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The Italian Riviera

Liguria Italy is a crescent-shaped region in northwest Italy. It is a continuation on the Mediterranean to the French Riviera and across the border it’s called the Italia Riviera.

It has a few world-renowned towns such as the fishing village of Cinque Terre, the stylish Portofino and Santa Margherita. It is divided into Riviera di Ponente on the west, home to San Remo, famous for its festivals; and on the esta Riviera di Levante.

Here are a few of the top beaches in the area.

San Fruttuoso Beach in Liguria Italy

San Fruttuoso Beach in Liguria Italy

Located in the Province of Genova in eastern Liguria Italy, this is a pebbly beach at the very end of the Portofino Peninsula. It is a very romantic and laid-back corner of Liguria. You may visit a Monastery from the 10th century.

The waters are a deep turquoise and has many restaurants and bars. It is definitely the place to relax and have a good day at the beach.

Saracen Beach in the Bay of Saraceni Italy

Saracen Beach in the Bay of Saraceni Italy

Located on Baia dei Saraceni it is surrounded by cliffs and rocks. It has warm shallow waters that are a delight for swimming and snorkeling.

Varigotti is an idyllic fishermen village with little cottages. You may wander down the streets and all of a sudden you see the beach featuring a sea of ever changing turquoise and emerald shades. It is one of the best beaches in Liguria.

Varigotti Beach in Liguria

Before you get to Finale beach, you’ll find this town called Varigotti, that has a beach that looks you are in Sardinia’s Emerald Coast

Around six kilometers before you get to Finale Ligure you pass through a town called Varigotti, here is a beach that seems almost Sardinian in beauty.

Bergeggi Beach

It is located on Baia delle Sirene or Bay of the Mermaids in western Liguria.

The road runs about 30 meters above the sea level, and to reach the beach you have to use steep stairs. However, it is worth every effort made.

It is surrounded by high white rocks and the waters are of a dark turquoise blue with fine sands.

Balzi Rossi in Ventimiglia Italy

This beach is private and they charge a fee to use it. If you are in the vicinity of Ventimiglia it is worth the price. It is just before you pass the last tunnel before the French border.

The waters here are deep blue and crystal-clear. The views from the beach are awesome with forested cliffs on the background.

The beach is very well kept by those who run it.

Liguria Italy

Boccadasse Beach

Boccadasse Beach

Located in Genoa, central Liguria. It is a public beach, easy to reach. In the past it was a fishermen village and is a neighborhood of Genoa.

In the beach, you can find many restaurants and bars. It is one of the most popular places where to meet friends and to have your aperitivo.

Levanto Beach

This is a beach for those who like surfing. The waves here are decent and offer a great surfing opportunity. It is actually called the home of Italian Surfing

The town of the beach is very charming and has many good restaurants with attractive prices.

Alassio Beach

You just have to go through the streets of the old town of Alassio to find the beach.

It is a public beach with many amenities like bars, restaurants and shops. The waters are shallow, so the beach is ideal for families with small children

From the beach you may admire the nearby island of Gallinara.

Monterosso Beach in Ligura

Monterosso Beach in Ligura

Located in the Province of La Spezia in Cinque Terre, it is a public and private beach along the promenade. It is very easy to reach.

The beach is located in Fegina, a newer part of the town. Don’t’ miss the giant sculpture of Neptune located on the western part of the beach.

Along the promenade you’ll find many restaurants, bars and shops.

Finale Ligure

Finale Ligure

The best thing about this beach is the town itself. After a day sun tanning and swimming at the beach you can go to any of the great pizzerias and gelaterias, located along the palm line promenade behind the beach.

If you are looking for some exercise and great views, go up the 300 steps to Castle Wuillerman behind town.

The Finale main beach is one of the many blue flag beaches along this coast and it is a lovely long, very clean stretch of sand.

Map of the Beaches of Liguria Italy

Map of the Beaches of Liguria Italy

For more information visit Italy Tourism Official Website

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