The Beaches of Izmir Turkey
On the Aegean Sea

The beaches of Izmir Turkey are scattered along the Aegean Sea on all sides of this, the third largest city in the country. They stretch all the way to Çeşme at the end of the peninsula linking Izmir to Çeşme. 

The modern city of Izmir the third largest in Turkey

The modern city of Izmir the third largest in Turkey

Izmir is a modern and important city with a huge history going back to centuries. At the coast it features pebble beaches and crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea.

At a given moment you’ll see the area full of umbrellas and many sunbathers enjoying the warm sun.

Foça north of Izmir features an important yacht port and amazing beaches

Foça north of Izmir features an important yacht port and amazing beaches


Located about 68 km north of Izmir, it features a few beautiful beaches that attract flocks of visitors during the summer, but it happens that some hotels and resorts keep for themselves a few quiet and private beaches that may be accessed for a small fee.

The old city is called Eskifoça or the old Foça and the newest town is called Yenifoça, literally the new Foca.

The area is great for snorkeling and scuba diving that may be achieved by renting a local boat that will take the visitors on day trips.

The last few of the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal can be seen on the coasts of Foça.


It has been a retreat for wealthy people in the past, but now is a popular beach for everybody. The word Ilica means Hot springs in Turkish, and some of them are located nearby.

The beaches of Ilica, about 1.5 long, feature golden sands and great conditions of wind for windsurfing. 


This town is known for its architecture and many vineyards.

But now it made its claim to fame because of the conditions for windsurfing and kite surfing with crystal sapphire waters, steady winds and above all the eternal Turkish hospitality.


Located 36 km north of Izmir, has long beaches that stretch from Çesmealti to Içmeler.

This area is very busy during the summer months. The Urla Camp Municipality Beach, the natural beaches and swimming pools at the Nebioglu Holiday Village which are all located in Çesmealti serve tourists all season long. 

Izmir Turkey

Dikili north of Izmir with many restaurants and hotels

Dikili north of Izmir with many restaurants and hotels


This beach is located north of Izmir across the shores of the Greek Island of Lesbos. It features a long stretch of beach full of tourists and locals and restaurants, holiday villas and hotels.

In the center of town the atmosphere is different. Her you’ll find typical mom-and-pop operated restaurants and bars.

There are several thermal springs close to Dikili that produce a special mud that has been used therapeutically since the times of the Roman Empire. 



They are located near the district of Seferihisar, south of Izmir on the way to Kusadasi. It features amazing sands with a clear water as well as a small yacht harbor and many places to stay, eat and drink. The archaeological remains of Ancient Teos can be reached by foot by walking only 1 km.


This is a sea-side in Turkey’s Izmir Province. The town is situated on the eastern shoreline of Karaburun Peninsula within the Gulf of Izmir at about 20 km south of the district center of Karaburun. It has many hotels and restaurants and it is easily accessible by a nice road from Izmir.

Çeşme is renowned among surfers in Turkey

Çeşme is renowned among surfers in Turkey


Located at the end of the peninsula across the Island of Kos Greece, this area is famous among windsurfers and kite surfers. But those that do not do these sports come here to enjoy the sun and the waters.

At any given time in summer the beaches are full of visitors and locals alike.

Çeşme, meaning “fountain” and pronounced cheshmeh, was a major Byzantine and Ottoman port until Izmir outgrew it. Today, the thermal springs and the beaches are the main attractions of this laid back little town.

The peninsula features golden sand beaches stretching for many kilometers with large hotels offering all kind of activities for children making it a great family vacation spot.

For more information visit Turkey Tourism Website 

Map of the area of Izmir Turkey

Map of the area of Izmir Turkey

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