Nicaragua Beaches
On the Pacific and the Caribbean

There are hundreds of Nicaragua Beaches on both coasts of this, the largest Central American country, in the Caribbean with its gorgeous reefs for divers and snorkelers and the Pacific Ocean, with its huge waves for the experienced surfers.

Central America is the region between Mexico on the north and Colombia on the south, composed of Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

San Juan del Sur Nicaragua features the best beaches

San Juan del Sur Nicaragua features the best beaches

San Juan del Sur

This is one of the most popular Nicaragua Beaches for locals and visitors alike. It is located in the Rivas department on the Pacific southwest of the country.

The town offers accommodations in budget hotels and beautiful resorts, as well as many restaurants, cafes and bars.

Its beaches are famous for great surfing and you’ll find all the needed equipment for water sports, such as fishing, snorkeling and diving. The beaches offer all facilities and lifeguard in seasons.

Playa La Flor renowned for its Olive Ridley Turtles

Playa La Flor renowned for its Olive Ridley Turtles

Playa La Flor

Located south of San Juan del Sur this is a natural reserve known for the arrival of thousands of Olive Ridley Turtles to lay their eggs. It is a great experience for those in time to see this spectacle. Then about 50 days after the eggs are laid, you may be able to see the little turtles escape from their eggs and retreat to the ocean.

Besides the turtles, the rest of the year it is a simple quiet beach with no amenities, ideal for a good swim and suntan.

Nicaragua Beaches

Amazing Little Corn Island in Nicaragua's Caribbean

Amazing Little Corn Island in Nicaragua's Caribbean

Little Corn Island

It was a British territory for two centuries until it was ceded to Nicaragua in 1894. It is located 60 Km of the Caribbean coast. It remains virgin on all counts. It is underdeveloped and covered with muddy jungles with mango and coconut trees.

The beaches are typically Caribbean with white powdery sands and crystal clear waters. It features a beach bar with wooden chairs offering ice cold beers and some Caribbean music.

Playa El Coco

This is an upscale beach, so pretty that it appears in most tourist brochures on Nicaragua.

Pearl Cays

Located on the Caribbean Sea, this 12 islands archipelago is a paradise of palm shaded beaches with turquoise waters

El Ostional

This is a fishing village near the border with Costa Rica on the Pacific coast

Playa Aserradores

This is a great beach for surfers, located on the Chinandega -Potosí Hwy, featuring limited lodging.

Playa Manzanillo

Located on the Pacific coast on a private beach community called Guacalito de la Isla, it is an upscale resort with sauna and golf.

Playa la Redonda

This is a shaded beach offering a wellness resort. The surf breaks of Colorado and Manzanillo are close.

Playa Majagual in Nicaragua is a laid back beach

Playa Majagual in Nicaragua is a laid back beach

Majagual Beach

Located further south on the Pacific Ocean this beach is an option for those seeking tranquility and privacy.

There are no lifeguards or public facilities. So, you may enjoy this atmosphere to stroll down the beach, go swimming and sun tanning. It is also great for family picnics and reunions.

This beach famous for its sunsets offers the facilities for fishing.

Playa Ocotal home of the Hacienda Morgan's Rock

Playa Ocotal home of the Hacienda Morgan's Rock

Playa Ocotal

This beach is known for its hacienda called Morgan’s Rock with 15 luxury bungalows surrounded by forests planted by the builders in 2001. The owners also reintroduced endangered species to the forests.

This is a perfect place for nature lovers and adventurers to engage in horse riding, jungle tours and watching sea turtles up the beach.

For more information visit Nicaragua Tourism Website

Playa Marsella

It is located north of San Juan del Sur driving on the Chocolata Road, the coastal highway.

Playa Maderas

This is a popular beach a little north of Playa Marsella. It is very popular with locals.

Playa la Boquita

This is a large beach in the Pacific Ocean. This a quiet and laid back beach with a few restaurants.

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