Lisbon Beaches
On the Atlantic Ocean

Lisbon Beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, are easily accessible from the  
Capital of Portugal. They stretch along four different coastlines that range from sandy family beaches to calm coves to rough surfing beaches.

Not all tourists are aware of the proximity of these beaches to the town center of Lisbon. So, on your next business or leisure trip to this marvelous city, take advantage of these gorgeous beaches and enjoy life to its maximum.

Estoril Cascais Coastline west of Lisbon

Estoril Cascais Coastline west of Lisbon

Estoril-Cascais Coastline

This area to the west of Lisbon, offers great beaches popular with visitors and locals, that can be very crowded during peak season. They are connected from Lisbon by an inexpensive train service. The largest beach of the region is Praia de Carcavelos, but don’t miss the ancient fishing port of Cascais, which is by itself a great tourist destination. Also the São Pedro do Estoril beach is typical of the Cascais coastline.

Praia de São Pedro do Estoril

The Praia de São Pedro do Estoril is one of the best beach in the Lisbon area, conveniently located near the train station. It is a wide sandy beach with enough waves for surfing and body boarding. This is the perfect beach for a day-trip out of Lisbon.

Carcavelos Beach near Lisbon

Only 24 km from the city, this is a small beach, easy to get by train. It becomes very busy during summer months. It is common to see families and friends enjoying a break from the very hot summer in Portugal. Stop in Parede, another small beach on the way there.

Tamariz Beach

Located near a medieval castle, this is the only resort nearby. It is one of the most beautiful beaches near Lisbon, located in trendy Estoril.

If a day on the beach did not leave you exhausted, head for the Estoril Casino in the evening.

Lisbon Beaches

The unspoiled beaches of Serra de Sintra Coastline

The unspoiled beaches of Serra de Sintra Coastline

Serra de Sintra Coastline

This is an area of unspoiled beaches facing the Atlantic Ocean, which are ideal for surfing. The appearance of the beaches is rough and have no development for tourism. The whole area is protected by Serra de Sintra national Park. The most popular beaches in the region are Praia de Guincho and Praia das Maçãs


Guincho Beach

Located on the side of Sintra National Park, this is an ideal beach for water sports of all kind. Especially surfing is very popular here due to the high winds of this beach. While here don’t miss the town of Sintra a world renowned fairytale like destination in Portugal.

Praia das Maçãs

In English called Apple beach, is one of the most popular beaches within a short distance of Lisbon. One reason for the popularity of this beach is the tram line which connects Praia das Maçãs to Sintra during the Summer months.

The waves can be powerful here. But there is also a huge outdoor swimming pool equipped with slides, diving boards and a kid's pool right on the beach.

Serra da Arrábida with the most beautiful beaches in Portugal

Serra da Arrábida with the most beautiful Lisbon Beaches

Serra da Arrábida Coastline

It stretches from the southern part of the Setubal Peninsula with picturesque beaches surrounded by forested hills and feature turquoise blue waters on a calm sea.

This area is known to have the most beautiful beaches of Portugal, but are the farthest from Lisbon and getting there is imperative to have your own transportation.


Portinho da Arrábida

This beach has Algarve like clear waters, but is close to the capital on the Serra da Arrábida National Park. This means that it is recommended to do some hiking in the park and then hear for the beach for full relaxation

Costa da Caparica near Lisbon for swimming and surfing

Costa da Caparica near Lisbon for swimming and surfing

Costa da Caparica

This is a continuous 15 km stretch of golden sand beaches along the western part of the Setubal Peninsula.

It is great for surfing and swimming in the pristine beaches. The northern part of the peninsula is the most developed for tourism. From the popular town of Costa da Caparica, there are regular buses to Lisbon.

For more information visit Portugal Tourism Website

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