Lefkada Beaches
Some of the Most Beautiful in the Mediterranean

Lefkada Beaches are considered some of the best beaches in Greece and on the Mediterranean in general.

Lefkada Greece is an island in the Ionian Sea, connected to the mainland by a causeway. It is on the same side west of the mainland as neighboring Corfu Island. West coast beaches like Porto Katsiki and Egremni feature sheer cliffs and turquoise waters. The east coast is known for its traditional villages, including the seaside resort of Nydri.

 In the north, Lefkada town is the island's gateway and capital. Vassiliki, in the south, attracts windsurfers.

Lefkada Beaches on the West Coast

Porto Katsiki Beach

Porto Katsiki Beach

It is located on the southwestern tip of the island. As per my grandson, the pilot, this is the most beautiful beach in the world. I may agree with him, although there are many beautiful beaches similar to this one in the other Greek Islands.

This is a strip of white sands below a towering white rock. It has been awarded the prize of “The loveliest beach in Greece” and appears on many posters for the promotion of Greece Tourism.

To get there you go down a steep path with a hundred steps from the parking where there are many tavernas.

Egremni Beach

Egremni Beach

This is a 2 km long beach surrounded by impressive cliffs and also considered one of the best in the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s a combination of pebbles and white sands, that reminds me of the Caribbean Beaches.

You have to be fit to visit this beach since you will have to come down 350 steps from the parking lot above. Or you may access it by boat, it’s easier.

Aghios Nikitas

Aghios Nikitas

Located near the same name village this small beach is in front of many tavernas and cafes and preferred by families with small children.

It is located on the northern part of the west coast of Lefkada.


Once the favorite of campers and nudists, it is today Lefkada’s most popular beach, offering umbrellas, loungers, a beach bar and restaurants.

The sands are white mixed with pebbles and the waters a deep blue. Since the waves are very high on this beach it is recommended not to swim.

Lefkada Beaches

Mylos Beach

Mylos Beach

Located between Kathisma and Aghios Nikitas on the west coast, this beach is not accessible by car but at the end of a scenic footpath. But you may also get there by Taxi Boat.

This is one more splendid beach in idyllic surroundings, bordered to the south by imposing granite cliffs and to the east and north by steep wooded hills.


Located just south of Kathisma beach, you may access by car on a windy road. It is a sandy beautiful beach with blue waters.

Eastern coast of Lefkada Greece

The beaches on the east side are not as impressive as those on the west, but they have a great advantage: they are sheltered from the wind and always calm and safe.

Lygia Beach

A small pebble beach south of Lefkada Town near the top of the east coast. This small pebble beach in an important area for Lefkada's fishermen so there are lots of great seafood tavernas nearby and excellent views of the Greek mainland.

Nikiana Beach

One a laid-back fishing village it is developing as an important tourist spot, not yet spoiled. It features two small pebbly beaches on both sides of the harbor.

They both have magnificent views of the Greek mainland. Enjoy the nearby cafes and tavernas of the village.

Nydri Beach

It is one of Lefkada's liveliest resorts with some great restaurants and bars. The pebbly-sandy beach is very popular with locals and visitors and has some nice share lidos, tavernas and bars.

From here you may see the smaller islands of Heloni, Scorpios, Sparti and Madouri.

Northern coast of Lefkada Greece

Ai Giannis Beach in Lefkada

Ai Giannis Beach in Lefkada

Preferred by wind and kite surfers. They cover a stretch of 4.5 km and the waters are crystal-clear turquoise.

Gyra Beach

A very popular beach across the village of the same name, with two tavernas.

Kastro Beach

A beach with pristine waters frequented mostly by locals, located opposite the pontoon bridge accessing the island.

Ammoglossa Beach

To the right of the lighthouse, opposite the fort of Aghia Mavra, this is a white sands beach and pure blue sea.

Lefkada Beaches on the south

Vassiliki Beach

Vassiliki Beach

The village’s beach, preferred by wind surfers. It is considered among Europe’s three best beaches for windsurfing. This is where the international water sports festival takes place

Ammoussa or Ammousso

Located close to Vassiliki, you get there by a detour of the main road at the village of Marantohori. It is a small pebbly beach and there is a taverna and a café

Aghiofili Beach

Located on a pretty cove near Vassiliki, this is again one of the most beautiful beaches on the Island of Lefkada Greece.

The waters are pure green-blue. To get there you may take a small boat from Vassiliki or by walking along the coast.

For more information visit Greece Tourism Official Website

images for lefkada beaches courtesy of wikimedia commons

Map of Lefkada Greece and its gorgeous beaches

Map of Lefkada Greece and its gorgeous beaches

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