Kauai Beaches
The Garden Isle

Kauai Beaches, like all Hawaiian Beaches are awe inspiring. Kauai is the fourth largest of the Archipelago of the Hawaiian Islands. Its area is 1500 sq km.

This island also called the Garden Isle is located 170 km from Oahu separated by the Kauai Channel. Its largest town is called Kapaa Kauai.

Let me show you some of the best beaches in Kauai, separated by location. This island is somewhat round. So let us start from the north on a clockwise direction.

Anini Beach Park is one of the best beaches in Kauai

Anini Beach Park is one of the best beaches in Kauai

Kauai Beaches on the north

Anini Beach Park

A natural barrier reef has created a perfect lagoon for this exotic beach. It is one of Kauai’s best. The waters are ideal for swimming and windsurfing. Also snorkelers have a great time around the barrier reef with lots of marine life. This is a 5 km long beach of white sands and because of the reef the waters are shallow, so you can “walk” far into the waters.

The reef has a small channel on the northwestern side that opens a way for scuba divers to dive on the other side of the reef. The depth on that side is close to 20 meters.

It is a well equipped beach with all amenities, but the last time I checked they didn’t have a lifeguard. That said, be careful with children when they go swimming.

Kee Beach in Kauai surrounded by lush vegetation

Kee Beach in Kauai surrounded by lush vegetation

Kauai Beaches on the north

Kee Beach

Located also on the north shore is a complete beach with lifeguard and many amenities. This beach is ideal for swimming and sun bathing on the fine sands.

Haena Beach

This gorgeous beach has been a Hollywood favorite for many movies. It is like paradise and I agree with them. The golden sands, the calm turquoise waters make for very special scenario. But this time you are the star, just by sitting on your sun bed or swimming on the calm waters during summers. During winter the story is different, the high winds hitting the north shore of the island make the perfect setting for surfers, coming from all over to enjoy the waves.

The beach is well organized and has many facilities for the visitors, like picnic tables, restrooms and showers.

Kauai Beaches

Hanaley Bay Beach on the Island of Kauai in Hawaii

Hanaley Bay Beach on the Island of Kauai in Hawaii

Hanalei Bay Beach Park

This half moon beach is perfect for everyone. Swimmers and sun tanners have the perfect setting for their relaxed activities. On the other hand those snorkelers and scuba divers will enjoy the many coral reefs on both sides of this beach..

This beach is prepared for all water sports you may want like body boarding, surfing windsurfing, fishing, and canoe paddling, kayaking and boating. Hanalei Beach has all the amenities on may expect from a great beach.

Lumahai Beach

This is where Mitzi Gaynor starred on the film South Pacific. That shows you how beautiful beach is, but beware of the strong streams. Sop swimming on Lumahai Beach is not recommended.

Among the most beautiful beaches on the island, with a wide sandy shoreline, this is where Mitzi Gaynor "washed that man right out of my hair" in the film “South Pacific.” Since there is no lifeguard and currents are strong, swimming is not recommended.

Kalapaki Beach in Kauai with a view of Haupu Ridge

Kalapaki Beach in Kauai with a view of Haupu Ridge

Kauai Beaches on the Eastern Shore

Kalapaki Beach

This is the beach of the Marriott Kauai Beach Club. It is the best beach on the entire east coast. This beach located near the town of Lihue is not easy to find, because there are not many signs to direct the visitor. The above mentioned hotel will be your sign.

The beach is about 40 meters wide by 400 meters long. While relaxing on the beach you may enjoy the view of the peak of Haupu Ridge.

Lydgate Beach Park

Lydgate Beach is actually a lagoon from by a lava rock wall. It is great for snorkeling and swimming. Families with small children will enjoy this peaceful beach. It features all amenities like restrooms, showers and lifeguards. It also offers picnic tables.

Kealia Beach

This beach has an area on the north good for surfers, the rest is great for swimmers. There is a lifeguard on duty.

Aerial view of Poipu Beach on the southern coast of Kauai

Aerial view of Poipu Beach on the southern coast of Kauai

Kauai Beaches on the Southern Shores

Poipu Beach Park

This is by far the most popular beach in Kauai. The waters are calm and shallow for a great swim. It offers lifeguards, restrooms, showers and the rest of the amenities. The beach is divided in two by a sandbar. On the left the waters are shallow like in a lagoon, ideal for small children and on the right it is more like an open bay attracting surfers, snorkelers and divers.

To summarize this beach is a perfect Family Beach with activities for the little and lots of action for the teenagers.

For more information visit Hawaii Tourism Website

Amazing sunset on Kekaha Beach in Kauai Hawaii

Amazing sunset on Kekaha Beach in Kauai Hawaii

West Side Beaches

Kekaha Beach

It is a beautiful beach, but I recommend what authorities ask, not to swim here because the strong under currents. Certain time the conditions allow swimming. Only the lifeguard on duty will be able to tell.

Salt Pond Beach Park

This beach located near Hanapepe is the beach you want for relaxing and swimming. Lifeguard and all facilities are available.

Polihale State Park

They call it Mini Sahara, because the large amounts of golden sands are hot as hell. It is Kauai’s largest beach approximately 28 km long by 80 meters wide.

Like the rest of Hawaiian Beaches Kauai Beaches are gorgeous. Enjoy your visit.

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