Oregon Beaches
Surrounded by Cliffs Rocks and Sand Dunes

Oregon Beaches are among the most dramatic and different of all US coastlines. Its almost 600 km shoreline on the Pacific Ocean are bordered by rocks, cliffs and sand dunes.

People mostly come to these beaches to spend a day on the sun and walk along the shores, since the water, even in summer, is not warm enough.

Cannon Beach one of the most popular of Oregon Beaches

Cannon Beach one of the most popular of Oregon Beaches

Cannon Beach

This is considered one of these tourist haven. It is home to the 72-meter-high Haystack Rock, one of the biggest in the world. It became a sanctuary for puffins and seagulls.

The nearby town is made of bungalows, that seem painted on a piece of art; its quaint shops are full of souvenirs. Nearby Ecola State park provides a few hiking trails and viewpoints and the beach is wide and long, ideal for many beach activities.

Indian Beach

Located close to Cannon Beach, this is a favorite among surfers and swimmers alike. It is a small beach with awesome views to the rock formations that seem to jut out from the shoreline.

It is home to Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, that can also be seen rising out of the sea like a great black castle. This is perhaps the best beach in the state to take in a sunset over the mighty Pacific.

Short Sands

Located in the middle of Oswald State Park, this is an isolated cove surrounded by a forest. It is a surfer’s favorite because of the great waves.

You’ll find here many hiking trails along the coast up Neah-Kah-Nie Mountain, which provides an excellent view of Nehalem Bay.

Pacific City

Like Cannon Beach this is home to a huge monolithic rock called Chief Kiwanda Rock, which may not be as big as Haystack in Cannon Beach.

Pacific City has Cape Kiwanda’s amazing sand dunes at one end of the beach. Do not miss the award-winning Pelican Brewery for the joy of beer drinkers.

Cook’s Chasm

It is more an attraction than a beach. These are two holes cut from sharp volcanic rock poring thousands of gallons of salt water every day, looking more than a painting than reality.

Walking here along the shore is like a trip to the Twilight Zone. It is worth a visit even though you are not going to swim here.

Oregon Beaches

The rock formations of Bandon Beach in Oregon

The rock formations of Bandon Beach in Oregon


This is a seaside town with a rock feature just as striking as Haystack. Called Face Rock it lies just a few hundred meters into the sea, seaming a woman’s face looking into the sky, her hair weighted down by the water.

Bandon Beach is full with bizarre rock formations big and small. Some look like a tower taken out of a Stephen King novel. It features a few shops and pubs enough for a short visit and a nice dinner.

Cobble Beach

Located in Newport this is a 2 km thumb into the Pacific Ocean. This promontory was protected by Congress in 1979 including its wildlife as the Yaquina Head Natural Area.

Its lighthouse is in operation since 1873. Cobble beach just below it is worth a visit especially at hide tide.

South Beach

South Beach State Park, located in Newport has soft sands. Each year the sands pile higher and is already swallowing a 2006 built boardwalk.

This 2 square km park is a prime vacation spot with lots of hiking trails for biking and birding trails making it an amenity rich camping site.

Harris Beach

Located in Brookings, 10 km from the California northern border, it feels like part of the Mediterranean. From the parking lot you go down to a secluded beautiful beach with fine sands.

It is Oregon’s largest coastal island, protected as a wildlife sanctuary.

Map of Oregon Beaches

Map of Oregon Beaches 

For more information visit Oregon Tourism Website

credits for images of oregon beaches

canno by post dlf
indian by ramonita ramos
short sands by travis thurston
pacific by gary halvorson
cooks chasm by diane 56bandon by ron clausen
cobble by steven pavlov
south beach by visitor 7
harris by roger sylvia

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