to spend your day at the beach.

For more information visit Italy Tourism Website

Hotel Punta Tragara

Hotel Punta Tragara on the Island of Capri

A visit to the Island of Capri is a must if you are traveling on the south of Italy.

This one day tour visiting the islands its towns and above all the Grotta Azzurra with remain with you for many years.

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