Pag Croatia
Island on the Adriatic Sea

Pag Croatia is an island on the Adriatic Sea surrounded by pebble and sand beaches. It has many other attractions like its moonlike landscape. There is an archaeological site south of Old Town Pag for entertainment after a nice day on the beach.

Straško Beach

Straško Beach

The seabed is sandy but the beach is pebbly. It is located south of Novalja, near the same name Camping, surrounded by a lush forest. A portion of the beach is reserved for nudists.

Branicevica Beach

This is a long beach located in the village of Gajac, walking distance from Straško. The apartments and hotels of Gajac are located right in front of the beach. The place is ideal for a laid-back vacation.

Lokunje Public Beach

Lokunje Public Beach

It is located on a cove south of the village, made of sand and gravel. It is ideal for small children, because it is shallow. The beach is surrounded by a forest and is available to anyone staying in Novalja.

Planjka Beach

This is the beach of Old Town of Pag Croatia, located on a cove north of Novalja on the northwest side of the island.

They feature a bar, two restaurants and a kiosk for renting of water equipment. This beach has been awarded a Blue Flag and has been named as the most beautiful beach on the Adriatic.

Zrce Beach

Zrce Beach

Located about 2 km from Novalja, it is the most renowned beach in Pag Croatia. It is ideal for those looking for fun day long. Nightlife on the beach is great, thanks to the many clubs and discos, that organize night parties and concerts.

Rucica Beach

This one is located about 10 km from Novalja, at the village of Metajna in the eastern side of the island. It is hidden behind a rock called Kanjon and is made mainly of pebbles.

Pag Croatia

Simuni Beach

Simuni Beach

Located near Camp Simuni in Pag Island Croatia, it is a very busy beach surrounded and a green pinewood forest.

Sveti Duh

Located near Cista Beach, it is a long stretch of gravel surrounded by green spaces. The seabed is sandy and very convenient for families with small children. At the beginning of the beach the area is reserved for naturists.

Mandre Beach

Mandre Beach

It is located on the bay along a quiet village. The beach is pebbly but very convenient for suntanning. There a few restaurants and cafes in the area.

Caska Beach

It is sandy but with steep bottom very suitable for diving. It is at walking distance from Zrce. The legend says that here is sunken the city of Atlantis.

Prosika Beach

Prosika Beach

It is the beach of the city of Pag and very popular with locals and visitors. They have many facilities for water sports such as pedal boats and jet-ski.


This is an area with rocky beaches about 15 minutes from the city of Pag. There are may sources of fresh water in the area, making the water of the sea less salty and warmer.

Map of the Island of Pag Croatia

Map of the Island of Pag Croatia

For more information visit Croatia Tourism Official Website

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strasko n/a
lokunje by joe desousa
zrce by adriano gasparri
simuni by norma segal
mandre by betty burman
prosika by nadia rodriguez

all courtesy of wikimedia commons

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