Perth Beaches
On Australia's West Coast

Let us travel to Perth Beaches, located on the Western coast of Australia on the Indian Ocean. The waters are deep blue and the sands are golden and fine.

Australia is a vast continent and country and the distances are huge. Since this is a virtual tour we did it just with the stroke of a key. I am going to mention a few of the best of Perth.

Cottesloe Beach is the prettiest in Perth Australia

Cottesloe Beach is the prettiest in Perth Australia

Cottesloe Beach

Many consider this beach as the prettiest in Perth Metropolitan area. It is located just 15 minutes west of the city and is known for its terraced lawns and great beaches on the Indian Ocean.

It is by far the city’s most famous beach. It features great restaurants and bars along the Marine Parade. They also provide accommodation for all budgets. They may seem a little higher in price than those in Perth itself, but beauty is always a little expensive.

The south side of the beach is ideal for snorkeling with abundant marine life. The sunsets in the beach like in all other beaches of Perth are awe inspiring.

Scarborough Beach in the Sunset coast of Perth Australia

Scarborough Beach in the Sunset coast of Perth

Scarborough Beach

The beach, also one of Perth’s best is located near West Beach Lagoon where you will enjoy many water sports like surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving or fishing.

The lazy ones can spend their time with a good book while sun tanning on this great beach. It is, with a reason, called “Sunset Coast” for the amazing sunsets. The downtown area offers many shops and weekend markets, and the same applies to the other suburbs.

The beach is prepared for picnics with a wonderful view of Rottnest Island. This beach is not only great for families it is also ideal for the young people because its high waves and many nightlife entertainment venues.

Perth Beaches

Perth City Beach has won the Best Beach Award

Perth City Beach has won the Best Beach Award

Perth City Beach

City Beach is a beautiful town about 8 km west of Perth. In the year 1999 it was the winner of the Best Beach Award. I is just 15 minutes drive from downtown Perth.

It is not only one of the best swimming beaches for Perth residents it also features all kind of surfing festivals.

This beach has all amenities, like showers, toilet, a children’s playground, places for Barbecues and kiosks for refreshments, all this, besides gorgeous panoramic views.

Trigg Island

This is a small island offshore of the suburb of Trigg part of the Municipality of Stirling.

This beach caters to board riders and is in fact one of the most popular beaches in Perth for this water sport. The beach is also ideal for swimming and surfing.

In the same beach you’ll find Mettam’s Pool with lots of marine life for the delight of snorkelers. Clarko Beach is just next to Trigg.

This one is a natural Reserve.

Sorrento Beach in the northern Perth Beaches

Sorrento Beach in the northern Perth Beaches

Sorrento Beach

This beach is located just 20 minutes drive north of Perth near Hillary’s Boat harbour with many restaurants and cafes, besides the Western Australia Aquarium.

The white powdery sand s and tranquil turquoise waters are perfect for swimmers and sun tanners.

Floreat Beach

This beach is located 12 km west of Perth, with clear waters and white sands, easy accessible by car. This beach has been awarded the “Best Beach” in 1997 and was first runner up in 1999

This beach located also next to City Beach has beautiful gardens and lots of places to just sit and relax.

Bathers Beach ideal for families in Perth Australia

Bathers Beach ideal for families in Perth Australia

Bathers Beach, Fremantle

This a family beach located in Perth historical area featuring landmarks such as the Maritime Museum and the Round House. To get to this beach you have to go trough and old whalers Tunnel, which children love.

Leighton Beach

Southwest of Perth lies this beautiful white sand beach. The Indian Ocean water always in all kind of turquoise shades. It features a few bars at the beach.

Swanbourne Beach

This is a naturist beach and much crowded than the others. It is home to one of the best cafes in town, the Naked Fig.

For more information visit Australia Tourism Website

Rockingham Beach in Cockburn Sound Perth Australia

Rockingham Beach in Cockburn Sound Perth Beaches

Rockingham Beach

Located in the sheltered waters of Cockburn Sound this is a great beach which is named by many as one of the best in Western Australia. It is near the Shoal water Islands Marine Park.

It is a true Family Beach with all kind of recreational facilities like barbecues, picnic table and toilets.

Near Rockingham you’ll find a few notable beaches like Palm Beach, Waikiki Beach, Secret Harbour, Golden Bay Beach and Mangles Bay

Perth Beaches await you with open arms. I mean this seriously, the Western Australia people are friendly and thank the visitors that came from far to visit them.

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