Lanai Beaches
on this tiny Hawaiian Island

Lanai Beaches are never crowded. The small island of Lanai has only one town, Lanai City with a population close to 3,500 people.

On the coastline of 76 km, Lanai has many long and amazing beaches with white sands and incredible clear waters.

Like on the other islands such as Maui and Oahu, the beaches come in an array of colors of sands. We all know that the Hawaiian Islands are of volcanic origin.

Here are a few of the best beaches in Lanai Hawaii.

Hulopo'e Bay Beach is the most popular on the Island of Lanai

Hulopo'e Bay Beach is the most popular on the Island of Lanai

Hulopo'e Bay Beach    

Located on the island’s south coast this is the most popular of island’s beaches. The crystal turquoise waters are a heaven for snorkelers and divers due to the variety of the marine life. The marine life conservation on the island is very strict with great results. This beach is a protected marine life district. No ships are allowed to dock here where dolphins and turtles swim free in their habitat.

On the bay's east side is a lava terrace that has several large tide pools, all of which are home to an abundance of marine life. The ocean bottom slopes off quickly therefore swimmers should be cautious.

Coming from neighboring Maui the ferry arrives in Manele Bay, within walking distance of this beach.

Kahemano Beach

This is the beach for fishermen, since it is not so good for swimming. The ocean bottom is very shallow and is a popular hangout spot for reef sharks. Beware!!!

Manele Bay   

Manele Bay features Lanai's only public harbor. It's where you arrive when you take the ferry from Maui to Lanai. There is a small white sand beach at the east end of the bay that offers good snorkeling and diving conditions. 

Shipwreck Beach

Its name is due to many ships that have wrecked on these shores. The shallow reef and strong currents. This beach also called Kaiolohia, is not safe for swimming.

Shark's Bay

Backed by red lava cliffs, this is one of the most scenic spots in Lanai. From here you may have a picture view of Pu'u Pehe, a small red rock island also known as “Sweetheart Rock."

Lanai Beaches

From Polihua Beach in Lanai you may view Molokai and Oahu Islands

From Polihua Beach in Lanai you may view Molokai and Oahu Islands

Polihua Beach

Located on the northwest of the island, this beach requires the assistance of a four wheel vehicle to drive in the rugged 6.5 km road that leads to it. But it is worth the effort, because it is the longest white sand beach in Lanai

Polihua Beach is almost 3 km long, with rough waters and strong winds. That said, this beach is more a picture attraction than a swimming one, since the winds bother constantly even for sunbathing.

While on this beach you may have a clear view of the island of Molokai and even Diamond Head in Oahu. During the winter months you may spot some whales that usually pass by very near the coast.

Polihua Beach is completely exposed to the open ocean. It has no protective reef or rocks. The powerful currents are always strong and may sweep you out to the sea. Remember, No Swimming here.

Keomuku Beach

This is a 10 km long beach on Lanai’s east coast. The sands here are black with cobblestones. The offshore fringing reefs are one of the longest in Hawaii.

Amazing surfing on Lopa Beach one of Lanai Beaches

Amazing surfing on Lopa Beach one of Lanai Beaches

Lopa Beach

Located on the east shore of the island, it begins at Kikoa Point and ends at the ancient fishpond which is the beach claim to fame feature. The fishpond, also called Loko Lopa and has been designated as a bird sanctuary.

It is safe to swim on this beach when the waters are calm, but beware of the shallow and rocky bottom. The beach is secluded and accessed only by four wheel drive vehicles.

Naha Beach

It is home of one of the few ancient fishponds on the island with spectacular walls. Look for a small rocky beach with kiawe trees to the north of the pond.

For more information visit Hawaii Tourism Website

Huawai Bay Beach with gorgeous golf courses on top

Huawai Bay Beach with gorgeous golf courses on top

Huawai Bay

This salt and pepper sands beach is a best kept secret on Lanai Beaches. It is surrounded by small sea cliffs. There are many lava pools along the lava shell that add to the captivating beauty of this beach.

Located on the south coast it is a popular place among local fishermen, accessible only by hiking down on a steep trail.

After the effort of getting there you’ll enjoy snorkeling and diving if the ocean is calm.

There are no facilities such as lifeguard, restrooms or showers. Some think this adds to the secluded and laid back atmosphere of the island beach.

Map of Lanai Island and its beaches

Map of Lanai Island and its beaches

Images for Lanai Beaches

hulopoe by mary joseph
polihua by moe stirling
lopa by felo ramirez
huawai n/a
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shipwreck by rosita malone
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