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Jamaica Beaches are scattered around the island across hundreds of miles of coastline.  Jamaica is a large Caribbean Island, the third in size of the Greater Antilles.

It is located south of Cuba and enjoys a mild weather all year. Millions of tourists arrive to Jamaica on a yearly basis.

I am going to describe here the top ten beaches based on my experience in the travel industry and having visited Jamaica many times during the years.

Famous Seven Mile Beach in Negril Jamaica

Famous Seven Mile Beach in Negril Jamaica

Seven Mile Beach in Negril

The town of Negril is located on the west coast of Jamaica and this amazing beach stretches for 7 miles or 11 km of white powdery sands. The waters of this Jamaica’s’ longest beach are crystal clear and very calm. The beach is ideal for families although there are several secluded sections for nude bathing including the Hedonism II resorts, known worldwide for nude bathing.

Boston Bay Beach in Port Antonio

Port Antonio is located on the northeastern coast of the island. This beach is also made of white sands. Two things are very important about this beach, one is the great waves that are a paradise for surfers and second and also important the great number of kiosks selling Jerk Chicken, one of the top dishes of Jamaica food.

Doctor's Beach is one of the best Jamaica Beaches

Doctor's Beach is one of the Best Jamaica Beaches

Doctors Beach in Montego Bay

This beach was named for a physician who donated his beach lot to inaugurate a swimming club. This beach is located on the heart of MoBay, the nickname of Montego Bay. It is maintained by Doctor’s Cave Beach Club, a club that charges a fee to enter the beach. Believe me it’s a small price to pay for such a great beach.

Treasure Beach in the South Coast

If you like to get far from crowds, this is the beach to go while in Jamaica. This area of the south coast is more known for its farming and fishing, but if you want to mingle with Jamaicans and get rid of the crowds of the hotels, we recommend Treasure Beach. Here you’ll find your private cove ideal for a romantic moment.

Turtle Beach in Ocho Rios Jamaica

Turtle Beach as well as Mallard Beach are tourist oriented with plenty of bars kiosks and cafeterias with lots to eat. This beach has many activities and many hotels lined along the coast.

Jamaica Beaches

Rose Hall Beach a gorgeous beach in Montego Bay Jamaica

Rose Hall Beach in Montego Bay Jamaica

Rose Hall Beach in Montego Bay

While visiting Montego Bay go to this gorgeous beach. It is lined by some of the best hotels in this country, like the Half Moon, the Hilton and the Ritz Carlton. If you stay in any of those hotels the beach is just at your door. But in case you are not staying here, you may visit this beach by going to the Rose Hall Beach Club that offers restaurant, bars and all kind of entertainment.

James Bond Beach

Located also in Ocho Rios, this beach is the home of Golden Eye Hotels. Famous author Ian Fleming used to reside here. He is the author of the James Bond series 007. The hotel owns the beach, but visitors are welcome for a nominal fee, that the last time I remember was $ 3.00 USD. This is the beach where the film Dr No was filmed. This beach also offers many activities and possibility of rental equipments for water sports.

Dunn's River Falls meet the Caribbean on the beach

Dunn's River Falls meet the Caribbean on the beach

Dunn’s River Beach

This beach is located in Ocho Rios where the Dunn’s River meets the Caribbean Sea with fabulous Dunns River Falls. Many cruise ships arriving in Ocho Rios promote the visit to the Dunn’s River Falls, where visitors may go and limb the few steps to the falls and enjoy a great experience with the whole family.

Cornwall Beach in Montego Bay

The water on this beach is hallow and recommended for families with small children. It is a great beach for plain swimming of sun bathing. But for those more active you will find many stands offering all kind of water sports.

For more information visit Jamaica Tourism Website

Blue Lagoon near Port Antonio in Jamaica

Blue Lagoon near Port Antonio in Jamaica

Blue Lagoon Beach

The claim to fame of this beach is the filming of the movie Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields. The waters are dark blue and the swimming is excellent

Frenchman's Bay

This beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is a beach great for swimming and sun bathing and some surfing. The beach features many stands with delicious Jamaica Food.

Jamaica Beaches are absolutely fabulous. The Jamaicans are friendly and happy to welcome you to their great nation. I am sure that you will enjoy this country like my family that spent here many holidays.

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