North Carolina Beaches
Among the Best in America

North Carolina Beaches are renowned as some of the best beaches in the USA. This long and narrow state has many amazing beaches on the Atlantic Ocean for the delight of locals and visitors from other inland states.

Like always we have to be judges to choose the best of them. I use my experience of visiting North Carolina many times when the kids used to go to Camp in Hendersonville NC. We used to pick them up and spend a few days at the beach

Cape Hatteras one of the best beaches of North Carolina

Cape Hatteras one of the best beaches of North Carolina

Cape Hatteras North Carolina

It is one of the Outer Banks Islands and is connected by roads over bridges with the northern Islands. You may get there from the north via NC Highway 12 or by ferry from the mainland. Small planes may land at Billy Mitchell Airfield in Frisco within the National Park.

This is a laid back are with a few villages perfect for a quite couple’s or Family Beach Vacation. The area is ideal for those seeking water sports like kite boarding, wind surfing or scuba diving. The impressive sand dunes, marshlands and great beaches attract many visitors a year.

One exhausted of doing sports you’ll find many restaurants and bars waiting to take care of your thirst and hunger Some are casual, a few are upscale, so there is a choice for every budget.

Emerald Isle of the North Carolina Beaches

Emerald Isle of the North Carolina Beaches

Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle North Carolina is a town on the Crystal Coast in one of the southern Outer Bank Islands. It is separated from the mainland by the Bogue Sound

It is a small town but it will accommodate up to 50,000 visitors in the many rental homes available for that. Now there are also condominiums but you won’t find a hotel in Emerald Isle, because the government wanted to keep it family oriented.

You may reach the island by car via two causeways; on the east it is called Atlantic Beach Boulevard and Bridge coming from Morehead City; and from the west you may take Road 58 that crosses into the island and continues with the same road number.

The beaches are very well organized by the municipality with enough parking for all.

Bald Head Island with great beaches and superb golf

Bald Head Island with great beaches and superb golf

Bald Head Island

Located near the big city of Wilmington on the north this is a small island that can be reached by ferry from the town of Southport on the mainland. Since cars are not accepted on the island, so you have to leave it behind before you board the 20 minutes ferry. Residents use golf carts for mobility.

In “Old Baldy” as it is often nicknamed you may find the oldest lighthouse even though it is out of service now.

When vacationing here you may rent one of the rental homes provided by Bald Island Limited Property Management. They have several sizes for couples or large families.

Wrightsville Beach

This beach is located just outside of Wilmington, NC, and easy accessible via Interstate I-40. It has been name once and again by travel magazines as one of the best surfing places in the country. In other words all water sports are available here especially during the summer months.

Even during winter you may enjoy this beach because the temperatures are much milder that other inland places on this state. I wouldn’t go into the water, too cold for a Caribbean born guy like me, but it’s great for long strolls along the beach and just sit down and relax.

Most of the commercial properties are on the side of the mainland while the four mile beach is on the adjacent island.

Once you get to the beach right at the entrance on Salisbury Street, you may want to visit the Wrightsville Beach Museum of History,

North Carolina Beaches

North Carolina Beaches

Ocean Isle Beach a sea resort in North Carolina

Ocean Isle Beach a sea resort in North Carolina Beaches

Ocean Isle Beach

This small seaside town is located not far south from Wilmington and considered part of its Metropolitan Area.

It can be reached from the mainland by a short causeway since the town is located on the outer reef. Actually it’s in the middle of two important and busy cities, Wilmington NC and Myrtle Beach SC. During summers a population of barely 600 becomes 25,000.

The seven miles of beach is amazingly beautiful with white sands and clear waters. The atmosphere is family oriented.

View of Carolina Beach in Pleasure Island NC

View of Carolina Beach in Pleasure Island NC

Carolina Beach

This is super nice beach located very close to Wilmington at the north end of Pleasure Island. It is very popular with beach goers because of the variety of activities offered for the whole family.

There is a state park, a boardwalk, miles of pristine beach and many sports events. It is of course extremely busy during summers, but in the winters it also visited by tourists and locals because of the mild temperatures. Budget wise it is a bargain to go there during winters.

Here you may stay in a condo or villa rental or any of the hotels and even a few family owned motels, great for your vacation. This beach will remind you of your childhood days when the family used to spend time on the beach without the super fancy resorts of nowadays.

North Carolina Beaches

Kure Beach in Pleasure Island North Carolina

Kure Beach in Pleasure Island North Carolina

Kure Beach

It is located in the southern tip of Pleasure Island not far from Carolina Beach. This is a real small town experience, with natural surroundings. It offers the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher considered one of the best in the country, and Fort Fisher State Historic Site and Museum.

You may stay in locally own motels that provide personal attention to all their visitors, that come back year after year or in any of the rental properties like condos or cottages.

Life in Kure Beach is laid back and they want to keep it that way. We have to remember that many people just want to relax and do nothing while all their basic needs are taken care of.

By the way the name of this town is pronounced like the word curry.

North Carolina Beaches

For more information visit North Carolina Tourism Website

Holden Beach NC is one of the USA's Top Ten Beaches

Holden Beach NC is one of the USA's Top Ten Beaches

Holden Beach

This beach is also located in Brunswick County, not far from Golden Isle Beach. It has been voted as one of the Top Ten Beaches in the United States. Surrounded by the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean it is about nine miles long.

This town reaches a population of 15,000 during summers and now you may find many stores, shopping centers and restaurants in the mainland part, while the beach area remains mainly residential.

The old wooden pier is perfect place for those romantic pictures. A wooden pier is not seen any more in the country.

The Loggerhead Turtle has made Holden Beach is nesting beach. During the months of May to October they start to nest and then in July start the hatching. This is an unforgettable experience for the children.

During the month of October the Annual Festival by the Sea is held here offering many artists displaying their art and many food delicacies.

Again as they say in French, this beach is la crème de la crème of the North Carolina Beaches

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