Israel Beaches
On the Med, the Red, the Dead and Sea of Galilee

Enjoy some of Israel Beaches. This country located on the Eastern Mediterranean is blessed by many beaches. After all Israel features four seas, which are the Med, the Red, the Dead and the Sea of Galilee.

  • The Mediterranean is the Big Sea as described in the Bible, to the west and Israel’s longest shore.
  • The Red Sea on the south, is the gate to the Indian Ocean where the Riviera city of Eilat is located.
  • The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth and it is so salty that no life can develop in its waters.
  • The Sea of Galilee is a sweet water lake fed by the Jordan River, also below sea level.

Israel's long Mediterranean coast features amazing beaches

Israel's long Mediterranean coast features amazing beaches

Mediterranean Beaches

The Israeli coast runs from the border of Lebanon in the north to the border with the Gaza Strip in the south. Going to the beach is part of Israel Culture. I will mention just the most known and keep adding beaches as we develop this site.

Achziv Beach

Runs from Nahariya to Rosh Hanikra near the Lebanese border, is part of the Achziv National Park and offer all kind of sports like cycling, hiking, fishing and swimming. 

Acco Beach

This is a beautiful sandy beach frequented by locals as well as tourists. You can have fun and do lots of sports besides swimming in the cool waters.

Israel Beaches

Hof Hacarmel is a popular beach south of Haifa

Hof Hacarmel is a popular beach south of Haifa

Israel Beaches on the Mediterranean

Haifa Beaches

There are quite a few beaches running from Acco, through Haifa Bay to the southern part of the city behind Mount Carmel. A few in Kiryat Yam and Kiryat Haim and then nothing happens in Haifa itself because of the port that occupies all downtown coast.

On the southern part of the city, I love Bat Galim next to Rambam Hospital. And a little further south Hof Ha Carmel or Carmel Beach that features a nice promenade with cafes and restaurants as well as lockers for swimmers.

Caesarea Aqueduct Beach

This is a beautiful beach near the Roman Aqueduct of Caesarea. You can swim in the area, walk the ancient ruins, rest and eat. It is a great place to relax.

Netanya Beach

It is one of the best in Israel. It is well kept by the Municipality and the water is nice. It is crowded only on weekends. What’s peculiar to this beach is that it is located down the bluff where the city is. 

Herzliya Beach

This is a short strip surrounded by a few condominiums and Deluxe Hotels. They have all kind of facilities for swimmers.

Tel Aviv is the Miami Beach of the Mediterranean

Tel Aviv is the Miami Beach of the Mediterranean 

Tel Aviv Beaches

Tel Aviv is famous for its beaches. Recently the National Geographic Magazine named Tel Aviv as the “Miami Beach of the Mediterranean” Please visit our page dedicated to Tel Aviv Beaches

Israel Beaches on the South

There are great beaches on the towns south of Tel Aviv, like Bat Yam, Ashdod, Palmachim, Nitzanim and Ashkelon. They are well organized and with all facilities for the visitors.

The Sea of Galilee is surrounded by awesome beaches

The Sea of Galilee is surrounded by awesome beaches

Sea of Galilee Beaches

The whole Lake Kineret is surrounded by beaches. It is a sweet water lake, so don’t expect to be in a beach of the Mediterranean. But they are very nice kept and offer all kind of services to the beach-goers.

Ein Gev Resort Village Beach on the east side of the lake is the number one of my favorites in the Kineret area. They have shades, trees, great clean waters to swim and above all what I like the most the fish.

It is a special treat to your palate. There is one catch: You have to be a guest of the Village to be able to use the beach.

Dead Sea swimming of perhaps

Dead Sea swimming of perhaps "floating"

Dead Sea

Every Hotel and Guest House has “its beach”. The beaches are public and anybody can swim, but at the hotels you can have lockers and shower facilities.

In each one of the public beaches you’ll find a public shower of sweet water. If you go into the Dead Sea that is so salty you will want to shower as soon as possible.

Ein Gedi Beach as mentioned in its page is very well kept with showers and cafeteria. I will repeat what I said already; beware of any cuts or stings in your skin because it burns when you go into the water.

And one more thing to remember, because of the salinity of the water you will barely be able to sink. Your body feels like a cork.

Eilat is Israel's Riviera on the Red Sea

Eilat is Israel's Riviera on the Red Sea

Red Sea Israel Beaches

Here I will mention just the Israeli Red Sea Beaches. Jordan and Egypt have great beaches. Eilat beaches at the Red Sea are several. The ones across the hotel strip are not so sandy and actually have many stones. The water is cool and delicious.

Coral Beach Nature Reserve

This  is near the best reefs. The area is great for snorkeling and Red Sea Diving, not so good for swimming. 

Dolphin Reef Beach

It is the most picturesque beach in Eilat. Here the dolphins are and has lots of shade and very good for swimming. 

Israel Beaches are there for the tourist that after visiting the Holy sites and nonstop touring wants to take a break of a good swim and relaxation.

For more information visit Israel Tourism Website

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achziv beach    deror avi
eilat north beach    sendelbach
ein bokek beach    xta 11
hof hacarmel    deror avi
kineret ein gev n/a
netanya beach    ori

images are courtesy of wikimedia commons

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