Montenegro Beaches
On the Adriatic Sea

The coastline of Montenegro Beaches is about 300 km long with over 100 beautiful Adriatic beaches.

Montenegro is one of the former Yugoslavian Republics and gained its independence from Serbia a few years ago. Montenegro is an ancient nation with gorgeous architecture and a vast culture. 

Here we are going to concentrate on the beaches which are some of the top ones in the area. Let’s do it by areas or different coasts.

Typical Montenegro Beaches full of white sand clear water and vegetation

Typical Montenegro Beaches of white sand clear water and vegetation

  • Ulcinj

This 35 km long Riviera has many beaches most of them sandy and some made of pebbles. All of the beaches enjoy the magnificent Mediterranean weather of the Adriatic.

  • Ada Bojana is the first that comes to mind. This river island beach is world famous for being a nude beach visited by millions of Europeans mainly Germans for many years. The nudist area is totally separated and secluded leaving the rest of the beach for the rest of the tourists.
  • Velika Plaza is a 12 km long beach which is shallow and great for families with children
  • Valdanos is a small cove surrounded by nice vegetation.
  • Small city beach called "Mala Plaza" is a small beach very frequented by crowds during summer.

ada bojana

Ada Bojana Beach in Montenegro is a Naturist Beach

  • Bar Riviera

This area has many beaches some small and some larger in an area of approximately 10 km. They are surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation for the delight of the beachgoers.

  • Queen's Beach is named by Queen Milena. It is a sandy beach with crystal clear waters.
  • Pearl Beach or Canj is divided into two small beaches by a hill, made of sands and pebbles. The total length of both beaches is 1.8 km.
  • Sutomore Beach is 1km long and covered by fine sands.
  • Zukotrlica Beach is over 1 km long and it is near the city.
  • Utjeha Beach or Olive Beach is called for the thousands of olives in the background.
  • Pjesacac and Murici both pebble beaches.
  • City Beach of Sutomore

Montenegro Beaches

Red Beach on the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro

Red Beach on the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro

  • The Red Beach is named for the red color of the sands it is extremely beautiful when combines the colors of the sand the blue sea and the green vegetation that surrounds it.
  • Zukotrljica Beach is located next to Red Beach and is 1 km long covered with rocky pebbles, also surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation.
  • Red Rock Beach is a small hidden beach behind Volujica hill.
  • Great Sand Beach and Small Sand Beach are located at the south of the Bar region and are about 600 meters long.
  • Utjeha Beach is located between Bar and Ulcinj and is a rocky one.
  • Murici Beach is a 600 meter long and sandy beach near a lake and is used for great picnics surrounded by vegetation and the fresh waters of the lake.

budva montenegro

Jaz Beach is the longest beach in Budva Montenegro

  • Budva Montenegro

The Budva Riviera boasts about 25 beaches and is a favorite among tourists visiting Montenegro. Here we name a few of them:

  • Jaz is a sandy beach, the longest Beach in the area of Budva
  • Mogren beach is actually two small beaches connected by a tunnel
  • Saint Nicholas Island is at a distance of 1km from Budva with three sandy beaches being the most beautiful those in the southern part of the island.

Queens Beach in Montenegro

Queens Beach in Montenegro

  • Slovenska beach
  • Becici beach
  • Milocer beach
  • Sveti Stefan beach
  • Pterovac beach
  • Buljarica beach
  • Guvance Beach        
  • Bečići Beach              
  • Kamenovo     
  • Queen's beach      
  • Queen Marija.
  • Miločer          
  • Sveti Stefan        
  • Drobni Pijesak         
  • Perazića do              
  • Petrovac beach        
  • Lučice             
  • Buljarica 

mogren beach

Exotic Mogren Beach in Montenegro

  • Tivat Montenegro

This Riviera features about 15 great beaches. There are two islands near Tivat, the Island of St. Marko and Island of Flowers.

  • Opatovo Beach
  • Donja Lastva Beach
  • Cape of Seljanovo
  • Belane Beach
  • Zupa Beach
  • Plavi Horizonti Beach
  • Krasici Beach

slovenska beach

Amazing Slovenska Beach in Montenegro

  • Kotor

This area features about 10 small beaches:

  • Morinj beach
  • Orahovac beach
  • Herceg Novi
  • Igalo Beach
  • Zanjic

For more information visit Montenegro Tourism Website

drobni pisejac

Drobni Pijesac is one of the Montenegro Beaches on the Adriatic Sea

  • Herceg Novi Riviera

This is a 25 km long Riviera with several peninsulas and small islands.

  • Zanjic Beach
  • Blue Cave
  • Isle of Mamula
  • Mirista Beach
  • Rose Beach
  • Kumbor-Kamenari

ulcinj montenegro

The Beach Town of Ulcinj in Montenegro

Montenegro Beaches are open to the world and becoming a great success for this friendly small country in the Adriatic.

Credit for images:

slovenska by bratislav tabas
mogren by bratislav tabas
jaz by bratislav tabas
beach by dimitrije lazik
ada bojana n/a
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ulcinj by dudva

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