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Beautiful Beaches in the Mediterranean

Karpathos Greece, located in the southeastern Aegean Sea, about 47 Km from Rhodes, has preserved certain peculiarities among them customs, dialect and dress; something similar to the Greek spoken in Cyprus and Crete. It has 10 villages of which Pigadia is the capital and main port of the island.

Only a decade ago it started to attract visitors, due to the fact that others like Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini and Crete are overcrowded with tourists. Because of that they are able to offer isolated beaches, mountain villages with its tavernas all over.

Karpathos Beaches are the Best in the Mediterranean

Karpathos Beaches are the Best in the Mediterranean

Beaches of Karpathos Greece

This island features some of the Best Beaches in the Mediterranean surrounded by crystal clear waters. In all sides of the island the beaches are somewhat different; sandy and pebble backed by pine filled mountains. 

Particularly in the south the conditions for surfing are excellent and there are some windsurfing schools to service the visitors.

Some of the beaches are very well organized and accessible by car, motorbike or Jeep others only by boat.

Apella Beach is the # 1 on the Island of Karpathos

Apella Beach is the # 1 on the Island of Karpathos

  • Apella Beach

This amazing b each has been awarded the most beautiful beach in Europe. It is located near Pigadia, the capital, on the east coast of Karpathos. This beach has both pebbles and white sands and crystal clear turquoise waters. It is surrounded by lush green pine.

The beach is ideal for swimming, sun bathing and picnics. They also feature a restaurant up the hill. The beach can be accessed by boat from Pigadia or by car, although parking is limited, so get there early.

The Beaches of Megali Amoopi and Mikri Amoopi

The Beaches of Megali Amoopi and Mikri Amoopi

  • Amoopi Beaches

There are two Amoopi beaches on the southeast coast Megali (big) Amoopi and Mikri (little) Amoopi.

  • Megali Amoopi

It is the most popular beach in Karpathos, with a mixed crowd of young and olders people. It’s like a meeting point where locals and visitors gather. There are a few restaurants, cafes and tavernas.

  • Mikri Amoopi

This is a lovely beach, smaller and quieter than Megali. You may walk between the two beaches. This beach has a few tavernas.

Karpathos Greece

The Village of Lefkos offers beautiful beaches

The Village of Lefkos offers beautiful beaches

  • Lefkos

This picturesque village has four beaches and three coves covered with powdery white sands and emerald clear waters. Lefkos Bay is on the central west coast about 33 Km from Pigadia.

  • Potali Beach is a extended strip of small pebbles and crystal clear waters.

  • Gialou Chorafi is the main beach of the area with white sands and clear waters.

  • Panagias Limani a small sandy and isolated beach

  • Francolimnionas is the biggest of all Lefkos beaches.

  • Sokastro is a small islet off the shores of Lefkos

These are full service beaches with all facilities besides many restaurants and tavernas.

Kyra Panagia is the best known beach in Karpathos

Kyra Panagia is the best known beach in Karpathos

  • Kyra Panagia

This is one of the most known beaches in Karpathos Greece, about 15 Km from Pigadia. The beach is named for the Virgin Mary which church is located on the hill above the beach.

Its sands are golden surrounded by a beautiful landscape of rocks and green trees. The waters are deep blue and features sun beds, umbrellas. The waters here are quiet deep, so be careful if you are not an experienced swimmer.

Vrontis is the largest beach on the Island of Karpathos

Vrontis is the largest beach on the Island of Karpathos

  • Vrontis Beach

Also called Xenonas by locals, it is located on the Bay of Pigadia this is a mixed sand and pebbles beach, great for swimming and sun tanning. It is easy to get by foot and it is the largest beach in Karpathos stretching for 4 Km.

It is a full service beach with sun beds, umbrellas and many beach games. It features many restaurants, tavernas and shops.

  • Saint Nicholas Beach

Located in Arkasa, 16 Km of Pigadia, it offers great winds almost all the time, so the waves are ideal for surfers. It is a sandy beach with sun beds, umbrellas and showers, besides a few restaurants and tavernas.

Diakoptis Beach              

Located 20 Km southwest of Pigadia this is a white sands shallow beach surrounded by emerald clear waters. It is easily accessed by car from Pigadia with beautiful scenic views.

Afiartis Beaches

These are three beaches ideal for windsurfing

  • Makris Gialos

  • Valia

  • Nikolaki Pounda.

Ahata Beach

Locatee 12 Km north of Pigadia this is a small and quiet beach with deep blue waters and pebbles. They offer sun beds and umbrellas for rent. Inexperienced swimmers should use caution.

Agios Minas Beach

This is a remote beach with small flat pebbles. It is located north of Apella. Tucked in the heart of nature it has been made very popular.

Saria Islet

This is a small volcanic islet off the northeastern coast of Karpathos separated from the island by a narrow channel. It has a landscape of cliffs,  and powdery white sands surrounded by waters.

Saria Islet
The Bay of the Fishing Village of Diafani in Karpathos

The Bay of the Fishing Village of Diafani in Karpathos

  • Diafani

Diafani is a fishing village built around a small bay and is home to the second most important port in Karpathos. The picturesque white roofed houses surround the bay, offering a lovely view of the fishing boats and port.

It is located on the far northeast side of the island, about 66 Km from Pigadia and near the traditional village of Olympus.

The beach is rather small with small pebbles and enough shade from the trees. After swimming, head to one of the tavernas, located on the waterfront for fresh fish and cold drinks.

For more information visit Greece Tourism Website

Map of Karpathos Greece and its beaches

Map of Karpathos Greece and its beaches

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