Maldives Beaches
An Earthly Paradise

The Maldives Beaches have been named many times as the top beaches of the world. They are amazingly beautiful and awe inspiring. The tiny islands with white sand beaches and turquoise waters are the perfect Earthly Paradise.

The Republic of Maldives is an island country comprising 1,190 coral islands forming an archipelago of 27 atolls. They are located southwest of India and Sri Lanka and are the smallest country in Asia. Its capital is Male Maldives.

The Beaches of the Maldives are awe inspiring

The Beaches of the Maldives are awe inspiring

The beaches made of coral offer all the possibilities for sports like scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing in its crystal clear waters. It features spectacular reefs with an array of corals full of marine life. Because of its tropical situation, the weather is mild year round.

Due to the distance and the lack of direct flights from America, the islands are somewhat unknown, but for Europeans the Maldives have been a great destination for those seeking idyllic beaches and tranquil lagoons.

It is easy to get to Maldives from India

It is easy to get to Maldives from India

Getting to and around the Maldives

Malé International Airport is the main entry point for visitors to the Maldives. It is located on a private island, Hulule next to the capital city of Male.

The flights arriving are mainly from Singapore, India and from certain European cities like London, Zurich and Frankfurt.

If you are staying in one of the resorts, they will probably arrange your land transportation from and to the airport to the islands by powerboat or jet. Some sail around the islands on a “dhoni” or small waterbus.

When to go to the Maldive islands

The high season is December to April. It’s the best time to go regarding weather.

Temperatures during high season range between 86 to 90 Fahrenheit during the day and 77 to 79 at night. This translates to 30-32 and 25-26 degrees Celcius.

Maldives Beaches

Reethi Rah is a great beach for families with small children

Reethi Rah is a great beach for families with small children

Maldives Beaches

It is not easy to name the best beaches in Maldives among the hundreds of tiny islands and keys. We are going to mention a few based on general knowledge and research.

Sun Island is perhaps one of the best beaches in the world. It is located in the southern group. Just look at the images of white sands and crystal waters and decide for yourself.

Rethi Rah is a very popular beach in Maldives especially for families with children. This beach is located on the South Ari Atoll in an island called Nalaguraidhoo, about 65 miles or 105 km from the airport at Male.  This is a coral island with no vegetation that offers the opportunity to swim surrounded by the most beautiful and colored fish.

For more information visit Maldives Tourism Website

Veligandu Island with white sands and turquoise waters

Veligandu Island with white sands and turquoise waters

The Veligandu Island

This is one of the best beaches in Maldives. The island accessible by plane from Male Airport in just 15 minutes has one resort. This particular flight is an experience by itself offering magnificent views of the golden sands islands and the clear waters. This is a great place for snorkeling with a waterproof camera at hand to photograph the exuberant marine life on its shores.

  • Cocoa Island
  • Nika
  • Banyan Tree Island

The Kuda Bandos Island

The Kuda Bandos Island

The Maldives are exotic with breathtaking natural vistas of the beaches are unspoiled with powdery golden sands. There are many resorts for all budgets and especially for those seeking luxury for their vacations.

The islands are the perfect romantic getaway for couples and the best spot for a family vacation that will never be forgotten. By the way, the Islands of Maldives are a NO NO to nudity which is prohibited under the country’s law.

We can summarize by saying that the Maldives Beaches are a dream that one should attain at least once in a lifetime.

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maldives beach 1    dilmen nevit
maldives reethi    michael hobi
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