Malaysia Beaches
The Favorite Beaches of the Orient

Malaysia Beaches are among the favorite beaches in the Orient. Its tropical weather and being located near the South China Sea gives the visitor many opportunities to swim, sun tan and enjoy many other beach activities. In other words each of these beaches is like those we see in beautiful postcards and Travel magazines.

The Beaches of Sipadan Island in East Malaysia

The Beaches of Sipadan Island in East Malaysia

Malaysia lies on South East Asia and part of the Island of Borneo

Malaysia is a country with parts of its territory in the continent of Southeast Asia, and part on the Island of Borneo that it is shared with Indonesia and Brunei.

It also has many islands in the sea between the two regions of the country. Let’s go on a virtual tour to the Best Beaches of Malaysia. In order to present the beach in an organized order we are going to divide this huge country into three parts:

  • Eastern Shore of Peninsular Malaysia
  • Western Shore of Peninsular Malaysia
  • Bornean Malaysia is the Part of Malaysia on the Island of Borneo

Kampung Juara Beach of the eastern shores of Malaysia

Kampung Juara Beach of the eastern shores of Malaysia

Malaysia Beaches on the Eastern Shore

Kampung Juara Beach

It is located on the eastern coast of Tioman, and it is the most isolated beach on the island. It is difficult to get there, but worth the effort. Once on this beach you are disconnected from the outside world. It is surrounded by a jungle with many species of wildlife. The beach is a heaven for scuba divers and snorkelers because the marine life diversity is mind boggling. The coral reefs untouched by humans, accompanied by exotic fish are an unforgettable experience.

Tioman Island Malaysia

This is an extremely beautiful island off the eastern coast of Malaysia. It can be reached by plane or ferry. Here are a few beaches on the island of Tioman.

Tekek Village

Located on the western coast of Tioman this is the island’s largest beach and much more accessible than Kampun Juara. It is also the main port of entry either coming by boat or by plain from the mainland.

Malaysia Beaches

The beaches of Perhentian Island are awe inspiring

The beaches of Perhentian Island are awe inspiring

Perhentian Island

This is one more island of the above mentioned archipelago. It is ideal for swimming and sun tanning. The breezes here are soothing and relieving. But let’s not forget the snorkelers and divers that have their day on this beach. This beach is known to be popular among tight budget travelers.

Redang Island

This island is located 45 km off the mainland city of Kuala Terengganu. It is a renowned turtle sanctuary. Its beauty is awe inspiring that is why it has been called a paradise many times by Travel Magazines. It is the largest island of the Terengganu archipelago. It is a heaven for snorkelers and divers due to its thriving marine life surrounding the island.

Malaysia Beaches

Cherating Beach Malaysia is home of Asia's First Club Med

Cherating Beach Malaysia home of Asia's First Club Med

Cherating Beach

This beach is famous worldwide for its great surfing. It is a hotspot for surfers during the monsoon time between November and February. In January every year there is a surfing annual competition taking place on the island called “Monsoon Madness”

This beach stretches for 10 km and its claim to fame is being the spot of Asia’s first Club Med. It is known for its beautiful chalets, fine restaurants and busy nightlife. There are also boat rides along the coast. This is a great opportunity for a Romantic Moment.

Pantai Bisikan Beach on the Mainland of Malaysia

Pantai Bisikan Beach on the Mainland of Malaysia

Pantai Bisikan Bayu, Kelantan

This mainland beach is located about 50 km from Kota Bharu on the border with Thailand. In English the name is translated “Beach of the Whispering Breeze” because of the mild breezes arriving to the island from the South China Sea and the many casuarinas and other vegetation that line the beach. It is a common place for picnics. As for water activities, scuba diving, fishing and snorkeling are very popular on this beach.

Sibu Islands, Johor

This is a cluster of islands located further south off the eastern shore of Malaysia and closer to Singapore. It is a popular beach for outdoor activities like fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling. But if you are lazy like me, you may get a sun bed put some cream and just sit relax and get a great suntan.

Malaysia Beaches

The Beaches of Langkawi Island in Western Malaysia

The Beaches of Langkawi Island in Western Malaysia

Western Shore of Peninsular Malaysia

Langkawi Island Malaysia

This island is part of an archipelago of islands off the west coast of Malaysia is one of the most important tourist destinations of this country. It has been designated as a “UNESCO Geopark”. There are several important beaches on the island:

  • Pantai Cenang of Cenang Beach is the most popular beach on the island. This is a long stretch of white powdery sands and crystal warm waters, the delight of locals and visitors alike. It features accommodations for all budgets as well as fine dining, shopping and all kind of Watersports.

  • Buray Bay is more secluded. It is backed by a mountain and a lush forest.

  • Pantai Pasir Hitam, also located on the island is one of the very few beaches in Malaysia with black sands. It is small and not crowded at all.

  • Tanjung Rhu Beach is located on the northern coast of Langkawi. It is known to be the most beautiful beach in Malaysia. It is a gorgeous piece of wide beach surrounded by clear blue waters. This beach is the home of the Four Seasons Resort Langkawi.

Malaysia Beaches

Penang Island Malaysia features white sands beaches

Penang Island Malaysia features white sands beaches

Penang Island

This island is renowned because it features gorgeous beaches of white and golden sands and crystal waters. The important beaches on this island are:

  • Batu Ferringhi is by far the most popular, offering all kind of amenities and accommodation, as well as many bars and restaurants.

  • Tanjung Bungah is the same as the former beach but it tends to be more luxurious offering Deluxe accommodations and fine dining.

  • Teluk Bahang is an isolated beautiful beach featuring only one hotel.

  • Teluk Duyung is known locally as “Monkey Beach”. Here you have the opportunity of jungle trekking apart from sun tanning and swimming on the beach.

The Island of Pangkor near Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The Island of Pangkor near Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Pangkor Island Malaysia

This island is located offshore north of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. It is a perfect retreat from the busy mainland with its huge and busy cities. The island is blessed with white sands and warm waters.

  • Teluk Nipah or Nipah Bay is a full service beach where you may practice kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and many other water sports. It is the island’s most popular beach.

Malaysia Beaches

For more information visit Malaysia Tourism Website

Tanjung Aru is located on East Malaysia on Borneo Island

Tanjung Aru is located on East Malaysia on Borneo Island

Malaysian Borneo or East Malaysia

As mentioned before, Malaysia has a big territory on the big island of Borneo sharing the island with Indonesia and tiny and very rich Brunei. These are some of the beaches in this part of the country.

Tanjung Aru Beach

This beach is located on the northern coast of Borneo, east of Brunei near the city of Kota Kinabalu. It has been blessed with a large coastline featuring many hotels, restaurants and bars. Here you may find a secluded cove for a romantic getaway or the rest of the beach with lots of people and many water sports. For divers and snorkelers it is near the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

Sipadan Island

This island is located on the Celebes Sea on the eastern shores of Borneo and west of the Philippines. This beach features white powdery sands and a huge marine life underwater around its shores. It is a world famous site for scuba diving and snorkeling.

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