Island of Crete Greece
The Largest Greek Island

The Island of Crete Greece is the largest of the Greek Islands. Because its location it is the southernmost part of Greece.

The Island of Crete Greece is located in Eastern Mediterranean with Dodecanese Islands and the Greek Cyclades Islands on the north and the shores of Northern Africa on the south.

Falasama Beach

Falasama Beach on the Island of Crete

They have their own music dialect and customs

Although it is an integral part of the Greek Nation, the inhabitants have their own dialect, music and customs.

Visiting the Island of Crete is in a way a tour to the past. The different sceneries, changing constantly, attract visitors from all over the world that without exception want to come back again and again.

The island, with an area of 8,000 Square Km, is the fifth largest one in the Mediterranean.

Regions of the Island of Crete Greece

The island is divided in four main regions:

• Chania or Hania • Rethymnon or Rethymno • Heraklion • Lassithi

Island of Crete Greece

beach in Crete

A great beach in Crete is Elafonisi Beach

Beaches of the Island of Crete Greece

The coastline of this large island of about 1,000 Km is dotted with all kind of coves, peninsulas and bays, all of them with idyllic soft and sandy beaches surrounded on its four corners by the Mediterranean Sea.

The quality of these beaches, among the finest in the world, made Crete one of the favorite holiday spots for Europeans.I am mentioning here just the best. In the next pages you’ll find more detailed information.

• Elafonisi Beach located in the southwest of the island is a very popular beach despite the distance to get to its shores.

• Falasarna Beach located in the northwest. It is not so frequented by tourists, so enjoy and find enough space to relax.

• Frangokastello has long stretches of sandy beach and the waters are crystal clear. It is located on the south coast of the island.

• Georgioupoli is located on the north coast near Chanya and Rhethymno. The beach runs for several kilometers and is frequented by Greek families from both towns.

• Makriyialos has shallow waters therefore ideal for families with children. It is located on the southeast. It features a few resorts.

• Preveli Beach is located on the south coast. It features the Moni Preveli monastery which can be visited as part of your Beach day. The beach is small and surrounded by palms.

• Plakias is close to Preveli Beach, is a great beach with many resorts. If you want some quiet time we suggest you walk to nearby Damnoni where the beach is not so crowded.

For more information visit Greece Tourism Website

Plakias Beach

Plakias Beach is an authentic beach of Crete

• Stavros is close to Chania. The claim to fame of the beach is the film Zorba the Greek was filmed here. Since it is somewhat secluded it doesn’t get so crowded.

• Sweetwater Beach is great for nude sunbathing and swimming. The beach is great and the waters clear and clean.

• Vai Beach It is a palm fringed beautiful beach on the northeast of the island. Sometimes called Palm Beach is without a doubt the most famous of Crete Beaches.

Google Map of the Island of Crete

Map of the Island of Crete

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