Marie-Galante Beach Guide

by Paul Sausville
(Malta, New York USA)

Marie Galante - Gueule Grand Gouffre or the Mouth of the Giant

Marie Galante - Gueule Grand Gouffre or the Mouth of the Giant

Marie-Galante - The Emerald Island Where Time Has Stopped

In a sea far, far away lies a magical place, an undiscovered and little known island lost among the 7000 islands of the Caribbean Sea. Overhead each day a warm sun awakens life and each night the moon and stars a million-fold in the heavens above sparkle in the darkness. On the shores are white sandy beaches of coral, intimate emerald lagoons and coconut palm trees swaying in the tropical breeze. Birds sing in the trees, cattle low in the meadow and waves lap on the beaches. These are the sounds of paradise.

Life abounds. Gardens, flowers and the grasses in the meadow are nourished by the mist of a gentle rain shower that passes by each day. Beauty is everywhere to be seen. All you have to do is look.

Islanders live in the moment, with each breath as if it might be their last. They live in peace with family, friends and neighbors. On this "Goldilocks" island everything is "just right."

If you are planning a trip to this paradise island you may want to order "Beach Guide To Marie-Galante -The Emerald World Where Time Has Stopped" at Amazon.com or at; www.BeachGuide.website.The 175 page manual provides detail information and maps to the secrets of the island.

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Oct 08, 2017
by: Eddy

Thanks Paul, for your submission about the lovely island of Marie Galante

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