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Among the Best in Hawaii

Maui Beaches have been named in many travel magazines as some of the world most beautiful beaches. We all agree on that. Maui, one of the islands of the Hawaiian archipelago has been bless by nature with great weather, warm surrounding azure waters and sands of all colors ranging from powdery white to volcanic grey.

Here are the descriptions of the Top Ten in my opinion.

Makena Beach in South Maui is the most popular in the area

Makena Beach in South Maui is the most popular in the area

Makena Big Beach

This beach is located in South Maui and is the most popular in the area. It is a long beach over a half mile and at the same time wider than many on the island, with white sands. The waters are rough and there are sign warning people not to go swimming unless they are experience swimmers.

Even if you stay on the sand, the visit is a must. And let me tell you when the surf is high you will be seating in the first row for a spectacle of surfers. Maui is the surfing Mecca of the world.

There are several lifeguard stands, so if you are in doubt if to swim or not, ask them. There are also a few snacks stands inside and outside the park.

Aerial view of Kaanapali one of North Maui Beaches

Aerial view of Kaanapali one of North Maui Beaches

Kaanapali Beach, Maui

This beach is located in the northwest of Maui less than an hour from Kahului Airport.  This beach is about three miles long with white sands and surrounded by crystal clear waters.

Kaanapali was Hawaii’s first plannede beach resort and has been an example for many over the world. This was the former retreat of the royalty of Maui and is now open to world with all its beauties.

At the moment it features five hotels and six condominiums. The area also offers the famous Whalers Village and important shopping conglomerate with world class boutiques, restaurants and a whaling museum and all kinds of entertainments. It is also famous for its golf courses, the Royal Kaanapali and the Kaanapali Kai.

If you have been to Acapulco Mexico and seen La Quebrada, you’ll experience a similar celebration performed every evening at Puu Kekaa cliffs or Black Rock. The diver lights the torches along the cliff and dives off of Black Rock.

Maui Beaches

Polo Beach one of the beaches of Maui Hawaii

Polo Beach one of the beaches of Maui Hawaii

Polo Beach South Maui

In Polo beach the beach is sandy and rocky, great for swimming and snorkeling even though I think this is not the best snorkeling in Maui. This beach is long and wide.

The beach is fronted by the Fairmont Kea Lani Resort and the Polo Beach Club Condominium, so they provide most of the amenities the visitor will need. Because the hotel and condominium this beach is very busy all the time.

If you like boogie boarding, this beach is more for beginners than the former Big Beach. So it is recommended to here first if you are not so experienced.

Kapalua one of Maui Beaches is one of America's Best

Kapalua one of Maui Beaches is one of America's Best

Kapalua Beach

Kapalua is translated as “Arms embracing the sea”. It is located on the slopes of famous mountain Kahalawai and forms a bay with several beaches with palm trees fringed by lava rocks that extend into the waters.

It has been named several times as America’s most beautiful beach. Now it is well developed with hotels and condominiums, making the beach very crowded.

The waters are calm and welcome families with small children for a good and safe swim. It features great parking and lawn facilities.

Kapalua is home to the Ritz Carlton Kapalua with its award winning restaurants, many boutiques and historic sites. Above all this they have two renowned golf courses, the Plantation Course and the Bay Course both famous for many PGA classics.

Black volcanic sands in Hana Beach Park Maui

Black sands Maui Beaches in Hana Beach Park

Hana Beach Park

It is located on Hana Bay. This is a long stretch of black sand beach of volcanic origin. Here the swimming is the best in all of Maui’s east coast.

This beach is well protected by coral reefs and is perfect for families with small children. As a matter of fact, the beach is frequented by locals that gather here for picnic and family get together. The large grassy area is prepared with picnic tables for that.

Since the beach is so calm, it is great for canoeing, surfing, kayaking, fishing, swimming and many other relaxed activities.

LaPerouse Bay, Maui

This beach one of south Maui Beaches, is different. It lies on the slopes of a dormant volcano, Mt Haleakala,  that last erupted in 1788. So, you may see sharp lave rocks reaching the waters and forming little sandy coves, great for romantic getaways. Just across the ocean is the Hawaiian Island Kaho'olawe.

Next to this beach is the Ahihi Kinau Nature Reserve. If you want to do some snorkeling this is the place to visit, not the actual beach. Snorkeling at the reserve is great.


Spectacular sunset on Keawakapu Beach on the Island of Maui

Spectacular sunset on Keawakapu Beach on the Island of Maui

Keawakapu Beach

Keawakapu Beach stretches from the southernmost part of Kihei to Wailea's Mokapu Beach. This beach is not so crowded.

The beach with its soft powdery sands is great for morning strolls, doing exercise, and swimming. Snorkeling is also great on this beach. And last but not least if you are here on winters you may see a few humpback whales

Hukipa Beach is why Maui is called the Surfing Capital of the World

Hookipa Beach is why Maui is the Surfing Capital of the World

Hookipa Beach

So, we mentioned the Maui is the Surfing capital of the world, Hookipa is is the center of this capital. Here the surfing is at its greatest.

I would say if you want to surf here you’d better be good, or just sit and relaxed viewing thos professionals to their pirouettes. This beach provides lookouts where you can watch the best of the world surfers. And besides you will be watching some of nature’s epic scenes of foam and water playing together. Hookipa is the best windsurfing beach in the world

Hamoa Beach on the Island of Maui Hawaii

Hamoa Beach on the Island of Maui Hawaii

Hamoa Beach

This is a public beach near Hana with salt and pepper sands great for swimming, bodysurfing, surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving. This long beach is lined by tree providing the necessary shade and many cliffs surrounding it.

The Hotel Hana Maui is located on the beach and they have made a commendable effort to maintain the beach at its best. Parking is just along the road, so it may be difficult during peak times.

For more information visit Hawaii Tourism Website

DT Fleming Beach Park on Maui Beaches

DT Fleming Beach Park on Maui Beaches

DT Fleming Beach Park, Maui

The beach is named for the man who introduced pineapple to West Maui. At one time the growing of pineapples was great in Maui, but its stop being profitable. This beach is about 1500 feet long and quiet wide accommodating large crowds. It has a lifeguard and swimming is recommended early in the day.

The Kapalua Resort and the Ritz Carlton are located nearby.

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