Kyrenia Beaches
Northern Cyprus

Kyrenia Beaches in the Republic of Northern Cyprus controlled by Turkey, are located to the east and west of the city, since the town itself has no beaches.

The beaches west of Kyrenia are private and belong to the hotels, by visitors are welcome for a fee.

These beaches have plenty of facilities such as umbrellas, sunbeds, water sports and restaurants. The beaches to the east although free have fewer facilities for the visitors.

Acapulco Beach in Northern Cyprus

Acapulco Beach in Northern Cyprus

Beaches to the east of Kyrenia

Acapulco Beach

This a large beach with the Acapulco Hotel dominating the scene. This is a hotel complex that caters to bulk tourism of all-inclusive packages. The hotel and beach provide all facilities for a great day at the beach including a large swimming pool and beach sports equipment.

Lara Beach

This is Lara Beach of the north, also known as Vakiflar Beach. It is about 3 km east of town. The dark sands are very pleasant and the beach has all facilities like restaurants, changing rooms and toilets.

Alagardi Beach

This sandy beach has shallow waters that continue for a long distance. You can even “walk through the waters to a nearby rocky islet. Green and loggerhead turtles use this beach to lay their eggs. The egg laying area is marked with signs.

Diana Beach

It is 2 km east of town in a village called Karakoum. It is a small cove with white sands. Under the water it is quite rocky. There are plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas and a small restaurant and of course, enough water sports equipment to rent.

Catalkoy Beach

This is a private beach 7 km east of Kyrenia. It is relatively small but very nice for a swimming day. Here you can ride horses along the beach and even through the mountains. The actual village of Catalkoy is very picturesque with shops and restaurants.

Kyrenia Beaches

Deniz Kyzy Beach one of the best Kyrenia Beaches

Deniz Kyzy Beach one of the best Kyrenia Beaches

Mermaid Beach

Also called Deniz Kyzy is located on a horseshoe bay and belongs to two hotels. It means there is a small charge for the use of the premises. Just above the water is a large fresh water swimming pool open to the public. There are many water sports facilities available.

Escape Beach

It is called Five Mile beach, Sunset Beach or Yavuz Cikarma in Turkish. It is a beautiful landscaped beach but all facilities are for rent. I warn you that there are strong currents on the waters, so it is better to swim near the shore. The rea many water sports available.

Kervansaray beach

This is a popular sandy beach, west of Kyrenia. Visitors usually park on the road and walk down to the beach whey they find all facilities for a day on the beach.

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Mare Monte Hotel and its beach west of Kyrenia Northern Cyprus

Mare Monte Hotel and its beach west of Kyrenia Northern Cyprus

Mare Monte Beach

This is a long stretch of sandy beach belonging to Maren Monte Hotel, located 9 km west of Kyrenia. This is a very popular beach among locals, especially during weekends. This beach is not fir for those with walking difficulties due to many steps needed to get to it.

Alsancak Beach

This attractive, small, private, sandy beach has recently been open to the public. There is a sign to it from the Alsancak Restaurant on the main road. There is a good sandy beach with sunbeds and a pleasant restaurant overlooking the sea.

Camelot Beach

Called Incirli Plaji, is something like a beach resort. The waters are shallow, idyllic for families with small children. There is a restaurant and a bar in the premises, and all beach facilities.

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