Milos Beaches
The Best of the Greek Islands

Discover Milos Beaches some of the most beautiful of the Greek Islands Beaches. They are virgin and colorful.

The ambiance is relaxed and in general is a great vacation spot. The Island offers museums, good restaurants, nightlife. Once there you’ll feel the constant northern breeze caressing the island.

Milos Greece

A Typical street in Plaka the main town of the
Island of Milos Greece

Beaches of Milos Greece

I am going to start with the number one and most famous and then will give you a brief description of some of the rest.

For lack of space we cannot describe all 40 something beaches on the island.

• Sarakiniko Beach

This beach is located east of Plaka, the main town. Besides being the most famous it is also the most photographed of all beaches in Milos.

The volcanic origin of the island comes to life in the volcanic rocks that form the landscape of this beach.

The contrast offered by the dark blue waters and the rocks is unique to Milos. The white sands surrounded by the dark rocks resemble a lunar scene.

This beach is great for diving and swimming and also sun bathing.

sarakikniko beach

Sarakiniko Beach is one of the most exotic beaches in Milos

Milos Beaches

• Pollonia

Located in the northern tip of Milos, it is considered the largest beach resort of the island. It is also the second largest harbor of Milos. The beach is fine featuring inexpensive accommodations, a few tavernas next to the sea offering good food.

• Agia Kiriaki

Located southeast of Plaka this beach is well organized. It is relaxed and surrounded by rock formations. This beach offers many amenities, like umbrellas sun beds and most of all the waters are crystalline and great for a good swim.

• Firiplaka Beach

Firiplaka is located southeast of Plaka. This is a small beach with fine and soft sands surrounded by rocks. The white sands in the form of a crescent face crystal blue waters perfect for swimming. There are bars and few amenities.

• Tsigrado Beach

A small beach surrounded by cliffs and fine sands. It makes the perfect scenario for a romantic moment with the rocks the fine sands and clear water as witnesses.

Milos Beaches

Papafragas Beach surrounded by cliffs is fabulous

Papafragas Beach surrounded by cliffs is fabulous

• Papafragas Beach

This small beach is one of the most impressive ones in Milos. Surrounded by cliffs this beach is located on the northeastern tip of the island. There are underwater caves to explore.

It is next to the Phylakope Archaeological site showing three small caves which were used as pirate hideouts during Byzantine times.

You may access the beach via a steep and narrow footpath. It is worth the effort because once there you will experience a natural big swimming pool with crystalline waters.

• Agali

This is not actually a beach but rather a remote bay located on the east side of the island. It may be reaches through a track road.


The popular beach of Provatas on the southern coast of the island

Milos Beaches

• Provatas Beach

This is a popular beach located southeast of Plaka. It has a long sandy stretch of beach with turquoise waters inviting the visitor to deep on it and stay for a nice beach day.

• Achivadolimni Beach and Camping Site

Located in the region bearing its name, this is a great beach that attracts many tourists because of the camping site seating just above it. It is a well organized camp, one of the best on the Greek Islands with places to stay in a spectacular natural environment. The place is ideal for families and groups of friends.

Achivadolimni Beach

Achivadolimni Beach and Camping Site is ideal for family reunions

More Beaches in Milos

• Adamas beach

This is a small beach within a walking distance from the port. It is surrounded by many hotels and taverns. Adamas is a small village that you will get to know fast. It has a harbor promenade with tavernas and cafes.

• Agathia Beach

If you are looking for total isolation this is the place to be. Located west of Plaka this remote wild beach is accessible through a track road or by boat.

Ammoudaraki Beach in Milos is better accessed by boat

Ammoudaraki Beach in Milos is better accessed by boat

• Ammoudaraki

Located west of Plaka this is a small and remote beach accessible through a track road or by boat.

• Agia Marina

This is a less frequented beach because it is difficult to reach. Located on the south of Milos it is worth a visit, especially for those adventurous among us.

• Gerontas Beach

This crescent of silver sand is framed by rugged rocks and lies beneath soaring cliffs on the southwest coast of Milos.

Triades Beach

Many Travel Magazines have designated Triades Beach as
The Best of Milos Beaches

Milos Beaches

• Agios Ioannis

It is located on the western section of Milos. This is a secluded beach perfect for those looking for solitude. It has some vegetation around it and there are no amenities for the visitors. Once there you may visit St John Monastery up the hill.

• Agios Konstantinos

This is actually a small village in the northeast of Milos. It features white sand with crystal clear turquoise waters. The rocks on the right side form small marine caves waiting to be explored.

For more information go to Greece Tourism Website

neftali sunset

Nefeli Sunset Studios Milos Greece

Milos Beaches

• Triades Beach

It has been named several times as the best beach of Milos Island. It is located on the Halakas peninsula and is a true hidden gem. It has a few caves that provide the necessary shelter from the sun and the summer winds called the “Meltemi”

• Alogomandra Beach

It is a small beach surrounded by some rocks. It is located next to Agios Konstantinos

There are many more Milos Beaches which are the subject of further articles.

Dionisis Hotel Milos Greek Islands

Dionisis Hotel Milos Greek Islands

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The resorts images are courtesy of the resorts mentioned.

Map of the Island of Milos Greece

Map of the Island of Milos Greece

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