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Mozambique Beaches are amazing. This is a country located in southeast Africa that was once a Portuguese colony.  It neighbors two main Islands, Madagascar and Zanzibar.

Its capital is Maputo and the population by 2013 was 26 million inhabitants. Pay attention to some of the names are still in Portuguese.

Its long shoreline on the Indian Ocean is dotted by many beaches, as well an offshore archipelago called Quirimbas, a 250 Km stretch of coral islands; and the Bazaruto Archipelago further south.

Praia de Tofo is one of the best beaches in Mozambique

Praia de Tofo is one of the best beaches in Mozambique

  • Tofo Beach

It is located on the Indian Ocean coast, on Ponto do Barra peninsula in the southern coast of Mozambique. This is gorgeous 8 Km stretch of sandy beach with a great surf and home to one of the best diving in the world. There are two beaches in the area, Tofo, also called Tofu and Tofinho, meaning little Tofo.

Praia do Tofo has been a legendary beach in southern Africa for a long time. Its crystal clear waters combined with the powdery white sands attract visitors from all over. All this makes for a great day at the beach swimming or just sun tanning.

This beach features many bars and restaurants many of them with delicious seafood. You may also take a side trip to Inhambane historic town to enjoy the local market.

Bilene Beach is very popular with South African visitors

Bilene Beach is very popular with South African visitors

  • Bilene Beach

This is the closest beach to Johannesburg and therefore gets many South African visitors. It is a great beach with white sands.

It offers many water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, sailing, para sailing and water skiing among others.

Uembje Lagoon

This natural lagoon runs parallel to Bilene Beach and is also great for water sports especially water skiing.

But you may just stay and splash in the shallow and waters


This coastal town is the gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago and a great destination in its own right.

There are some lovely Vilanculos beaches and some good local restaurants.

Inhaca Island

This is truly a special place; Ilha da Inhaca in Portuguese is a subtropical island off Mozambique off the East African coast.

The island's dimensions are approximately 12 Km by 7 Km.

Inhaca Island

Mozambique Beaches

Xai Xai Beach is a quiet southern beach of Mozambique

Xai Xai Beach is a quiet southern beach of Mozambique

  • Xai Xai Beach

This Mozambique’s southern and quiet beach is ideal for swimming in its calm waters; and enjoys its coral reefs on a great session of snorkeling or diving. Fishing and sailing is also great on this beach.

Praia de Xai Xai is located south of Bilene Beach. Inland you’ll find the Massingir Dam, which is Mozambique’s second largest.

Here there is a nice assortment of accommodations ranging from budget ones to luxury.

Wimbi Beach in Mozambique's Gold Coast

Wimbi Beach in Mozambique's Gold Coast

  • Wimbi Beach

Located in Pemba, on Mozambique’s gold coast this beach is a wide arc of calm warm waters. This is an idyllic beach for those coming from the cold northern hemisphere looking for great weather.

Nestling amongst the palm trees which fringe the beach, cabanas and a couple of restaurants cater to the needs of the handful of tourists who venture this far north up Mozambique’s 2400 km long coastline.

  • Two main archipelagos

Mozambique has a few archipelagos close to the mainland. The main ones are Bazaruto Archipelago and Quirimbas Archipelago, they are a dream come true for beach lovers.

Each one has a very special Island, Benguerra Island in Bazaruto and Vamizi Island in Quirimbas. All with awesome Mozambique Beaches.

Bazaruto Archipelago

The gateway to these islands is the coastal town of Vilanculos.

It is a group of four islands: Bazaruto Island, Benguerra Island, Santa Isabel and Santa Carolina,  known as Paradise Island.

Quirimbas Archipelago

Located on the north near the town of Pemba it has about a dozen major islands, and about 20 smaller ones.

The marine life surrounding these islands is awe inspiring.

Relax on Benguerra Island on the Indian Ocean

Relax on Benguerra Island on the Indian Ocean

  • Benguerra Island

This is an underwater paradise, watching the moray eels weaving through the stag horn coral and bathing with black tipped reef sharks are memories that will stay with us forever.

Being the second largest island in the Bazaruto Archipelago, it is blessed with sand dunes, inland lakes and gorgeous beaches.

Add to this the island’s stunning soft sandy beaches and it’s no wonder the Bazaruto Archipelago has been declared a National Park.

Benguerra Island has been declared a National Park in 1971 and hosts one of the most clean and visible coral reefs in the world.

For more information visit Mozambique Tourism Website

Vamizi Island with the Best Beaches in Mozambique

Vamizi Island with the Best of Mozambique Beaches

  • Vamizi Island

With 46 different corals and more than 400 species of fish, don flippers and frolic among the sea turtles, tuna and groupers in the coral gardens, this island part of the Quirimbas Archipelago in northern Mozambique.

Vamizi competes with the world’s top beach destinations, with 7 Km of private beach. It is a real contender to nearby Tanzania’s Mnemba Island. This is a prime location for an African honeymoon.

Images for mozambique beaches are courtesy of wikimedia commons

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