Macau Beaches
A Break from the Gambling Rush

Macau Beaches are just a few and they are gorgeous and well kept. It is known that Macau attracts tourists mainly for the gambling Business like a Far East Las Vegas. It was once Portuguese Macau, but since a few decades ago is an integral part of the Republic of China.

Macau Map

Macau Map

Macau is a Gambler’s paradise

So, when you come to Macau, no matter what is the purpose, make sure you leave son spare time to go to the beaches. Macau has a tropical weather.

Macau was a Portuguese colony on the south shore of China very close to Hong Kong. When we visited Hong Kong, we took a catamaran for a day tour to Macau. In the subsequent years Macau has grown not in area but in populations to become the most populated spot on the Planet.

Cheoc van Beach on Coloane island in Macau China

Cheoc van Beach on Coloane island in Macau China

Here are some of the most famous Macau Beaches

Cheoc Van Beach

This is a sheltered cove on the west site of Coloane Island. It is a well preserved beach with great swimming facilities and all kind of amenities such as changing rooms, toilet and a snack bar. There is also a swimming pool so you can just relax and enjoy the day. Remember that later you will have enough time to spend your fortune in one of the Casinos.

Macau Beaches

Hac Sa Beach of pure black sands in Macau

Hac Sa Beach of pure black sands in Macau


This beach in Macau is particularly known for its black sands that invites for long walks on the beach. Actually the name translates to Black Sand Beach.

It is the largest beach in Macau, in the form of a crescent. It may look dirty to the visitor, but I assure you that it is very clean and the waters a pure crystal clear.

It is adjacent to the Hac Sa Sports and Recreation Park offering practically everything you need for a Beach Day such as swimming pools, Bar B Q facilities, jet skis, mini-golf, tennis courts and more.

For more information visit Macau Tourism Website

The standing facade of the cathedral in Macau, China

The standing facade of the cathedral in Macau, China

Take advantage of these beautiful Beaches and enjoy the evenings and nights in the tiny and metropolitan enclave on the China Sea.

Besides gambling, Macau has a lot to see, like all the remnants of what was a Portuguese Colony for more than 400 years.

Don’t miss the old cathedral that has left standing only the front facade after a destroying earthquake many years ago.

Images are courtesy of Wikimedia commons.

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