Moroccan Beaches
Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea

There are many beautiful Moroccan Beaches to show you. Morocco on Western Africa is blessed by two coastlines, the Atlantic Ocean on the west and the Mediterranean Sea on the north. This long shoreline provides for amazing beaches. Tourism from Europe to Morocco is on the rise for years.

tangier morocco

Grottes d’Hercules Beach on the Atlantic coast of Tangier

Moroccan Beaches on the Atlantic Ocean

• Dakhla Beach is located on the Western Sahara Atlantic coast and it is widely covered by fishermen. It is great for photographers because of its attractive scenery and colorful wooden fisherman’s boats.

This beach is not suitable for swimming or sunbathing.

• Grottes d’Hercules Beach is situated on the Atlantic coast of Tangier. The place is clean and invites tourists. During the summer months of July and August it is pretty busy and crowded.

It is important to note that the waters on the Atlantic side of Tangier are much colder than those on the Mediterranean coast.


Agadir is called "The Bride of Morocco" on the Atlantic

Moroccan Beaches on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean

El Jadida Beach is located on the Atlantic coast. It is 100 km distance from the inland city of Marrakech and it is considered its beach. The beach is also near the coastal important city of Casablanca.

• Lalla Fatma beach is located about 10km north of Safi on the Atlantic coast. It is considered the cleanest and most popular beach in Morocco. It is great for sun tanning relaxing, but the waters are not safe for swimming.

• Agadir Beach is located on the southwest Atlantic coast and has some of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco.

Like many Atlantic beaches is has long stretches of sands and here you may enjoy swimming, sun bathing and practice many popular water sports like windsurfing, kite surfing, wakeboarding or jet skiing, you can be sure that the right waves are waiting for you.

Agadir Morocco is one of my choices.

Moroccan Beaches

Map showing the Moroccan Beaches and important cities

Map showing the Moroccan Beaches and important cities

Moroccan Beaches on the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean coast of Morocco runs from Tangier Morocco on the west to Saidia on the border with Algeria on the east.

On the portion between Tangier and Al Hoceima, the beaches are surrounded by calm and warm waters and some of them are quiet and intimate.

Most of the beaches here are like postcards in beauty and idyllic in nature.

On this Mediterranean coast from Tangier to Saidia there are 120 beaches facing the warm Mediterranean waters.

• Tangier Town Beach is located on the corner where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean just on the Strait of Gibraltar.

This beautiful beach is surrounded by mountains and white washed houses of tangier on the background.

The beach is not the cleanest but still very popular.

Plage Quemada in the Mediterranean Coast of Morocco

Plage Quemada in the Mediterranean Coast of Morocco

• Plage Quemada is located in the center of the Rif Mountains on the Mediterranean coastline in the north of Morocco.

Plage Quemada beach has a reputation for always being busy and crowded. It is very clean.

• Asfiha Beach is also located in the center of the Rif Mountains on the Mediterranean coastline in the north of Morocco.

This beach is not recommended for swimming because it is covered by dirty and sticky sands.

• Larache Beach, located on the Tangier Tetouan area is a very clean beach and great for swimming, although the waves could be sometimes dangerous.

There are lifeguards on duty. But I always recommend caution and swimming at your own risk.

tangier morocco

Tangier keeps the worldly flair as when it was an International City

Moroccan Beaches on the Mediterranean shoreline

• Essaouira Morocco is a charming and bohemian beach. It is laid back and relaxed. It features blue shuttered white washed houses, a charming fishing port and many art galleries. It is home to the annual Gnaoua music festival. Many consider this beach the friendliest and most laid back beach resort in Morocco.

• Al Hoceima beach is known for scenic strolls and clean, clear waters. It is surrounded by hills in the shadow of the beautiful Rif Mountains. It is a charming Mediterranean resort with many beaches in town and out surrounded by hills with olive groves. Germans and French sun seekers are the main visitors from Europe. During summer the beaches can become very crowded.

For more information visit Morocco Tourism Website

essaouira beach

Essaouira Beach is Charming and Bohemian

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grottes d'hercules n/a
tangier by hedwig storch
agadir by marcin sochacki
essaouira by uploadmo

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The resorts images are courtesy of the resorts mentioned.

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