Norway Beaches
A Summer Delight

Most of Norway Beaches are in the south of the country, near the city of Stavanger.

Usually we don’t thing about beaches when we learn about Norway, mostly linked to cold weather, skiing, gorgeous fjords and the never ending days during summer.

But they do have a warm summer like in all northern Europe and the Norwegians take advantage of this brief respite to enjoy their beautiful beaches.

Eidem Beach on Vega Island Norway

Eidem Beach on Vega Island Norway

  • Eidem Beach on Vega Island

The Vega Islands are located south of the Arctic Circle in Norway. These are UNESCO protected islands totaling about 6,000.

Eidem Beach on Vega Island, Norway, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is an excellent white sand beach and crystal clear waters warmed by the Gulf Current.

Parasailing in Solastrand one of the most popular of Norway Beaches

Parasailing in Solastrand one of the most popular of Norway Beaches

Norway Beaches near Stavanger Norway

Many beaches are located in and around this southern city and many of them feature white sands and crystal clear waters.

  • Solastrand

This is one of the most popular beaches in Stavanger. Located near the airport this is a 2.3 km long beach great for swimming and the practice of water sports like surfing.

It has a golf course near the beach. They feature many amenities like showers and toilets. Parking is available by sola strand hotel.

  • Jæren beaches from Vigdel to Bore

These are beaches not far from one another that you can walk between them. They are sandy beaches and pebbled beaches. Start your walk in Vigdel beach and follow the shoreline to bore beach.

  • Hellestø
  • Byberg
  • Skarasanden

These are several beaches linked for great beach walks. There are toilets in the parking area. This area is famous for its yearly kite festival attracting several thousand participants.

Norway Beaches

Orrestranda Beach is large enough for the big crowds of summer

Orrestranda Beach is large enough for the big crowds of summer

  • Orrestranda beach

This is a beach with soft sands and lots of space, although it may be a bit crowded during the hot Sundays of summer. In fall and spring, as well, this beach is great. It is also known for good kite winds and it attracts many kite runners.

  • Vaulen

Vaulen beach is located at Gandsfjorden one of the most renowned hiking sites near Stavanger. It is a popular destination for sun bathing and swimming.

  • Godalen

This is an idyllic nice beach to relax, with clean waters and a nice environment. It is a local beach in one of Stavanger's neighborhoods. It is part of the long walking path around the peninsula of Storhaug. Here you may find a mix crowd of families, couples and young teenagers. This beach is also known for its topless sun tanners.

Selje Beach may be reached by road or by boat from Bergen Norway

Selje Beach may be reached by road or by boat from Bergen Norway

Western Norway Beaches

  • Selje beach

In the district of Nordfjord there is a romantic town called Selje, leading to a fabulous stretch of sandy beach called Seljesanden, including a small harbor. You may reach this beach by boat from Bergen or by road.

Beaches in Oslo the Capital of Norway

Oslo's Bygdøy peninsula is where you find the beaches around the capital. There are actually two beaches:

  • Huk beach
  • Paradisbukta

Huk beach on the northwestern side is open to nude bathing and if you walk through the woods you will reach the less crowded Paradisbukta beach.

These two beaches are very popular during the long summer days and also used during the rest of the year as recreational areas.

Bystranda Beach near Kristiansand Norway is ideal for a Family Beach Day

Bystranda Beach near Kristiansand ideal for a Family Beach Day

Beaches in Southern Norway

  • Bystranda Beach

It is located near the city of Kristiansand. It is a well organized beach with a swimming pier, sundeck and palm trees. It is a great beach for families with small children.

  • Listas Strendene

These are Norway’s ultimate sandy beaches for those wishing tho swim and sun tan. It is one of the most popular beach areas in the country.

  • Sjosanden

It is located walking distance from the town of Mandal’s down town. It is a 800 meters long beach.

  • Helleviga Sogne

This is a whole recreational area with beach, lawn area, picnic tables. It is part to a coastal farm and the feature a restaurant on the premises.

Hamresanden Beach is perfect for children for its shallow waters

Hamresanden Beach is perfect for children for its shallow waters

  • Hamresanden Beach

Also located near the town center of Kristiansand this is a beach suitable for small children because its shallow waters. It is also popular among swimmers, surfers.

  • Groos Friluftsmrade

This is a beach popular for volleyball games and sun tanning. It has slopes of sands going into the waters.

  • Storesand

This is a popular resort area near the town of Fevik with a great sandy beach and ample parking.

Hove Beach Festival in Norway

Hove Beach Festival in Norway

  • Hove Beaches

This is a complete beach with all facilities for families, playground, cafeteria, toilets. This beach has also hiking areas.

  • Stolsviga

These are actually two beaches separated by some rocks. They offer playgrounds and picnic areas. There is a lifeguard on duty.

  • Sagiordet Risor

This is a public beach and recreational area. It features a sandy beach with all amenities for families.

For more information visit Norway Tourism Board

Lofoten Islands within the Arctic Circle of Norway warmed by the Gulf Stream

Lofoten Islands on the Norway's Arctic Circle warmed by the Gulf Stream

Lofoten Islands

This is an archipelago of the coast of Norway up north within the Arctic Circle.

So, why would I write about Arctic Circle in a beach site?

This is because the islands are bathed by the Gulf current coming from the Florida straits through the Atlantic to coasts of Norway, warming the waters. This place is known to have the highest temperature within the Arctic Circle.

These are some of the most renowned beach in the archipelago:

  • Unstad Beach
  • Utakleiv Beach
  • Haukland Beach
  • Gimsøya
  • Skagsanden Beach

I hope you enjoyed my Norway Beaches article.

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