Myanmar Beaches
A New Beach Destination in Southeast Asia

Myanmar Beaches are surrounded by a lush green tropical paradise. Myanmar, also known as Burma is a Southeast Asia country with a vast history.

But now you know that it also has some of the most beautiful beaches bordered by palm trees and miles upon miles of powdery white sand beaches.

Myanmar or Burma features exceptionally beautiful beaches

Myanmar features exceptionally beautiful beaches

Two thousand kilometers of coastline -- much of it long stretches of white sand, put Myanmar in the position of becoming an important beach destination in Southeast Asia. The beaches remind us Thailand, twenty years ago.

The best ones are along the shores of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. These beaches face west, guaranteeing great sunsets. Here are a few of them:


Ngapali Beach is the # 1 beach in Myanmar

Ngapali Beach is the # 1 beach in Myanmar

Ngapali Beach

This is the best known beach in Myanmar. It is located near the town of Thandwe in Rakhine State. There are schedule flights from the country’s major cities.  It takes 45 minutes to fly from Yangon.

This is a long stretch of unspoiled beach surrounded by luxury resorts and hotels.

It features facilities for snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, surfing and kayaking besides land sports like golf and cycling.

Because it is remote, you should allow a few days of beach vacation featuring bars and restaurants with lots of fresh seafood.

Ngwe Saung Beach also known as Silver Beach

Ngwe Saung Beach also known as Silver Beach

Ngwe Saung Beach

Known as silver beach this beach is for those seeking isolation. It is a hidden treasure about five hours by car from Yangon, the capital. It features 14 KM of powdery white sand beaches against a emerald green forest.

Located in the Rakhine mountain range of western Myanmar, it is less expensive than Ngapali, but offers all amenities expected of sports and attractions.

This beach is great for those looking for relaxation after touring the country

You can get there in many ways, by plane on a 35 minutes flight; by road it takes about 6 hours; and by boat from Yangon taking about 15 hours.

Myanmar Beaches

Chaungtha Beach is popular with local Burmese

Chaungtha Beach is popular with local Burmese

Chaungtha Beach

It is located north of Ngwe Saung, and is a favorite with local Burmese and backpackers alike. 

Take into consideration that locals swim with long pants and tee-shirts, so try to avoid bikinis or extremely open swimsuits, just for respect to their traditions.

There are many sports available on this beach such as paddling in the water, floating on rubber rings and other land sports, like riding ponies, beach football and family picnics.

Kanthaya Beach in Myanmar is underdeveloped

Kanthaya Beach in Myanmar is underdeveloped

Kanthaya Beach

This beach is totally underdeveloped and unspoiled; there are no beach side sports.

This is the attraction of this beach, a total relaxation, swimming and sun tanning.

This shallow 5 Km long beach has golden sands that are not as powdery as the ones in Ngapali.

Myanmar Beaches

Mergui Archipelago near the coast of Myanmar

Mergui Archipelago near the coast of Myanmar

Islands of Myanmar

The Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea has the most beautiful islands you will see. They have been available for visitors for a few years; therefore you feel a sense of exclusivity and new discovery.

Mergui Archipelago

This is a group of about 800 islands scattered in the Andaman Sea.

Now that the archipelago is open to the public, the islands have become some of the best scuba diving destinations in the planet with out of this world flora and fauna undersea.

You may get there by boat from Victoria Point on the southernmost point of Myanmar.

Moscos is one of the coastal islands of Myanmar

Moscos is one of the coastal islands of Myanmar

Southern Myanmar’s Coastal Islands

These are islands clustered on the shallow waters of the mouth of the Ye River. They are:

  • Kalegauk
  • Kokunye
  • Wa Kyun
  • Kyungyi
  • Moscos

Islands in the Bay of Bengal

Here are Myanmar’s biggest islands, Cheduba, Myingun and Ramree which are all close to the mainland that can be easily accessed from the mainland, meaning visitors can stop by for a taste of island life.

Map showing the location of Andaman Islands

Map showing the location of Andaman Islands

Andaman Islands

Prepais and Coco Islands are Burmese islands close to the continents. The other Andaman Islands are Indian Territory scattered on the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea.

The Cocos have a population of about 1,000, while the Preparis is uninhabited.

Please visit our page on Andaman Islands

TanintharyiBeach in the Tenasserim region of Burma

Tanintharyi Beach in the Tenasserim region of Burma

Myanmar Beaches

Bilu Kyun

It’s a fascinating Mon island directly east of Mawlamyine. It comprises 64 villages linked by rutted dirt tracks that promise adventure.

Setse Beach

This Gulf of Mottama beach is a very wide, brown-sand strip. The beach is lined with waving casuarina trees

Tanintharyi (Tenasserim) Region

The coastline consists of a seemingly untouched archipelago of bridal-white beaches, and is said to be home to over 4000 islands

Sittwe (Aykab)

Rakhaing’s capital Sittwe may look scrappy but it sits in an incredible spot – where the wide, tidal Kaladan River kisses the big fat Bay of Bengal.

Macleod Island

This is currently the only island in the archipelago with a small resort which blends in well and does not disturb the nature.

Kyun Philar is definitely the best on the Mergui Archipelago

Kyun Philar is the best on the Mergui Archipelago

Myanmar Beaches

Kyun Phi Lar

Sometimes also called Pilar, this is definitely our favorite island in Myanmar's beautiful Mergui Archipelago. The long white beaches stretch for kilometers without a footprint in the sand.

Lampi Island

This is the largest island in the southern half of the archipelago and it's shaped like a giant horse shoe. It is said that there are still wild elephants living in the forests.

Nyaung Wee I

It is surrounded by many beautiful smaller islands and there are so many that some don't even have a name.

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