Naturist Beaches

There are many Naturist beaches in the Mediterranean. Many beach goers like to bath in secluded beaches where they enjoy with others the pleasure of swimming and sunbathing like the day they were born.

Here I will mention a few of the world known of this kind of beaches. Remember that only some countries allow this type of sunbathing and one should check well before going there.

Nugal Beach is a naturist beach in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea

Nugal Beach in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea

• Cap d’Agde in the Vermeille Coast, France

This beach is called the Capital of clothing optional Beaches. To our amazement the clothes optional rule here applies not only on the beach but also in town at banks, restaurants and shops.

France's attitude has always been of laissez-faire, laissez passé; therefore many beaches in the south France are topless or clothing optional beaches.

Super Paradise Beach in Mykonos

Super Paradise Beach in Mykonos the trendiest of the Greek Islands

• Paradise Beach Mykonos Greece

This beach as all of Mykonos is a party beach. You’ll find restaurants and bars serving food and alcohol all night long. It is a shuttle drive away from the city of Mykonos.

I would not suggest this beach for children, especially if you don’t want to expose them to topless women. Besides some part of the beach is considered as clothing optional so people go without clothes at all.

• Vera Playa, Spain

Vera Playa is located on Costa Almeria. It is considered the capital of this type of beaches in Spain. It is a long and wide stretch of sandy beach.

People who like this kind of beaches come from all over the world to enjoy this beach. This brings a metropolitan feel to the beach.

The region of Almeria has a warm weather almost all year, so this beach can be visited almost year round. There are all kind of facilities for sports and even volley ball courts and nets.

Es Cavallet in the trendy island of Ibiza one of the Balearic Islands of Spain

Es Cavallet in the trendy island of Ibiza one of the
Balearic Islands of Spain

Top Naturist Beaches

Es Cavallet

This is an amazingly picturesque naturist beach with white sands and calm waters of the Blue Mediterranean.

You may get from there from Ibiza Town by bus, car or bicycle but if you are driving your own car, I must tell you that the parking facilities are small.

This is an official nudist beach and the main nudist area is in the middle of the beach backed by sand dunes and some vegetation providing shade.  

The beach is broad and ideal for beach strolls. In the summer months when the beach is crowded you may enjoy cocktails and live music to compliment your beach day.

This beach is known to be famous among celebrities from Europe and the rest of the world that come to visit and enjoy the two great restaurants of the beach.

This beach is also known to be popular with the Gay crowd that concentrates on the far end. There is a Gay bar that opens only during summers.

Naturist Beaches

ada bojana

Ada Bojana Beach in Montenegro on the Adriatic Sea

• Ada Bojana in Montenegro on the Adriatic Sea

Ada Bojana, meaning Bojana Island is located on the delta created by the Bojana River on the southernmost tip of Montenegro near the Albanian border.

This is a 3 Km long beach and an official naturist beach, very popular for windsurfing during summers. It has been designated by The New York Times as one of top travel destinations for 2010.

• Plakias Beach on the south coast of Crete Greece

It is located near the city of Rethymno and is surrounded by mountains to the north and the Libyan Sea to the south.

They have allotted the southeastern end of the long beach as a clothes optional beach and are frequented by locals and all Europeans.

Preveli beach in the Island of Crete, the largest of the Greek Islands

Preveli beach in the Island of Crete, the largest of the Greek Islands

Preveli beach, Crete

Preveli is located on the south coast of Crete near the towns of Rethymno and Plakias. It is the best beach of the Rethymno region.

It is also called Finikas Beach. The great river Megas Potamos flows to the sea via the gorge called Kourtaliotikos forming a lagoon that is an oasis of palm trees, white soft sands and clear azure waters.

You may walk along the river protected by the shade of the palm trees and swim in the ponds formed by the gorge.

There is no official nude bathing in Crete, but due to the secluded position of this beach some naturists enjoy swimming cloth-less making it a nice Nude Beach.

The beach has no facilities like sun beds or umbrellas, but features a few restaurants and bars in the vicinity.

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