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Mazatlan Beaches are all beautiful. They have been discovered by tourists just after World War II when tourists from the USA started to go “down” to Mexico looking for fun. It was also discovered by Hollywood Stars, and many movies were produced here.

The picturesque city of Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico

The picturesque city of Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico

Mazatlan Mexico is a city on the mid-Pacific Ocean of Mexico in Sinaloa Mexico. It has been chosen by many Europeans, Canadians and Americans as their home for a long time. This makes Mazatlan a diverse city with many nationalities among the residents.

It features an International Airport with flights from dozens  of destinations in North America and from the many cities in Mexico. It may be reaches by train, bus and even by ferry from other Mexican cities. There is a ferry that operates daily from Los Cabos Baja California to Mazatlan.

There are many beautiful Mazatlan beaches to see and enjoy mainly in the Golden Zone or “Zona Dorada” in the city. Here are a few of them.

Playas Olas Altas in Mazatlan is great for surfing

Playas Olas Altas in Mazatlan is great for surfing

Playa Olas Altas

It is located in front of Old Mazatlan. This is the beach that the tourists first discovered in the 1950s. Even though it is not great for swimming, it is loved by tourists who enjoy sitting where it all started and like we say, to see and be seen. It is a crescent shaped beach bordered by Paseo Olas Altas. It is one of the few beaches in Mexico where surfing is great in front of the city and not in a remote site. Actually Playa Olas Altas means “High Waves Beach”

During the week it is a quiet beach where to find a little privacy, but, on the weekends it is crowded with locals and tourists alike.

Many tourists choose this area because it is lined by restaurants and bars and some budget accommodations.

Playa Marlin

This stretch of beach runs from Punta Camaron to Punta Tiburon in the south. You’ll find “palapas” selling seafood, tacos and drinks all over.

Playa los Pinos

Located further south this cozy beach is popular with families with small children.

Mazatlan Beaches

Playa Camaron one of Mazatlan Beaches

Playa Camaron one of Mazatlan Beaches

Playa Camaron

This long stretch is lined by Hotels and sports concessions; there is still enough room to relax here. It is protected by heavy surf by some offshore islands.

The beach offers sun beds and umbrellas for rents by the hotels for the non-guests. You may order and enjoy your drinks too.

Playa Camaron is located in the Golden Zone, close to all beach attractions. The beach is full with vendors making sure you take a souvenir back home.

In this area you’ll find many restaurants and bars and even a casino to try your luck.

Playa Las Gaviotas

It’s in the same area and you will enjoy the same amenities as it neighbors.

Playa Norte in a fine neighborhood of Mazatlan

Playa Norte in a fine neighborhood of Mazatlan

Playa Norte

This is a very nice beach located in a neighborhood of fine hardworking families. They will go to all lengths to be of help to the visitor.

It may be very crowded on weekends when locals come in family reunions and the children play around. So, on weekends find a different place to relax.

Playa Cerritos a quiet stretch of sand in Mazatlan Mexico

Playa Cerritos a quiet stretch of sand in Mazatlan Mexico

Playa Cerritos

This beach offers a nice quiet stretch of sand and is less crowded than the others located in Zona Dorada. It is actually located in Zona Cerritos, about 20 minutes from the city center.

In recent years many resorts and condos have discovered this beauty of soft white sands and palm trees called Playa Cerritos.

Playa Brujas

Located north of Cerritos it is more isolated than the former. There are many activities to enjoy on this beach like surfing on the full waves or enjoying a picnic with friends. There are also some restaurants around the beach with fresh catches of fish and local Mexican Cuisine.

Isla de la Piedra near Mazatlan Mexico

Isla de la Piedra with great Mazatlan Beaches

Islands near Mazatlan

There are a few islands off shore of Mazatlan that the visitor may visit on a day tour by boat.

Stone Island or “Isla de la Piedra”

It is actually a peninsula, not an island, off the coast of Mazatlan. This is a great place to go for the day. With nothing but beaches and coconut trees and an open air restaurant, this is where locals go when they want to get out of everything and relax.

For more information visit Mexico Tourism Website

Isla de Venados near Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico

Isla de Venados near Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico

Isla de Venados or “Deer Island”

This island can be visited with a Day Tour out of Mazatlan. The views of the city are awe inspiring, from the island.

It is an ecological reserve with calm waters where families can spend a delightful day on the beach. There is the possibility of touring around the island in a kayak and also visit Bird Island, a bird sanctuary; and of course you may go snorkeling in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

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