Kenya Beaches
On the Indian Ocean

Kenya Beaches are located on the Indian Ocean shoreline of this huge African country. Most of the beaches are near the city island of Mombasa Kanya, where you’ll find some of the best African Beaches. They are also a paradise for nature lovers. Its weather is warm and humid in the coastline due to its location over the Equator.

After a challenging Safari in Kenya, you and your family should take a break and head for the coast where there are some beautiful beaches and some good quality hotels.

Diani Beach in Kenya is one of the Best Beaches in Africa

Diani Beach in Kenya is one of the Best Beaches in Africa

Diani Beach

This is the most beautiful and popular beach in Kenya and perhaps in the whole coast of East Africa, located 30 Km south of Mombasa. This beach is great for families because it is relaxed and ideal for swimming.

For those surfers, the waves a great and many of them flock to this beach with their surf boards. The underwater coral reefs are the perfect scene for snorkeling or scuba diving on the clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

In other words this is a tropical paradise with thousands of palm trees, amazing sands and some of the clearest waters one may expect.

Kenya Beaches

Nyali Beach

This beach is located in Mombasa surrounded by many deluxe resorts. It is a beautiful beach for sun bathing, swimming and surfing. It is never overcrowded and offers space for privacy.

Vipingo Beach

It is located near Kilifi in a coastal area which consist of Swahili villages.Surrounded by  vegetation of coconut palms, the water is calm and crystal clear. The beach is scenic and always isolated with very little crowd.

Tiwi Beach

This small settlement in Kwale County is a beautiful sandy beach, located north of Diani Beach, which is about 17 km south of Mombasa. The beach offers nature at its peak and is a place for your best beach vacation, especially if you enjoy relaxing in the sun.

Shella Village on the Island of Lamu in Kenya

Shella Village on the Island of Lamu in Kenya

Lamu Island

This is a small island off the northeast coast of Kenya, a UNESCO Heritage Site for its long history of Swahili civilization. There are no cars on the island and just a few small hotels. The island is underdeveloped, ideal for those seeking solitude.

The beaches are located all over the island and they are totally at your disposal for swimming, waterfront walking of boating.

Manda Bay and Shela Beach are the most popular beaches in Lamu Island.  They are known for their picturesque views and peaceful ambiance. These beaches are surrounded by luxury resorts built around the ocean.

Gazi Beach

Located near the coastal town of Gazi , this beach is never crowded and it is the best place to go if you are looking for privacy during your vacation. The beach is surrounded by palm vegetation and some luxury lodges. 

Bamburi Beach

Located on Mombasa’s North Coast, it’s an amazingly calm beach that  boasts fine soft sand and calm water, an ideal place to experience fantastic vacation. The beach is a popular destination for sun lovers and sand seekers.

Kilifi Beach

Located 65 Km northeast of Mombasa is this resort town on the north side of Kilifi Creek, it is yet to be developed and, although there are currently three small hotels, the town, the creek and the beaches are far from crowded.

Watamu Beach north of Mombasa is ideal for snorkeling and diving

Watamu Beach north of Mombasa is ideal for snorkeling and diving

Watamu Bay

Located north of Mombasa, this is one of Kenya's finest beaches and the site of a Marine National Park offering excellent snorkeling and scuba diving.

When you visit, you wonder how this amazing beach is not better known. Snow white sands surround the lagoon behind the reef, while the inland is full of mangroves and forests.

The nearby Arabuku Sokoke forest is a bird watchers paradise and the extensive inland Mida Creek hosts a wide variety of splendid birdlife. Watamu beach is also a turtle nesting area where you’ll be able to watch the babies scuttling down to the sea.

For more information visit Kenya Tourism Website

Kikambala Beach north of Mombasa is shielded by a long coral reef

Kikambala Beach north of Mombasa is shielded by a long coral reef

Kikambala beach

Located north of Mombasa it is shielded by a long coral reef. One of the best of Kenya Beaches it offers several beach resorts. The beach offers beautiful picture perfect views and lots of space for locals and visitors to enjoy themselves.


It is located 30 Km from Mombasa off the Malindi Highway. The beach is surrounded by coconut palm groves and has several beach resorts and hotels besides bars and restaurants, to enjoy and have fun during your Vacation.


Located about two hours drive from Mombasa it is Kanya’s only other large town on the coast. The beaches on the north of town are great for surfing.

Map of Kenya Beaches on the Indian Ocean

Map of Kenya Beaches on the Indian Ocean

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