Korcula Croatia
A Beautiful Island on the Adriatic

Korcula Croatia is the sixth-largest island on the Adriatic Sea. It is an island full of forests and on the other hands beautiful sandy beaches in the southern coast and pebble beaches on the northern side.

Beaches on the island are known to be some of the best of Croatia Beaches on its 240 km coastline. The beaches are of all kinds, pebble, sandy, rocky and more.

Korcula features spectacular beaches

Korcula features spectacular beaches

Beaches in Korcula Town

Zakerjan Beach is a rocky one in the center of Korcula on the eastern side of downtown.

Luka Korculanska is a sandy beach located on the Bay of Luka Korculanska, on about a 15 minutes’ walk from the Old Town.

Mandrac Beach is a swimming spot near the Maksimilijan Vanka Museum. It has some patches of pebbles ideal for small children.

Ispod Beach is a pebble beach at the center of Korcula Town. It’s a little beach with awesome views of the Old Town.

Puntin Beach

It is located on the northern side of Korcula Old Town and is very popular with windsurfers. It is a beach of pebbles and large rocks and stone slabs ideal for sunbathing and just watching the sunset.

Spomenik Beach

This beach is located on the western side of downtown and is very popular with locals. The beach is full of pebbles and large stone slabs. Stretch your towel and enjoy the day at the beach.

Sveti Nikola Beach

It is full of big rocks and slabs, perfect for jumping into the amazing waters of the Adriatic. You’ll find many pool ladders to make the access to the beach much easier.

Korcula Croatia

Lumbarda has the finest beaches of Korcula Croatia

Lumbarda has the finest beaches of Korcula Croatia


The sandy beaches of Lumbarda are considered the best on the island. It is located near and old 18th century church of the Holy Cross surrounded by vineyards.

It is a modest and glorious crescent of sand, for the delight of visitors and locals alike. It gets very busy on weekends during the high summer months.

It is a well-organized beach with all facilities and a volleyball court in the back of the beach.

Bilin Žal

This is a small strip of sand bordered by pebbles and rocks with shallow waters, ideal for families with small children.

It features a café and restaurant located in an old ruined 15th century castle, right on the beach.

Vela Luka

This cave is located on the offshore island of Proizd and is one of the most attractive sites in Korcula. It features some of most impressive beaches of the Adriatic for sunbathing and swimming on its crystal-clear waters. One of the beaches of Proizd is dedicated to naturists.


In front of Kordula’s harbor, take a taxi boat to this pine forested island called Badija. It is a heaven for naturists with a pebble beach and hidden coves. It is located in front of a 15th century Franciscan Monastery.

Map of the Beaches of Korcula Croatia

Map of the Beaches of Korcula Croatia

For more information visit Croatia Official Tourism Website

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