Nudist Mediterranean Beaches
Romantic and Secluded

Nudist Mediterranean Beaches have been growing in popularity as the years go by. What used to be a very exclusive sector of beach tourism years ago is growing to an important slice of the pie lately.

You’ll find naturist beaches all over the world, or let’s say in most part of the world. It depends of the heritage of certain countries that due to prudish reasons still don’t allow this type of beaches. It also depends on locations. In my opinion you need a warm weather to enjoy a nude beach.

There are thousands of these beaches and we are going to pinpoint a few of them. With a lot of research we found these to be the best of all.

croatia beaches

Nugal Beach is one of Croatia's
Nudist Mediterranean Beaches

Playa d'Es Cavallet, Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is one of the four Balearic Islands and the most popular of the four. Playa d'Es Cavallet is a naturist beach that offers space for all.

The broad beach of sand dunes has an area on the north suited for “prudes’ and families with children. The middle section is for couples and the southern part is a Gay Beach.

The beach has many little bars and pubs and the ambiance is always happy. The great sand is perfect for beach volley ball or just a leisurely stroll.

greece beache

Banana Beach on the Greek islands is one of the
Best Nudist Mediterranean Beaches

Banana Beach, Greece

Banana Beach is located on the southwest coast of the Island of Skiathos. The name is given to a group of three naturist beaches.

Little Banana, Big Banana and a small beach separated by a rocky outcrop. It has been for year a heaven for naturists from all over Europe.

The white sands and blue waters with the background of green forests, attract many of them jut for the beauty of the scene. Little Beach and the little strip behind the outcrop are the most popular for nudism.

This beach is frequented by everybody. Many people come just for the beauty of this beach and keep their bathing suits on.

During peak season, nudist bathing is mostly on Little Banana which has been called the best bear beach in Greece by many travel and beach publications.

Nudist Mediterranean Beaches

Leucate Plage in France

Leucate Plage in France

Leucate Plage, France

It is located north of Perpignan, France . It is a white sand beach classical to the Mediterranean. The waters are calm and suited for families with children.

The beach features a few naturist resorts that share it, but it is open to everyone that shares the taste for naturism. Here you’ll find first time skinny dippers as well as veteran nudists that return here year after year.

Valalta, Croatia

It is located in the Istrian Peninsula south of Trieste and near Rovijn, in the beautiful coastal country of Croatia, one of the former Yugoslavian Republics.

This is truly a stress free beach and has been voted many times as the best Nudist Beach in Croatia. The beaches are sandy and rocky at the same time and features many secluded coves lined by vineyards and olive trees.

Myrtiotissa Beach in the beautiful Island of Corfu in Greece

Myrtiotissa Beach in the beautiful Island of Corfu in Greece

Myrtiotissa Beach in Corfu 

This is the only beach in Corfu where nudism is legally accepted. It is located about 13 km from the town of Kerkyra near the famous beach of Glyfada.

It is known that all those visiting Myrtiotissa will eventually come back to this great beach. It is also the cleanliest of all Corfu Beaches and one of the most beautiful in the Greek Islands, with breathtaking cliffs and lush vegetation.

Facing the sea, the left side is mostly for nudists, males, females, gays, lesbians and hetero, young and old mingling together.

The middle side is dedicated to people who prefer not to go nude. Myrtiotissa has a place for everybody that respects the other’s style.

Image Credits:
Croatia by tengilorg
Banana Beach by Chris Holevas

All courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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