New Zealand Beaches
Tropical and Exotic

New Zealand Beaches are beautiful. Some of them are located on the tropical part of the country on the North Island and can be compared to the most beautiful beaches of the South Pacific.

On the South island it may be cooler in winter, but during summers the beaches are as great as the northern ones.

Rangiputa Beach in the Karikari Peninsula

Rangiputa Beach in the Karikari Peninsula

The Beaches of New Zealand

  • Karikari Peninsula’s Beaches

    This peninsula is located on the western side of Doubtless Bay at the northernmost point of North Island New Zealand; about four hours drive from the center of Auckland, the largest city of New Zealand. It stretches out into the Pacific Ocean. The beaches here are a never ending stretches of white sands surrounded by crystal clear azure waters.

    There are several beaches on the Karikari Peninsula such are Tokerua Beach, Rangiputa, Whatuwhiwhi, Matai Bay and Karikari Beach. Around the beaches the highlands provide breathtaking views of Doubtless Bay.

    Matai Bay Beach, located north on the peninsula and facing Doubtless Bay is also great for swimming and all kind of water sports. Among the beaches of this peninsula the longest is Tokeura Beach.

The beaches of Mount Maunganui in New Zealand

The beaches of Mount Maunganui in New Zealand

New Zealand Beaches

  • Mount Maunganui’s Ocean Beach

    This a large beach that stretches as far as the eye can see. It ascends from the base of Mauao Volcano. This beach is located in a peninsula at the southern end of Tauranga Harbor to the east of Auckland. “The Mount” as it is nicknamed is a favorite vacation spot for New Zealanders.

    This is a fabulous beach for surfing, fishing and plain lying around the sand and relaxing. They recently installed an artificial reef that controls the waves. The reef is not visible above water on purpose. It was built below sea level to produce the right waves for experienced surfers. The Mount has many cafes, restaurants and shops and many more amenities to compliment your trip, especially when you come with small children.

  • Hot Water Beach

    This is a world known beach that has become a favorite destination. It is located on the Pacific Coast of the northeastern tip of the Coromandel Peninsula. They call it a playground for all ages…

    Some volcanoes develop huge underground reservoirs of superheated water. Over time, this water will escape to the surface, cooling on the way up. The water contains huge amounts of salt, calcium, magnesium, potassium, fluorine, bromine and silica. The water temperature could be as hot as 64ºC or 147ºF.

New Zealand Beaches

View from Cape Reinga on the North Island of New Zealand

View from Cape Reinga on the North Island of New Zealand

New Zealand Beaches

  • Cape Reinga

    It is located on the upper North Island. This beach is the largest one in  New Zealand and it is called The Ninety Mile Beach. Here you will find lots of activities especially when it comes to scuba diving and snorkeling due to the amount of marine life in the area.

    Besides the beach you may explore the area with the largest exotic pine forest in the far North and see prehistoric Kauri logs carbon dating back to 30 to 50
    thousand years.

  • Tauranga Bay

    This is a great sandy beach with clear azure waters with ideal scenery. The whole area is called the Bay of Plenty. Tauranga is a full commercial area with fame of having great food, wine and shopping. Besides the beaches, Tauranga has many tourist attractions to declare that you will never be bored here.

The Beaches of Abel Tasman National Park

The Beaches of Abel Tasman National Park

  • Abel Tasman National Park Beaches

    This park is located on the north part of the South Island of New Zealand. In Abel Tasman National Park are located some of the best sandy beaches of New Zealand. It is the country’s smallest park and has been built to mix relaxation with physical excursuses.

    This is a place for kayaking, sun bathing, swimming and snorkeling among other activities. Here you’ll find luxurious lodges but some say that sleeping under the star is the ultimate experience in Able Tasman National Park.

Piha Beach with the Rock Lion at the middle

Piha Beach with the Rock Lion at the middle

New Zealand Beaches

  • Piha Beach|

    Here the views are awe inspiring and has an amazing beach. It looks from another area and space and it is still near the center of Auckland. The Piha lagoon is a typical retreat for the town’s people. It features a big rock in the middle called Lion Rock.

  • Kaiteriteri Beach

    This is a nice seaside town on the Nelson Tasman region near the Able Tasman National Park. The golden sands are world famous. This is a crescent form beach facing east, and has an rocky outcrop that divides it into Little Kaiteriteri and Kaiteriteri Beach. Typical to the Tasman Bay shore, this beach has a few little islands nearby.
  • Wharariki Beach

    This is a beautiful stretch of coastline, located at the northernmost tip of South Island. Wharariki Beach is blessed with magnificent sculpted rock formations resulting from the wind and wave action. With the Tasman Sea washing its sandy shores, and prevailing winds stirring up the sand dunes it is a place best visited on a fine day with very little wind.

For more information visit New Zealand Tourism Website

Golden Bay in New Zealand a Holiday destination

Golden Bay in New Zealand a Holiday destination

New Zealand Beaches

  • Golden Bay

    This is New Zealand's most diverse and appealing holiday destination. Imagine a region with endless variety, where golden beaches, alpine valleys and tranquil fishing rivers share a close proximity with the sea.

  • Lake Moeraki
    Located on the west coast of the South Island this is World Heritage site. The lake was formed by ancient glacial movement. It lies just a few km inland and it is drained by the beautiful Moeraki River as it runs to the sea.

  • Munro Beach

    Fiordland crested penguins visit to lay their eggs and raise their chicks through late winter and early summer and the native clematis and fuchsia light the bush in spring. This beach is a stunning picture.

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