Montego Bay Jamaica
Jamaica's Number One Tourist Destination

Montego Bay Jamaica is the second largest of Jamaica cities, and the island’s number one tourist resort.

It features the largest airport, the Sir Donald Sangster International Airport.You may arrive here by air from many cities in the USA and Canada and on some flights from Europe and the rest of the Caribbean Islands.

One of the Tropical Beaches of Montego Bay

One of the Tropical Beaches of Montego Bay

Nicknamed MoBay

MoBay as the city is also known is situated in northwestern part of the island on a beautiful man made peninsula sheltered by Doctor’s Cave Beach, one the most exotic beaches on the island.

With a population of 120,000 Montego Bay Jamaica is a thriving port city with many crowded streets full of noisy cars and pedestrians as opposed to the tranquil beaches and Golf courses this city offers.Our readers would love to hear about your Jamaica Experience

Montego Bay Jamaica

Coyaba Beach Resort in Montego Bay

Coyaba Beach Resort in Montego Bay

Among the must see sights are:

Sam Sharpe Square with a bronze fountain at the center dedicated to Captain J. Kerr. The square is named for national hero the Right Excellent Samuel Sharpe.

On the northwest corner stands the Cage built in 1806 as a jail, also there is the National Heroes Monument. Church Street hosts many of the important buildings in town.

MoBay attracts tourist from all over the world for its beaches. Local beaches offer an array of Caribbean Sports.


Among the most renowned beaches are:

  • Doctor Cave’s Beach is MoBay’s most excellent beach offering changing rooms besides all kind of sports activities and much kind of eateries.

  • Walter Fletcher Beach hosts the Aquasol Theme Park with many sand and water sports for all to enjoy.

Montego Bay Rosehall Resort & Spa One of Jamaica Resorts

Montego Bay Rosehall Resort & Spa one of Jamaica Resorts 

Water Sports

For those nature lovers they have the Montego Bay Marine Park, for Scuba Diving, Caribbean Snorkeling.


As mentioned this city is a heaven for Golf lovers. You’ll find the best at:

  • Cinnamon Hill Golf Club
  • Half Moon Golf Club
  • Super Clubs Golf Club
  • Tryall Club
  • White Witch Golf Course.

MoBay hosts many old Georgian Stone buildings some of which are working plantations offering guided tours.

The beaches are covered with many world class resorts some of them featuring world class Golf facilities.It is a heaven for those seeking bargains at the local markets as well as for those interested in a lively Jamaica Nightlife.

One of many rivers near Montego Bay

One of many rivers near Montego Bay

Estates - Mansions - Plantations

Your trip to Montego Bay Jamaica wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Estates and mansions surrounding the city.

  • Barnett Estate a plantation operated and owned by a local wealthy family. It houses the Bellfield Great House built in 1735 and many times restored to its 18th Century charm.

  • Rose Hall Great House on a hilltop offering a marvelous view of town. It now hosts a famous English style pub and a gift shop.

  • Falmouth is a small town east of MoBay that kept the original architecture and Georgian splendor. On weekends farmers come from all around the island to sell their products.

  • Martha Brae is recognized for its Martha Brae river where you’ll enjoy rafting trips on bamboo rafts.

For more information visit Jamaica Tourism Website

Typical Jamaica Beach Wedding

Typical Jamaica Beach Wedding

Weddings - Honeymoons

Last but not least, Montego Bay Jamaica is an ideal place for Caribbean Weddings or a Island Honeymoons. You’ll never forget a visit to this colorful city.

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