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Martinique Island part of the Lesser Antilles, is an overseas region of France related to Guadeloupe, St Martin and St Barth. It reflects a distinctive blend of French and West Indian influences. Its capital and largest town is Fort de France with narrow streets and La Savane, a garden bordered by shops and cafes. In this garden you’ll find a statue of island native Josephine de Beauharnais, first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Beautiful Emerald Green Island of Marinique

Beautiful Emerald Green Island of Marinique

The Beaches of Martinique

There is a diverse assortment of beaches with exotic colors ranging from jet-black to sparkling white sands. They are open to the public, although most of them are near hotels and resorts. Those not staying at the hotels have the option of getting some of the services for a fee, including sunbeds, umbrellas, lockers and beach sports equipment.

Les Salines Beach is one of the best beaches of Martinique Island

Les Salines Beach is one of the best beaches of Martinique Island

The best beaches in Martinique

Les Salines Beach

This is referred sometimes as the best beach in Martinique, and for sure is the warmest and brightest beaches on the island. At the far end of Les Salines there is a secluded smaller beach called Petit Anse de Salines. This is also considered a gay beach. Please note that you may see some nudity although nudity is prohibited througout the island.

It is located on the very south of the island near Sainte Anne. You should stop on this beach if you are in search of tranquility.

During the week it’s not crowded at all but, on weekends locals and tourists flock to this beach with groups and families.

Martinique Island

Anse Couleuvre Beach is surrounded by green hills

Anse Couleuvre Beach is surrounded by green hills

Anse Couleuvre (Le Precheur)

Anse Couleuvre, in the town of Preacher is a beautiful beach on the north. It is in a semicircular form with gray sands. It is surrounded by hills, making it very romantic. This beautiful cove of volcanic sand is probably one of the wildest beaches of Martinique at the foothills of Mount Pelee, wedged between high cliffs.

To discover this beach for the first time, often remains a memorable experience. The adventure begins on the coast road, from Anse Ceron which enters the tropical forest and stretches between volcanic peaks surrounding Mount Pelee through a narrow pavement distorted by many potholes and goes down under a cover of trees and tree ferns.

Below, behind a curtain of majestic coconut trees, the beach unfolds in a setting worthy of a Hollywood movie. A beautiful gray volcanic sand strip arc, dominated by towering cliffs covered by rain-forest.


Pointe Marin near the Club Med Buccaneer's Creek

Pointe Marin near the Club Med Buccaneer's Creek

Pointe Marin (St. Anne)

Located on Marin Bay, it is a large stretch of white sands of over a kilometer between St Anne and the Club Med Buccaneer's Creek. With its tall coconut palms and sea grapes, this beach is nice and calm, with clear waters which are ideal for swimming. It is a popular beach that may be overcrowded during weekends.

It has bars and restaurants making it very popular among families. Those looking for a calm and relaxed beach should look elsewhere.

Anse Doufour a small fishing village

Anse Doufour a small fishing village

Anse Dufour

This small fishing village nestled in a cove which offers a journey back in time. Everything seems frozen forty years ago.

A visit to Anse Dufour and neighboring Anse Noire will take you through majestic trees, isolated houses, and a hamlet, and suddenly at the bend, a long straight descent plunging into the water with a wonderful panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and its turquoise waters.

At the foot of the rocky outcrop where the road ends, hidden by a curtain of trees, it shows through the branches a small cove of golden sand and a few fishing boats. Stairs and a ramp are available to allow wheelchair user.

Relatively uncrowded during weekdays, the Dufour Bay comes alive in the evenings with the return of the gum parties, a method still practiced today  along Martinique's Caribbean coast, attracting and capturing fish in a big net stretched between two boats before closing it on itself to trap its prey.

For more information visit the website of Martinique Island Tourism

Diamond Rock an uninhabited island near Diamond Beach

Diamond Rock an uninhabited island near Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach

This beach located on the town of Le Diamant, is rarely crowded, but always beautiful. Travelers with experience choose this southwestern beach over the touristic sands of Pointe du Bout, and you should do it too if you are looking for some peace and quiet while sunbathing.

This part of the island is rather underdeveloped, so you should probably come here for the day and not stay here.

Diamond Beach is about 30 km south of Fort-de-France and is accessible via car or taxi, though taxi fare to the beach is expensive.

Diamond Beach is Martinique's longest beach at over 10 km long. The sand and surf vary along the beach, but palms are ever-present to provide some shade from the sun.

Just off the coast of Diamond Beach, visitors can glimpse the uninhabited island of Diamond Rock.

All images courtesy of wikimedia commons

Map of Martinique Island and its beaches

Map of Martinique Island and its beaches

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